Book Review: 張達明《何為證據:揭露香港亂象的幕後黑手》(三思文商傳訊有限公司, 2018) : This Book Shows How NED funded Umbrella

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Chinese Original Title:何為證據: 揭露香港亂象的幕後黑手

English Book Title: 'What is Evidence?:Exposing Insiders Behind the Political Disturbance of Hong Kong'

Author:張達明 Zhang Da-ming

Pages: 316pp.

Publisher: 三思文商傳訊有限公司 (Macao)

ISBN:9993771236, 9789993771234


Every Year Hong Kong Book Fair (香港書展) is held at Wan Zai. In 2018, a politically important book was released at the fair. Not only guests can enjoy book discounts, but also this kind of premier release of sensational books is its surprise.

In this new book, the English translated title 'What is Evidence?:Exposing Insiders Behind the Political Disturbance of Hong Kong' , ex-assistant of Joseph Yu-shek Cheng (鄭宇碩) who is one of co-organisers of Hong Kong colour revolution of 2014, Mr. Zhang Da-ming (張達明) bravery exposed contributions of stealth imperialist organisations, mainly NED=NDI funding of anti-China political organisations in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

New School for Democracy is a main political device for training anti communist political parties, proxies and puppet students of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China which organisation was founded before Occupation of Central, Umbrella Movement and Sunflower Movement.

It also disclosed that how stealth imperialism in China infiltrate the societies from educational field like City University of Hong Kong in this case, then it infiltrated gradually into anti-China political parties and anti China NGOs.

Who drives students into anti-China colour revolutions? There is the answer in this book.

NEW School for Democracy (headquartered in Hong Kong and has a Taipei office) requested financial support from NED and TFD (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy) through US Consulate General of Hong Kong & Macao, NDI office in Hong Kong and Democratic Progressive Party to train and help organising Jasmine Revolution in Mainland China, Sunflower Movement, Occupation of Central and Umbrella Movement.

I have to mention that this book is politically published by Macau publisher, not by Hong Kong publisher due to eminent law threatening from the opponents of this author of the book.Macau is safer than Hong Kong to publish this kind of book. Hong Kong's law courts are highly infiltrated by colonial reactionary judges. Macao's political situation is better.

According to the data, NED imperialist money $4.5K to New School for Democracy (華人民主書院), Alliance for True Democracy (真普選聯盟) and $3K to Power for Democracy (民主動力) proved by inner email records as actual evidences.

You should check who belong to these coalition parties which at least formed by main parties out of power in Hong Kong. Manipulation of foreign politics and its elections was mainly done by NED, NDI, Amnesty International, Taiwan (Soochow University) etc.outside parties.

Taiwan is a back office of anti-China operations of Hong Kong. Of course, ADN in South Korea is Asia centre of NED's regional operations as a whole. And it is one of origins of anti-Korean racist attitude of Japanese right wings.

This mode of infiltration is also typical in Japan. In Japan, NED infiltrated dissidents, political parties out of power through scholars and student groups of International Christian University. Of course it is not a real pro-left university but it is pro right wing one. And State Department wants to establish two puppet party system like Taiwan. NED is paying salaries or funding events or advertisements.

Not only this book proves the stealth imperialism is not a conspiracy theory's fictional imagination of Cold War era, but it also enlightens us about true reality of local and international politics of today. Stealth Imperialism is not imagination, not fiction, but it is an international and local political threats from US State Department.

The point is that there are actual foreign government funded political organisations to infiltrate and manipulate local politics and its elections while US domestic law bans foreign interference on its domestic elections.

Hong Kong's political parties out of power are basically puppets of US imperialist regimes. Pro China versus anti China is its true frame of political conflicts in Hong Kong. Stealth imperialism is fake democracy.

This book provides factual evidences and actual solid background information for enforcing strong resistance and accusations against local imperialist agents in both Hong Kong and Taiwan where have been destabilised by US imperialists for decades.

During 2014 Umbrella Movement (9/26-12/15/2014), ex-chief executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung announced his preparation of disclosing this NED funding of local political parties for the colour revolution however he did not disclose. At that time, Chinese government did not allow it for preventing further conflict with US. Since this March 23, US and China have been in a trade war, this change of political context finally allowed it publicised in Hong Kong.

This is the best book of 2018 in Hong Kong! We need more Zhang Da-ming!

It is important that NED and its related organisations are just part of imperialist organisations in Hong Kong. According to this book (see pp.99-102; 107-112),exact names of foreign agencies which directly or indirectly in serve of their own imperialist activities in Hong Kong are below:

1. EU

a.The Hong Kong-Europe Business Council

b.European Instruments for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

c.European External Action Service

d.European Parliament

e.European Commission

f.European Commission of Human Rights

2. France

a.Department of Foreign Affairs of France Government

b.CCFD-Terre Solidaire

c.Consulat général de France à Hong Kong et Macao

3. Germany

a.German Consulate General Hong Kong

b.German Government

c.Konrad Adenauer Foundation

d.Catholic organisation, Misereor

e.Universität Freiburg

4. UK

a.The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)

b.Westminster Foundation for Democracy WFD

c.The Great Britain-China Centre

d.Foreign and Commonwealth Office

e.The British Consulate-General in Hong Kong

5. US

a.U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong & Macau

b.U.S. Senate

c.CIA Central Intelligence Agency as a consultant

d.CIA Central Intelligence Agency as a consultant

e.NED as a main fund provider

f. NDI as a contact person

g.The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation named Marion Smith

h.IRI as a contact person

6. Japan

a.Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong

b.Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Note: As a puppet of US imperialism, Post War Japan is in serve of it. JP imperialism still does exist as part of Western imperialism.

7. The United Nations

a.The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

8. Taiwan

a.Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

b.Soochow University

c.Democratic Progressive Party

9. Switzerland (Swiss)

a.Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

b.Universität Zürich

c.Université de Genève

10. Canada

a.Department of Foreign Affairs Canada

b.Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong

c.Queen's Privy Council for Canada

11. Australia

a.Australian Embassy China

b.Consulate of Australia in Hong Kong

c.Office of the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP

d.The Australian Labor Party

張達明《何為證據:揭露香港亂象的幕後黑手》(2018) : This Book Shows How NED funded Umbrella Revolution through NDI Local Agents Secretly

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半官方機構美國民主基金 資助華人民主書院

真普聯召集人兼民主動力前召集人鄭宇碩,他的前助理張達明向《星島日報》披露相關舊電郵紀錄,當中顯示有官方背景的美國民主基金(NED)涉向與鄭宇碩有關連的華人民主書院提供四萬五千美元補助,以及美國民主研究院提議向民主動力提供超過三萬港元資助預算,助舉辦有關二○一六年立法會選舉安排的活動引發討論。鄭宇碩澄清,涉及華人民主書院的資助屬書院的台灣部分申請的,民主動力則從無收取任何外國資金。 按張達明提供的舊電郵紀錄,美國民主基金(NED)亞太區主任Louisa Chiang 二○一二年二月二十七日向台灣東吳大學政治學系兼任助理教授、華人民主書院秘書長王興中發電郵,表示NED內部團隊打算向華人民主書院補助四萬五千美元作第一次合作,並提議採取資助人工或資助具體活動的兩種資助模式,請王興中整理預算發給NED,及與書院內部詳加討論。Louisa亦於電郵中提到該會規定不能支付書院理事會任何報酬,但有些理事可能擔任教學工作,詢問書院是否計畫支付他們車馬費。 王興中同日將電郵轉發給當時書院校長鄭宇碩、董事會成員陶君行及曾建元,指NED初步決定補助書院四萬五千美元,並指要確定具體申請補助的項目,他會盡快提出兩種方案供考慮。鄭宇碩昨日解釋,王興中是為華人民主書院的台灣部分申請資助。 另一封電郵則由美國民主研究院(NDI)的Kelvin Sit,於一四年八月二十七日發給鄭宇碩。電郵提到當年社會討論政改方案時,集中討論行政長官選舉安排,忽略一六年立法會選舉安排,NDI認為有充裕空間就一六年立法會選舉安排作深入討論,特別是可經本地立法修改的部分,NDI正探索與鄭宇碩和民主動力建立夥伴關係,提議可由學者及/或有興趣人士組成工作小組討論,並向政府提交實際立法建議;或舉行有公民社會組織代表、學者、政黨領袖、法律界人士、學生團體參與的公眾論壇,找出一六年立法會選舉安排哪些方面可經本地立法修改,及要求活動在該年十月底前完成。NDI希望聽取鄭宇碩提議或想法,Kelvin並提出希望與鄭面對面或電話討論。 鄭宇碩:民主動力沒收取外國資金 再按另一份電郵記錄,顯示鄭宇碩翌日將上述電郵轉發給民主動力成員,提到NDI接觸他尋求合作。鄭指NDI打算舉行一至兩個學術研討會討論立法會選舉改革,並提議向民主動力提供逾三萬港元的預算。電郵中,鄭稱他向NDI表示舉行研討會不用那麼多錢,進行民意調查是另一個選擇,因為得到的資訊可裨益全社會。他請組織各人對合作建議發表意見,他會繼續與NDI討論,並於同年九月初向執委會報告。 鄭宇碩昨回應說,他曾跟NDI討論合作,但最終具體有甚麼合作則不清楚,着記者向當時已是民主動力召集人的趙家賢查詢。鄭重申,民主動力從來無收取NDI或任何外國資金,斥張達明「偷電郵」、「不斷講大話」。(2)

美半官方機構NED 資助華人民主書院


按張達明提供的舊電郵紀錄,美國民主基金(NED)亞太區主任Louisa Chiang 二○一二年二月二十七日向台灣東吳大學政治學系兼任助理教授、華人民主書院秘書長王興中發電郵,表示NED內部團隊打算向華人民主書院補助四萬五千美元作第一次合作,並提議採取資助人工或資助具體活動的兩種資助模式,請王興中整理預算發給NED,及與書院