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Film Review: The Sleep Curse; Shi mian (2017) This is the Evolution of Slasher Movie! Great!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

FILE PHOTO: An Autograph of Anthony Wong on the Advertisement Material of THE SLEEP CURSE (2017). ©Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: An Autograph of Anthony Wong for THE SLEEP CURSE (2017). ©Ryota Nakanishi

Dir. Harman Yau is one of important genre filmmakers in Hong Kong. This film is part of Anthony Chau-Sang Wong's cult splatter/slasher films. Such as "Ebola Syndrome"(HK, 1996), ''Taxi Hunter'' (HK, 1993) and "The Untold Story" (HK, 1993). Contrary to other three cult bloody slashers, The Sleep Curse(HK, 2017) is not only historically meaningful, but also it is emotionally impressive to the certain extent. This is actually not a kind of porno of violence. There are several points for this. 1. The innocent translator for Japanese occupational force, Lam Sing is actually a good man who saves several comfort girls from the imperialists. Lam Sing is virtually and humanistically depicted. Unfortunately he gets cursed by a soothsayer's single- eyed daughter who misunderstands him. This curse involves generational tragedies that finally makes the protagonist Lam Sik-ka a mad at the end of the film. 2. Two thirds of the film is about historical tragedies of the two traitors' families (Lam family and Chow Fook family) from the WW2 period to the 1990s. What we see are emotional responses to these karma effects to these cursed generations of the two families. 3. The curse is more severe grudge against all generations of the targeted families. It is harsher than Japanese horror film The Grudge (2002).However, this film is also affected by The Grudge franchise. It also embodies the concept of the film that the Evil must deserves the karma. If there is still nothing at the moment. It must have it later. And it is unavoidable. In conclusion, you cannot expect full range of porno of violence like the past. This is seriously full of emotional and historical responses to the tragedies. It is quite impressive even to Japanese viewers. This is actually marked the evolution of the Hong Kong and Asian horror films. Thank you, Mr. Wong! Thank you all for making this well-made horror genre film! 10 Stars!

FILE PHOTO: A Poster of THE SLEEP CURSE (2017). ©Emperor Motion Pictures
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of THE SLEEP CURSE (2017). ©Emperor Motion Pictures


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