Hong Kong Intelligence Report #66 烏克蘭SBU以Gonzalo Lira失蹤事件成功試探了俄羅斯的情報情況

Updated: Jun 4

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: Alex Christoforou (L) talking to Gonzalo Lira (R) on April 22, 2022. Sources © YouTube / The Duran

IMPORTANT 【重要】干沙路·麗拉的生存否定了俄方不實指控


Gonzalo Lira #WhereisGonzaloLira

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=R2yeSOcNlgE&feature=youtu.be

路克·天行者 (Luke Skywalker)去哪裡了? 瀝·狄卡 (Rick Deckard)去哪裡了? 冼樸(Spock)去哪裡了?

幸好,香港境內幾乎都沒有媒體敢報導這個事件。最近在俄烏衝突議題上最熱門的親俄陣營的議題是,智利裔美國記者干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira / Coach Red Pill)去哪裡了?


從2022年3月26日,干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)推特上貼文說:“if you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list.”(萬一你們從我這邊沒聽到任何消息,就要把我放在名單上吧)

他的最後推特貼文則是4月15日。期間,俄羅斯官方,俄羅斯官媒及其寵愛的英美御用專家們都積極全力推了亞速營殺害干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)之未經證實指控。只根據是亞速營的推特貼文。

其根據是推特貼文,即同樣位於哈爾科夫(Kharkov)的亞速指揮官Sergei ‘Boatswain’ Korotkikh (Serhiy Velichko)在4月19日和20日之間的推特:暗示干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)已被處決。

在2022年4月22日香港時間早上,俄羅斯官方仍積極貼文廣播亞速殺害麗拉之說,然而當天下午干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)突然出現在Youtube頻道The Duran的直播上。根本沒事。烏克蘭當局如此推翻了俄羅斯積極散播的亞速營殺害干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)之指控。



1. 烏克蘭國家安全局(SBU)在2022年4月15日拘捕干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)之後,進行了如今並未透露的扣留過程。期間,干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)沒法用網路和任何資訊系統。

2. Scott Ritter, RT和俄羅斯官方對烏克蘭當局的貿然指控(亞速殺害了麗拉)被證明為純然的不實指控了。意思是說,烏克蘭當局贏了信息戰。

3. 亞速營Sergei ‘Boatswain’ Korotkikh也成功地透過推特的假貼文騙了俄羅斯。

4. 該事件及其俄方反應顯示了RT背後的俄羅斯的情報單位並無滲透烏克蘭國家安全局(SBU),甚至並沒有情報能力適時取得烏克蘭國家安全局(SBU)的內部情報。 而只能猜測而已。結局一定程度損害了俄方消息的可靠性。

(RT本身確有英美人員長時間滲透,在2005年到2014年期間,俄美蜜月時期穩定吸納了英美人員,甚至看來今年2月,3月的RT大裁員並沒有消除這些人。如在黑暴期間起初支持示威而引起了親中人士的反八國聯軍的政宣;在疫情起初不斷散播了蝙蝠湯的不實武漢片段;如今時常找佔中策劃人員之一鄭宇碩來做訪問等等; 還有一點要不能騙的是身為右派媒體的RT並非獨立媒體,而是俄羅斯的官媒,它的唯一目的正是俄羅斯本身的國益)

5. 俄方疑問了為何不關心干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)的失蹤,不過同樣可以說為何不關心其他成千上萬的烏克蘭無名失蹤者呢? 雙方媒體集團的Influencer行銷模式(其實此一手法與英美主流媒體一樣)必須遭受檢討和質疑了。

6. 西方主流媒體沒有報導是為了配合SBU的信息戰,而非無知或不關心。俄羅斯此次完全上當了。

FACTs 【事實關係】

a. Chilean American blogger Gonzalo Lira was last heard from in Ukraine almost a week ago. He was reporting from the city of Kharkov and has been a critic of President Volodymyr Zelensky and of Kiev's conduct during the conflict.

The Chilean foreign ministry said that it was aware that “those close to the Chilean Gonzalo Lira Lopez, who was in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov,” had lost contact with him since April 15. According to the diplomats, they remained in touch “with the relevant entities, to stay informed regarding any news about the location of [our] compatriot.”

[…] His last tweet is dated April 15.

According to the unconfirmed accounts on social media, he could've been abducted by the members of the Kraken unit, part of the notorious Azov battalion. One of the accounts, purporting to belong to a Ukrainian nationalist, wrote on Twitter that it was ironic that the Chilean national ended up being apprehended by a fighter whose nickname is “Chile.” He also said that he was eagerly awaiting the video of the blogger's execution to pop up online.

智利裔美國博主Gonzalo Lira最後一次聽到消息是在幾乎一週前。他在哈爾科夫市進行報道,並一直批評總統沃洛季米爾-澤連斯基和基輔在衝突期間的行為。

智利外交部表示,它知道那些與在烏克蘭哈爾科夫市的智利人Gonzalo Lira Lopez關係密切的人自4月15日以來與他失去了聯繫。據這些外交官稱,他們與"相關實體保持聯繫,以便隨時瞭解有關[我們]同胞位置的任何消息"。


根據社交媒體上未經證實的說法,他可能是被臭名昭著的亞速營下屬的克拉肯部隊的成員綁架了。其中一個自稱屬於烏克蘭民族主義者的賬戶在推特上寫道,具有諷刺意味的是,這位智利國民最終被一名綽號為"智利"的戰士逮捕。他還說,他急切地等待著網上爆出該博主的處決視頻。 (1)

b. On April 19-20, Twitter user @Anabel_Villeroy posted a series of tweets compiling evidence that “Azov SU @botsmanua (i.e., Sergei ‘Boatswain’ Korotkikh) identified Serhiy Velychko, call sign ‘Chilli’, as Gonzalo Lira’s kidnapper.”

Korotkikh is a notorious member of the Azov Battalion who recently posted a video showing his men committing atrocities in Bucha on April 1, 2022.

According to the @Anabel_Villeroy Twitter account, Velychko was the commander of the “Azov Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion (a.k.a. KRAKEN unit) in Kharkov.” The tweet contained a number of screenshots from the @botsmanua account (which has since been removed from Twitter) bragging about the capture, possibly even death, of Gonzalo Lira.

Recognizing that this information did not constitute anything remotely resembling verified fact but enraged at the audacity of persons proclaiming to be affiliated with the Azov organization gloating about the death of Mr. Lira, I took to Facebook to give voice to my outrage.

“When Belarusian authorities,” I wrote, “pulled Roman Protasevich, a blogger who had served a combat tour in the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion before working for Radio Free Europe’s Belarus channel out of Prague, off an airplane in May 2021 on charges of inciting political opposition (roughly the equivalent of sedition), the world went crazy, accusing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of trampling on free speech. Protasevich is alive and well, living under house arrest while awaiting trial.”

However, when reports emerged that Gonzo Lira, a California-born social media “influencer” who resided in Kharkov, Ukraine, and who published online content critical of the Ukrainian government, was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the Kraken Unit, part of the Azov Battalion affiliated with the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the West kept silent.

Free speech isn’t a one-way street. To remain silent in the murder of Gonzo Lira is to be complicit in his possible death, and the deaths of all journalists who pursue the truth, even if it runs counter to the mainstream narrative. Critical thinking should not be a death sentence. Unfortunately for Gonzo Lira, it seems it was.

The internet being the internet, my post was immediately cited as my “confirmation” that Gonzalo Lira had, in fact, been kidnapped and murdered by the SBU. I quickly sent out a follow-on post to correct the record.

“A point of clarification,” I wrote, “I have no direct evidence that Gonzalo has been killed. I was clear I was referring to ‘reports emerging’ about his demise. But Gonzo said any disappearance of more than 12 hours should be treated as if something bad had happened to him. It’s been five days. If this had been a New York Times reporter disappearing in Russian-controlled territory, it would be headline news – especially if a Chechen ‘hunter killer’ team had taken credit for his death. But with Gonzo – silence. Which was the whole purpose of the post: To raise awareness about his disappearance.”

There is an increasing outcry from independent media about Mr. Lira’s disappearance, and the Chilean government (Lira was a dual citizen of the US and Chile) has stated that it has been in touch with the “relevant entities” in Ukraine about Gonzalo’s disappearance.

But there is a shocking silence in the mainstream media. One only need recall the justified outcry in 2018 over the disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist critical of his government who worked for the Washington Post, to see the double standards. As Mark Crispen Miller, a New York-based academic and media critic, noted in his Substack, “Whatever they think, those of us who still have democratic principles, including a belief that journalists (and that means not just “credentialed” members of the press, but anyone who seeks out, and reports, the news) should not be snatched and killed for what they tell us, must see Gonzalo Lira’s disappearance… as a bad sign for all of us.”

4月19日至20日,推特用戶@Anabel_Villeroy發佈了一系列推文,匯編了"亞速 SU@botsmanua(即謝爾蓋-'BOTSMAN'科羅特基赫)指認呼號為'Chilli'的Serhiy Velychko是綁架Gonzalo Lira的人"。


根據@Anabel_Villeroy的推特賬戶,維利奇科是"哈爾科夫的亞速偵查和破壞營(又稱KRAKEN部隊)"的指揮官。該推文包含@botsmanua賬戶(該賬戶已從推特上刪除)的一些截圖,吹噓抓到了Gonzalo Lira,甚至可能是死亡。



然而,當有報道稱,居住在烏克蘭哈爾科夫的加州出生的社交媒體"影響者"、在網上發表批評烏克蘭政府的內容的Gonzalo Lira被隸屬於烏克蘭安全局(SBU)的亞速營的克拉肯部隊綁架、拷打和謀殺時,西方國家保持沈默。

言論自由並不是一條單行道。對Gonzalo Lira的謀殺保持沈默,就是與他可能的死亡同流合污,也是與所有追求真相的記者的死亡同流合污,即使它與主流敘事相悖。批判性思維不應該是一個死刑判決。不幸的是,對Gonzalo Lira來說,這似乎是一個死刑。

互聯網就是互聯網,我的帖子立即被引用為我的"確認",即Gonzalo Lira實際上是被SBU綁架和謀殺的。我很快就發了一個跟帖來糾正這個記錄。

我寫道:澄清一點,我沒有直接證據表明Gonzalo Lira已被殺害。我很清楚我指的是關於他死亡的'報道出現'。但Gonzalo Lira說,任何超過12小時的失蹤都應被視為他發生了不好的事情。這已經是五天了。如果這是一個紐約時報的記者在俄羅斯控制的領土上失蹤,這將是頭條新聞--特別是如果一個車臣的"獵人殺手"團隊為他的死亡邀功。但是對於Gonzalo Lira來說--沈默。這也是該帖子的全部目的。為了提高對他的失蹤的認識(關注)。

獨立媒體對Gonzalo Lira先生失蹤的呼聲越來越高,智利政府(Gonzalo Lira是美國和智利的雙重公民)表示,它已經與烏克蘭的 "相關實體"就Gonzalo Lira的失蹤進行了接觸。

但主流媒體的沈默卻令人震驚。只要回顧一下2018年對為《華盛頓郵報》工作的批評其政府的沙特記者賈馬爾-卡舒吉(Jamal Khashoggi)的失蹤和謀殺的合理呼聲,就會發現雙重標準的存在。正如駐紐約的學者和媒體評論家馬克-克里斯彭-米勒(Mark Crispen Miller)在他的Substack中指出的那樣,"無論他們怎麼想,我們這些仍然擁有民主原則的人,包括相信記者(這意味著不僅僅是"有資格的"新聞界成員,而是任何尋找和報道新聞的人)不應該因為他們告訴我們什麼而被搶走和殺害,必須將Gonzalo Lira的失蹤......視為我們所有人的一個壞跡象)(2)

c. ⚡️ #Opinion by Maria Zakharova 💬 Gonzalo Lira, a video blogger, author and famous film director and a citizen of Chile and the United States, has not been in contact since April 15 after he went missing in Kharkov. He was where the action was, actively commenting on the events in Ukraine, first in Kiev and later in Kharkov. He honestly and professionally reported about the causes of the crisis and the ongoing outrages, including the Nazis’ atrocities. His video reports have helped many people in the West see the truth. The far-right radicals hated what he did and he started receiving threats. The liberal queers and “honest” Western journalists, which is often one and the same, echoed the neo-Nazis’ threats. And now these “members of the public” are merrily discussing Gonzalo’s disappearance and are openly threatening their colleagues who dare to speak out openlyabout the events in Ukraine without mincing words. Patrick [Lancaster], you next, tweeted a transgender journalist from Las Vegas, who is reporting from Kharkov and often takes photos with the thugs from the so-called territorial defence forces. They are doing their best to cancel and cross out those who disagree with them. Sergey Korotkikh, aka Botsman, a chieftain of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, has hinted that his neo-Nazi confederates could be involved in Gonzalo’s disappearance: “It is ironic that Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean, has been captured by the man whose alias is Chile. Anyway, hope to see a beheading video on Telegram soon.” How do you like that? Incidentally, Chile is one of those who murdered and tortured Russian servicemen. The tweet has been deleted, because Lira is a US citizen, but nothing can be deleted from the internet without a trace. This is fresh proof that the cannibalistic liberal logic is so closely interconnected with the Nazi ideology that it is sometimes impossible to tell which is which. This is indicative. P.S. We sincerely hope that the media mayhem raised by Azov Nazis and Western propagandists is nothing more than theatrics and that Gonzalo and his family are all well. https://t.me/MariaVladimirovnaZakharova/2443

⚡️ #Opinion by 瑪麗亞·扎哈羅娃 (Maria Zakharova)

Gonzalo Lira,視頻博客作者和著名電影導演,智利和美國公民,自4月15日在哈爾科夫失蹤後,一直沒有聯繫。他就在活動的地方,積極評論烏克蘭的事件,先是在基輔,後來在哈爾科夫。他誠實而專業地報道了危機的原因和正在發生的暴行,包括納粹的暴行。他的視頻報道幫助西方的許多人看到了真相。極右翼激進分子憎恨他的所作所為,他開始收到威脅。

自由主義的同性戀者和"誠實的"西方記者,這往往是同一個人,響應了新納粹分子的威脅。而現在,這些"公眾人物"正興高采烈地討論Gonzalo Lira的失蹤,並公開威脅那些敢於公開談論烏克蘭事件的同事,而不吝惜言辭。

帕特里克Patrick [蘭開斯特Lancaster],你是下一個,一位來自拉斯維加斯的變性記者在推特上說,他在哈爾科夫報道,經常與所謂的國土防禦部隊的暴徒合影。


謝爾蓋-科羅特基赫(Sergey Korotkikh),又名博特曼(Botsman),是新納粹亞速營的首領,他暗示他的新納粹同盟者可能與Gonzalo Lira的失蹤有關。"具有諷刺意味的是,智利人Gonzalo Lira被化名為智利的人抓走了。無論如何,希望很快能在Telegram上看到斬首視頻"。你覺得這樣如何?順便說一下,智利是那些謀殺和折磨俄羅斯軍人的人之一。

這條推文已被刪除,因為Gonzalo Lira是美國公民,但沒有什麼能從互聯網上毫無痕跡地刪除。


P.S. 我們真誠地希望,亞速納粹分子和西方宣傳家所引起的媒體混亂只不過是戲劇性的,Gonzalo Lira和他的家人都很好。

https://t.me/MariaVladimirovnaZakharova/2443 (3)

d. Chilean American blogger Gonzalo Lira, who went missing in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov a week ago, has appeared online on Friday, revealing that he had been held by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

I’m in Kharkov. I’m OK. I just want to say that I’m back online.” Lira said in short video chat with journalist Alex Christoforou on The Duran channel on YouTube.

I was picked up by the SBU on Friday, April 15,” the blogger revealed.

Speaking about his condition, the 54-year-old said that he was “fine physically,” but “a little rattled” and “a little bit discombobulated.” Lira made it clear that he was forbidden from revealing any details about what had happened to him in detention.

I’m still in Kharkov and for the time being I cannot leave. The authorities here told me that I cannot leave the city,” he said, adding that his computer and phone were taken away and that he didn’t have access to his accounts on social media.

一週前在烏克蘭哈爾科夫市失蹤的智利裔美國博主Gonzalo Lira週五出現在網上,透露他已被烏克蘭安全局(SBU)扣押。

"我在哈爾科夫。我很好。我只想說,我已經回到了網上"。Gonzalo Lira在YouTube上的The Duran頻道與記者Alex Christoforou的簡短視頻聊天中說。


談到他的情況,這位54歲的老人說,他"身體很好",但"有點緊張"和"有點不適應"。Gonzalo Lira明確表示,他被禁止透露有關他在拘留期間發生的任何細節。


e. The Chilean American journalist and blogger Gonzalo Lira disappeared almost a week ago in Kharkov, and many around the world now fear for his life, claiming that he might have been kidnapped for slamming the Ukrainian government and its forces for their actions in the ongoing hostilities. We hear from journalist Eva Karene Bartlett, to whom Lira gave his last interview before he went missing.

智利裔美國記者和博客作者Gonzalo Lira幾乎一週前在哈爾科夫(Kharkov)失蹤,現在全世界有許多人擔心他的生命,聲稱他可能因為抨擊烏克蘭政府及其部隊在當前敵對行動中的行為而被綁架。我們聽取了記者伊娃-卡雷恩-巴特利(Eva Karene Bartlett)的發言,Gonzalo Lira在失蹤前接受了他的最後一次採訪。

https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/gonzalo_21:2 (5)

f. The disappearance of US-Chilean journalist Gonzalo Lira in Kharkov, Ukraine has now attracted the attention of the government in Santiago. They’ve joined efforts to find the Kiev leadership critic, as fellow journalists and authors around the world express concern for his life.

美國-智利記者Gonzalo Lira在烏克蘭哈爾科夫(Kharkov)的失蹤現在已經引起了聖地亞哥(Santiago)政府的注意。他們已經加入了尋找這位基輔領導層批評家的努力,因為世界各地的記者和作家同行對他的生命表示關注。

https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/Gonzalo_zhdanov_22-yt:5 (6)


FILE PHOTO: Pray for Ukrainians. Sources © Envato

簡言之,烏克蘭國家安全局(SBU)通過此次干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)進行了優秀的信息戰,以試探俄方情報單位對SBU的滲透狀況。干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)的生存證實了俄方並無滲透SBU的內部。同時,SBU打贏了信息戰,就證明了亞速殺害干沙路·麗拉(Gonzalo Lira)為純然不實指控。當然,政治正確壓倒一切的俄方絕不會進一步承認和評估這個事件的警惕性意義。再次強調未經證實時絕不該報導。俄方根本沒有聽進早前的良心專業建言。俄羅斯此次完全上當了。俄方已拼命傳播出去的有關未經證實的消息抵達的範圍多廣,其對可靠性的打擊就會多廣。結果優秀的SBU贏了此次信息戰。以中立的獨立自主立場只能用一句日語來表示:それ見たことか!


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