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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #96 中共的政治投降與大攬炒:從全面抗疫到全民感染的大潰敗

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: Locust © Envato

The locusts covered the face of the land and swallowed up every crop and all the fruits of the trees. Afterwards there was nothing green in the trees, and all the crops in the fields had been destroyed.

- The Ten Plagues of Egypt LINK


The president of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA), Allen Shi, said that any relaxation of anti-epidemic measures would be good for the business sector. LINK




The entire population had been fighting against the epidemic for 3 years, but in the end, the entire population is infected with the epidemic.

In the end, it was capital that kidnapped politics.

Everyone in the medical profession and media is lying for the capitalists.


‘A First Step’ to Completion of Political Scheme


The promotions for mainlanders coming to Hong Kong to receive the BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine underscore the essence of this entire anti-ZERO-COVID campaign. Both the U.S. and German governments have repeatedly stated their intention to fully open up the mainland vaccine market, and to this end, through John Lee Ka-chiu's Hong Kong government, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, health bureaucrats, the media and government epidemic advisors have finally forced the Chinese Communist Party to lie down completely. Among them, Hong Kong has played the most prominent role in undermining the state policy. German Prime Minister Scholz, who had been visiting China since November 4 (the same day that epidemiologist Zeng Guang's unconfirmed news about upcoming relaxation was released), has revealed the intention to first vaccinate German / Chinese nationals on both sides of the border with their own vaccines, and then to obtain approval and expand the market for the BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine (which is inseparable from Pfizer) on the Mainland.

肖爾茨4日在與習近平和國務院總理李克強分開會談後,下午出席中德兩國總理的聯合記者會中稱,中國已批准在華外國公民能接種德國BioNTech公司研發的新冠疫苗(台灣稱BNT疫苗,香港稱復必泰)。這是首款進入中國內地龐大市場的國外新冠疫苗。當天BioNTech股價一度大漲5.6%。《華爾街日報》稱,這意味著歐洲藥品管理局(European Medicines Agency)的監管機構將參與接種疫苗的過程。中國應對新冠疫情一直依賴於該國研發的國產疫苗,但其效力被認為低於其他次蛋白(mRNA)疫苗,難以對抗新冠變種病毒。

After separate talks with Xi Jinping and State Council Premier Li Keqiang, Scholz said that China has approved the vaccination of foreign citizens in China with the new corona vaccine developed by the German company BioNTech (BNT vaccine in Taiwan, or Fubitai in Hong Kong). This is the first foreign vaccine to enter the huge market in mainland China. BioNTech's stock price once jumped 5.6% on that day. The Wall Street Journal said this means that the European Medicines Agency regulator will be involved in the vaccination process. China has been relying on a domestic vaccine developed in the country to deal with the outbreak, but it is considered less effective than other mRNA vaccines against the new coronavirus variant.


The German government said that in return, Chinese citizens in Europe can receive the Chinese CoronaVac vaccine. Earlier this month, it was reported that the German health ministry had approved the import of China's CoronaVac vaccine into Germany for Chinese citizens in Germany. Although the CoronaVac vaccine has not been approved for use by European drug regulators, the WHO has given the green light for the use of the CoronaVac vaccine.

Bayer’s Werner Baumann, BioNTech’s Ugur Sahin and Merck KGaA’s Belén Garijo joined Scholz on the one-day visit Friday. No major investment deals have come out of the high-profile trip.

The only notable agreement is that China will allow foreigners in the country to receive BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty. The vaccine is already being sold in China’s special districts of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Scholz made the announcement during a joint press briefing with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Calling the agreement “a first step,” Scholz said he hopes the “circle of eligible persons can soon be widened” to make the BioNTech shot available to the general public, Reuters reports.

「去香港、打疫苗」"Go to Hong Kong, Get vaccinated" Campaign


November 4 was the beginning of a major offensive in the anti-zero campaign to force the CCP to lie down completely. There was a major breakthrough in this process after the CCP finally laid down completely and surrendered to capitalists in the late night of December 26, 2022. First, on December 26, Hong Kong's domestic and foreign capitalists, through Professor JIN, Dong-Yan of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine, revealed a particular mode of BioNTech's expansion into the mainland market. That is, on January 8, 2023, after the full quarantine-free customs clearance of China, Hong Kong and Macau, the Mainland customers were encouraged to go to Hong Kong to receive the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccines.


It is expected that there will not be many people at the initial stage of full-quarantine-free customs clearance, and mainland visitors will mainly come to Hong Kong to buy medicines and receive vaccinations. The government is urged to be prepared for this, and it is suggested that the government should consider charging non-local residents who receive vaccinations in Hong Kong to avoid wasting public money. LINK 後來,與復必泰合作和處理涉華業務的復星醫藥宣佈了所謂「去香港、打疫苗」活動,並且從12月27日起可以預約將赴港接種復必泰疫苗了。

Later, Fosun Pharmaceuticals, which cooperates with BioNTech and handles business involving China, announced a so-called "Go to Hong Kong, Get Vaccinated" campaign, and from December 27, appointments can be made to receive the BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine in Hong Kong.



Fosun Pharmaceuticals has announced that Mainlanders can now make appointments to receive the BioNTech, Pfizer bivalent vaccine in Hong Kong. With the slogan "Go to Hong Kong, Get Vaccinated", Fosun Pharmaceuticals has launched an online booking platform. Mainlanders can register to receive the vaccine in Hong Kong by entering their name, age and recovery date through the pharmaceutical company's official formula, WeChat. If the appointment is successful, people can go to Hong Kong to receive the BioNTech, Pfizer bivalent vaccine at their own cost after the official customs clearance in the Mainland; it is also mentioned that the bivalent vaccine has been officially registered as a Hong Kong drug in Hong Kong, and is proven by clinical studies and real data to fully cover the Omicron variant.



The "Go to Hong Kong, Get Vaccinated" campaign is the most general phenomenon that embodies the essence of the entire anti-ZERO-COVID campaign. It has been a part of the political disintegration of China's state policy on epidemic prevention, which has been in place since November 4. However, the "Go to Hong Kong, Get Vaccinated" campaign itself is only one phase of the grand campaign. The ultimate goal is for Pfizer (operating in Hong Kong), BioNTech and Moderna (operating in Hong Kong) to fully open up the Mainland vaccine market. In order to do so, it is necessary for the Mainland to become a society that coexists with the virus. Hong Kong has always played a political role in the drilling of the state policy.

The point is that the so-called BioNTech vaccine received in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan is exactly the same as the Pfizer vaccine, only with a different name. It is basically exactly what the West calls the Pfizer vaccine.

"Pfizer Comirnaty" and "Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine" are biologically and chemically the same thing.

2022年12月9日莫德納有了與港府之間的密切互動。其實早就有佈局。December 9, 2022 Moderna had a close interaction with the Hong Kong government. In fact, there is already a layout of future plans:

跨國製藥、生物科技公司莫德納(Moderna)在港成立辦事處,創新科技及工業局局長孫東今日(9日)聯同投資推廣署及科技園公司人員,與莫德納高級副總裁Patrick Bergstedt及其亞洲團隊會面。局方引述莫德納方面表示,將考慮在港研發新的疫苗,以及研究將mRNA技術應用於腫瘤及免疫學、罕見病和自體免疫性疾病等,並探索在港設立生產線業務的可能性。

The Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of Hong Kong, Sun Dong, met with Patrick Bergstedt, senior vice president of Moderna, and his team in Asia today (September 9). The Bureau quoted Moderna as saying that it would consider developing new vaccines in Hong Kong, as well as studying the application of mRNA technology to oncology and immunology, rare diseases and autoimmune diseases, and exploring the possibility of setting up a production line business in Hong Kong.

此外,這個「去香港、打疫苗」促銷活動還包括2022年4月26起公布全港處方私家醫生名單的輝瑞的新冠病毒口服藥帕克斯洛維德(Paxlovid)和莫德納的莫納皮拉韋(Molnupiravir LINK)向內地人銷售 The "Go Hong Kong, Get Vaccinated" promotion also includes Pfizer's Paxlovid, a new oral coronavirus drug, and Moderna's Molnupiravir, a new oral coronavirus drug, which is available from April 26, 2022, on a list of private prescribers in Hong Kong:


As for the new oral coronavirus drugs, Lo Chung-mau said the public health care system has sufficient stockpiles and the private sector can already order the two new oral coronary drugs directly from the pharmaceutical companies. If the non-eligible person is prescribed government-purchased oral medication in the public health care system, they are required to pay a fee of more than $6,000 per treatment.


The tsunami of epidemics brewing in the Mainland will engulf Hong Kong and Macau, and even impact the global fight against the epidemic towards recovery. The more severe the epidemic becomes, the more prevention measures will be relaxed. This recent political style of anti-intellectualism is a product of capitalist coercion. The goal is for the Chinese Communist Party to abandon dynamic ZERO-COVID policy in favor of universal coexistence with the virus, ultimately opening up the mainland market to Western vaccine companies (including coronavirus oral drugs). The Chinese medical industry is also facing a major political crisis of survival.

NEWS 【事實關係】



2020年1月24日 香港市民:102663;內地入境客:36705;其他旅客:22872;總計162240


2022年9月1日 香港市民:5328;內地入境客:358;其他旅客:34;總計5720



2022年10月20日 香港市民:8463;內地入境客:1427;其他旅客:1172;總計11062

2022年11月1日 香港市民:9482;內地入境客:1600;其他旅客:1617;總計12699


11月11日 內地20條優化措施,開始具體放棄動態清零。


2022年11月30日 香港市民:14437;內地入境客:2053;其他旅客:2180;總計18267

2022年12月1日 香港市民:11690;內地入境客:1775;其他旅客:2194;總計15659


12月13日 / 20日港府趁機進一步撤掉了防疫措施。


2022年12月17日 香港市民:17539;內地入境客:1734;其他旅客:3028;總計:22301


2022年12月27日 香港市民:22593;內地入境客:1937;其他旅客:3206;總計27736




2022年9月26日 港府「與病毒共存」宣言,撤掉入境隔離期後的股市表現:恆生指數為17855.14

12月28日 港府除了口罩令外撤除幾乎所有防疫措施後的股市表現:恆生指數為19898.91



2022年9月26日 港府「與病毒共存宣言」,撤掉入境隔離期後,9月27日:現有個案為288340

12月28日 港府除了口罩令外撤除幾乎所有防疫措施前,12月27日:現有個案飆升為478816 (約50萬)







那,即將實施全面免檢疫通關的內地的疫情如何呢? 內地中國國家衛生健康委員會宣布從12月14日起,不再報導了無症狀者數字(LINK)。換言之,從此之後,內地疫情總體數據是被隱瞞的。據2022年12月27日全球新冠疫情最新數字,

內地新冠死亡人數為5242;單日感染者為11080686 (單日破了1千萬)






















12月24日: 現時急症醫院內科病床整體住用率約為110%。

12月27日:本港新增18626宗新冠病毒確診個案,本地感染佔17636宗,輸入個案990宗,再多53名患者死亡。 第五波疫情至今,共錄得11349宗死亡個案。現時公立急症醫院內科病床整體住用率約為116%,較昨日上升4個百分點。






不少,澳門人問到為何突然放開了? 他們自己的回答也就是‘配合阿爺’。這是錯誤的。就澳門來講,撤除防疫措施是由特首賀一誠主動提出來待批的。當澳門提出來要完全撤掉核酸檢測時(12月23日 LINK),內地放開防疫還沒到那麼程度的,但他早就要完全免核酸檢測了。



香港2020年 新型甲型流行性感冒(流感)1人感染,没人死。

香港新冠肺炎 2020-2022年 2,522,836人感染,11,562人死亡。死亡絕大多數是所謂「致死率輕微」的奧秘克戎。






In a nutshell, the devil is in the details! Whenever there is an epidemic outbreak in the Mainland and a very serious epidemic in Hong Kong, gradual or precipitous disintegration of ZERO-COVID is an act of slaughtering the vulnerable! Political immorality! It will only benefit the capitalists to make a fortune from the dead and open up the mainland market for the western vaccine companies. This is what the anti-intellectualist politics of China, Hong Kong and Macau is all about.


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