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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #97 世界歷史上的瘟疫暴動和動態清零政策

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: Victims © Envato



Betrayed Public Health: All of China Forced to "Live with the Virus" in the Midst of Outbreak, Virus and Capital Reign Supreme!

1. 李家超在2023年1月5日的中港免檢疫通關措施發表會時承認了2022年7月上任以來一直著手走上名為‘復常’的「與病毒共存」的路線。中港免檢疫通關的重點是中港兩地要求通關前48小時做核酸檢測,取得陰性結果才可過關,因此,它還不算按字般的全免檢疫。這還算是在中港澳的疫情嚴峻下唯一屬於正面的一點。LINK

At the January 5, 2023, Hong Kong-China quarantine-free clearance announcement, John Lee Ka-chiu admitted that he had been working on the "WITH-COVID" route called "normalcy" since he took office in July 2022. The point of the quarantine-free clearance is that China and Hong Kong require nucleic acid testing 48 hours prior to clearance, and negative results are required for clearance, so it is not quite a full quarantine exemption. This is the only positive point given the seriousness of the epidemic in Hong Kong and mainland.

2. 白紙疫情暴動和中港反清零國策運動後面有什麼勢力?它們是否政治獨立自主的民眾抗議?這證據是2022年12月28日港府斷送絕大部分防疫措施(除口罩令和確診隔離令等外)後,包括親中國家北韓在內的所謂‘國際社會’紛紛表態實施針對疫情大爆發以及隱瞞和低估疫情實況的中港澳旅客的無感染證明,檢測,甚至封鎖等緊急措施時,內地白紙自由戰士們都至今沒有同樣抗議。他們針對中共或‘國際社會’之間確實都有政治雙重標準。因此,足認被想要改變內地防疫政策的內外資本(反中共勢力)選為白紙疫情暴動原型和模式的敵對矛盾是過去屢次爆發工運/暴動的台灣藍營鴻海科技集團的著名富士康抗議事件。譬如,2010年深圳富士康跳樓事件;2012年鄭州罷工事件;2015年中華全國總工會事件;2022年河南鄭州富士康疫情與衝突等。人民內部矛盾,已顯現的敵對矛盾(民怨)被內外資本勢力剝削了。這就是所謂‘外因透過內因起作用’的典型例子。與黑死病大流行時代的疫情暴動與新冠肺炎下的疫情暴動有所不同。後者則是政治化的,高度政治操縱的作品。

What are the forces behind the A4 White Paper riots and the anti-ZERO-COVID campaign in Hong Kong and China? Were they independent political civil disobedience? This is evidenced by the fact that after the Hong Kong government cut off most of the epidemic prevention measures on December 28, 2022 (except for the mask order and the quarantine order), the so-called 'international community', including the pro-China country of North Korea, took a stand to implement no infection certificates, tests, and even blockades against the epidemic outbreak and the Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macau where concealed and underestimated the actual situation of the epidemic. When the Mainland white paper freedom- fighters have not protested the same emergency measures. There is indeed a political double standard between them and the Chinese Communist Party or the 'international community'. Therefore, it is sufficient to say that the antagonistic contradiction chosen as the prototype and model of the white paper riots by the internal and external capital (anti-Communist forces) who want to change the policy of epidemic prevention in the Mainland is the famous Foxconn protests of the blue-camp Hung Hai Technology Group (Taiwan), which have erupted repeatedly in the past in mainland. For example, the 2010 Foxconn jumping incident in Shenzhen; the 2012 Zhengzhou strike; the 2015 All China Federation of Trade Unions incident; and the 2022 Foxconn epidemic and clashes in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The internal contradictions of the people, the apparent hostility (public grievances) have been exploited by the internal and external capital forces. This is a typical example of the so-called 'external causes acting through internal causes'. This is different from the epidemic riots during the Black Death pandemic and the epidemic riots under the SARS-COV2. The latter was a politicized and highly politically manipulated work.

3. 瘟疫暴動(plague riot)是個國安術語。不過,香港市民不難看出目前所謂國安單位的重大缺點之一是其國安定義過於狹窄。簡言之,在執行上,國安概念的內涵和外延為除了「5獨」(分裂主義/分離主義)以外都不是個國家安全問題。這就是為什麼全中國的所謂國安單位都並沒有阻止代表內外資本勢力的港府(行政長官會議 LINK),香港總商會(港府政策幾乎聽從兼任行政長官會議成員的香港總商會立法會代表林健鋒 LINK),衛生官僚,政府疫情顧問以及媒體等上層集團從香港率先推動「與病毒共存」路線來最終斷送動態清零國策。這證實了香港仍然是個滲透和破壞國家政策的前進基地。



Plague riot is a national security term. However, it is easy for Hong Kong people to see that one of the major shortcomings of the current so-called national security units is that their definition of national security is too narrow. In short, in terms of implementation, the concept of national security is not a national security issue except for the "5 Independencies" (separatism). This is why the so-called national security units across China have not stopped the upper echelons of the Hong Kong government (Chief Executive's Council), the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) (HKGCC's Legislative Council representative Jeffrey Lam, who is also a member of the Chief Executive's Council), health bureaucrats, government epidemic advisors, and the media from taking the lead in promoting the "co-existence with the virus" route in Hong Kong to eventually give away the dynamic zero-COVID state policy. This confirms that Hong Kong remains a forward base for infiltrating and undermining state policy.

There is a law in Hong Kong or entire Chinese politics that the political designs/tendencies of internal and external anti-communist and anti-Chinese forces are always first to manifest from Hong Kong.

When the national epidemic prevention policy was targeted by anti-communist forces and attacked from inside and outside at the expense of public health and people's lives, the so-called national security units did nothing and could not stop it. Epidemics and epidemic prevention are not part of national security, so neither the national security law nor the future Article 23 legislation will stop the political machinations of capital that will surely be repeated in future pandemics.

4. 在實際上,對西方情報單位而言,特定政治議題反而成了輿論工具。即不僅是所謂‘分裂主義’,‘顏色革命’云云都原來屬於反帝國主義的敘事如今成了操縱輿論和動員炮灰的敘事了。這些說故事的工具都是為了從真正政治過程轉移焦點的‘愛國騷’。雙方都從這個容易撈取各自政治資本,同時可以隱瞞真正進行的政治作戰。此次,中國正確的國策,動態清零被強迫推翻掉的整個過程(2022年9月24日-)充分證實了這點。(雖在反修例風波上,資本和國策相抵觸的真政治以及上演顏色政治的愛國騷此兩大政治層面重疊,但反修例風波原來是出於本港內外資本對於被移交給內地審判的商業罪行的恐懼)