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Professional Lectures & Presentations


  • (2019) Interview: ''Filmmaker in Focus: Sammo Hung'' - interviewer, at the 43rd. Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, China

  • (December 2016) MC and Coordinator for The 2nd. Takao Shorts Rally Screening, at R.O.C. Ministry of Culture, Japan and Taiwan

  • (2015 - 2016) Stage: Spent the four seasons as an official representative of dissident and revolutionary movement "All Japan For Peace and Co-Existence" in Tokyo, Japan.

  • (2010) Interview: "Today's Hollywood Borderless Film Cooperation"(with Director Ang Lee and Director of Photography Claudio Miranda) At National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan

  • (2008) Interview: "Wim Wenders' Master Class" (with Director Wim Wenders) at the School of Communication at National Chengchi University in Taiwan

  • (2007) Interview: ''Hou Hsiao-­Hsien Master Class'' (with Director Hou Hsiao-­Hsien) At Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong

  • (2006) Interview: "The Tendency of The Progress of Chinese Film and International Film"(with Director John Woo) at the 51st. Asia Pacific Film Festival Academic Forum in Taiwan



You can get in touch with me right here on this official web site. 


Also follow me as an Intelligence Analyst /
filmmaker / activist / writer here. Some of my major film / TV / stage / event / video / photo / translation / research / news industry works are here to be found.  


I'll be glad to hear from you as long as you don't abuse the privilege and have something important to say regarding me, my projects or my goods and services.

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