Ryota Nakanishi's Professional Art Works 

General Statement 


Like Eric Hobsbawm wrote, we can say that until independence from US imperialism is achieved, it looks as though the alliance between the national bourgeoisies and the left will continue in various fields of societies in Japan and other parts of Asia.  However anti US is wrong. I have been living in this since April 2003.


True enemy is US imperialism not entire USA. It can not win without democratic American citizens' fight 

against its imperialism from inside.  

Furthermore, we should be friends with China and Russia.  Being independent from US is critically

important for its puppets like Japan and Taiwan.

For Hong Kong, they also need to be independent from both British colonialism and US imperialism simultaneously.   


The most important thing for media litelacy is that the only correct political position in capitalist societies is the working class, the class interest not any political colour created and manipulated by capitalists.  


People asked Mr. William Blum: What could we do?

Mr. William Blum: Educate yourself and as many others as you can about what this (US) government has actually done at home and abroad.  



 The rakugo movie (2013, Japan) 

 Democracy of   Genre Filmmaking & 

 Practice of Montage Theory 

Ryota's first three year project/plan in film and TV industry since 2011 to 2014. This feature film was theatrically released and screened at Egyptian Theatre Hollywood and Japan.  The cinema complex United Cinema screened this film nationwide. Tsutaya also campaigned DVD release of this film nationally. Main film editor / Dialogue synchroniser is Ryota. He practiced multi-camera editing that used in US filmmaking and Soviet montage especially in the tale 'The Life Rate' which starring the best actors Takayuki Yamada, Ken Yasuda and the best actress Tsubasa Honda. The Rakugo Movie  (2013, Japan) is a feature film which won the #1 best seller in DVD selling in comedy and drama in Amazon.co.jp, it also won the top best seller in general sales of DVD in Oricon Inc.'s market research in 2013. The main aim of this film practice was responding to what Sergei Eisenstein suggested Japanese filmmakers to apply in its specific culture. This is the practical response to Sergei Eisenstein. Ryota actually made it. Practice of True genre filmmaking; Hollywood's multi-camera operations and its typical match cutting that taught by Gael Chandler; applying the Three Act Structure; Anti-ArtFilm dogmatism are technically and strategically important. However, the most important thing is to create consciousness among young Japanese filmmakers on these serious issues. TUA graduates still are the most talented forces in Japan. The total gross is 470,000,000 JPY according to IMDb. Ryota's official academic aim was to achieve multi-cultural filmmaking in film content and film form. It's achieved with this project.  

出演:山田孝之 加藤貴子 田島ゆみか 桂三四郎 安田顕 戸次重幸 音尾琢真 本田翼 西方凌 村上健志(フルーツポンチ) 斉木しげる 田中要次 亘健太郎(フルーツポンチ) 近藤春菜(ハリセンボン) 箕輪はるか(ハリセンボン) 三遊亭小遊三 春風亭一之輔 春風亭ぴっかり 笑福亭鶴光 立川志らく 林家三平 柳家わさび


監督:松井一生 坂下雄一郎 遠藤幹大


エグゼクティブプロデューサー 堀越謙三

企画・プロデュース 田中雄之

ポストプロダクションプロデューサー 田中直毅



美術:Ice Elloso、栗田志穂、相澤伶美





 Social Movement 


The Friday Weekly (a.k.a. 週刊金曜日)reportet the general uprisging of all Japan Peace and Coexistence in 2016.

 True Independence of Japan and  

 Scientific Socialism of the 21st Century  

All Japan Peace and Coexistence is Japan's new type of revolutionary social movement which founded in June 2015. This was also Ryota's 2nd. three year project/plan in political and social problems since 2013 to 2016. 

Ryota and the best political economist of Japan Kazuhide Uekusa had cooperated from late 2013 on five major social issues of after war colonial Japan. These major problems were accelerated by imperialist puppet Shinzo Abe regime (2012-). Such as nuclear plants; distortion of democratic constitution; TPP; huge divisions between the rich and the poor (inequality); increasing consumption tax; USFJ imperialist military bases. 


Down with Abe regime is a common slogan but the true aim is to overthrow bureaucratic dictatorship that serves stealth imperialism of neo liberal foreign capitalists. 

So called 25% Movement means that at least 25%

of entire voters unite against CIA funded Liberal Democrats and hypocrite religious Komeitou, Japanese people can defeat imperialist puppets and liberate Post War Japan. It needs direct democracy not the present framework of voting system of national election that only serves imperialist puppets. 

We seek true independence of Japanese sovereignty! For this truly nationalist, democratic revolutionary goal, we do not only need to unite all opposition parties and democratic organisations but also they have to unite under the same strategic policies and principles we mentioned in this text above. Anti-Bureaucracy (it means rejecting bureaucratic tendency and mechanism within social movement), Anti-Imperialism, Anti-War are fundamental positions.  

Ryota contributed to stabilise and conduct the new type of social movement and its most important uprising. General unification of opposition parties has been firmly materialised. This social movement has been continued since then. This is part of post World War 2 era's anti-imperialist class struggles. 

"All-"dissident coalitions like "All-Okinawa"(2014-) and this "All-Japan" (2015-) have common features below:

a.It will keep independence of each political parties. It learned a lesson from The First United Front (1923-27). 

b.It fits Japanese specific political conditions, election systems and difficulties. Allende regime like "Parliament" socialism is the most possible way in Japan for leftists. 

c.It requires coalition government that won't outcast JCP, and can accept JCP as main government members on the common major policies among dissidents. 

d. Its policies are mainly for the working class. 

e. It's against any ideological dogmatism. The workers are loyal to their own class interests and identity, not to dogmatism.  

f. The most important thing is that Japan needs new political party which can really represent the interests of the working class of Japan. 












第1部   決意表明(敬称略)

開会の辞  原中勝征(オールジャパン最高顧問・前日本医師会会長)

民主党   江田五月(最高顧問、参議院議員)

民主党   篠原孝(衆議院議員)

日本共産党 山下芳生(書記局長・参議院議員)

社会民主党 吉田忠智(党首・参議院議員)

生活の党と山本太郎となかまたち 小沢一郎(代表・衆議院議員)

主権者代表 高田健(戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会)


第2部    重要政策課題の考察(敬称略)




加藤好一(オールジャパン顧問 ・生活クラブ生協連合会会長)










鈴木宣弘(オールジャパン顧問 ・東京大学教授)


安田節子(オールジャパン顧問 ・食政策センターVISION21代表)















総決起集会実行委員(50音順  2016年 6月時点 )















Japanese Communist Party's newspper 'Akahata' reported the successful upriing.
Ryota monitoring and controling the all lighting of th convention.
This is not  a capitalist league, it including broad range of working class.

 Professional Video 

 Conspiracy Theories of Benjamin Fulford and 

 Kaoru  Nakamaru: The 5th. Wonder Campus (2014

  Exposing Conspiracies of Stealth Imperialism and Publishing it   by Independent Media  

The renowned ex-chief editor of Forbes APAC, Benjamin Fulford and conspiracy theorist Kaoru Nakamaru give audiences a special lecture about various conspiracy theories. Ryota mainly constructed the 9th. question of the 2nd. part of the entire video which published by Wonder Campus in 2014. Ryota asked Benjamin about the truth behind the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan and Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong which supposed to be backed by US State Department and its NED. 


Ryota  mentioned that the State Department and its Embassy in Taiwan published advertisements of TPP during Sunflower Movement to promote anti-China campaign and its neoliberalism which betray native workers and peasants. Benjamin said it must be backed by the State Department. For example, the Umbrella Movement's patrons were already disclosed by media. 

Ryota is the first person to point out the truth behind the Sunflower Movement publicly  in Japan via this published lecture of the most renowned 'conspiracy theorist' of Japan.  

新聞やテレビからだけでは、到底知ることができない世界の真実を暴き出す異色の対談イベント「ここだけの話」シリーズ。今回の対談者は国際政治評論家の中丸薫と米経済誌「フォーブス」元アジア太平洋支局長、ジャーナリストのベンジャミン・フルフォード。テーマはずばり、闇の権力!今回のここだけの話は、第1部「闇の権力の基礎知識」が、闇の権力の構図、中央銀行と貨幣発行権、JAPAN as No.1の破壊、石油利権派vs.原子力利権派、日本の闇の権力、第2部 闇の権力の最新情報が、人口削減、放射性物質の無害化技術、ワクチン、銀行口座凍結、マイナス金利、コブラ・レジスタンス、天皇家と出雲大社、闇の権力との闘争、台湾・香港の市民運動、朝鮮半島の統一ほか。衝撃の裏事情が暴露されています。2014年10月16日に東京・護国寺で開催されたイベント「ここだけの話」のDVD化。

Q9: Interviewed by

Ryota Nakanishi

 TV Drama and TV Documentary 

 NHK E-TV Judge: TV Movie Obugyo-sama! 

 Part1 and Part2 (NHK, 2015-2016)  

NHK E-TV Judge was TV series of TV drama conpetitions among major TV production compaies.
Obugyosama! Part 1 and Part2

■放送スケジュール (2015年)
第1対戦 5月5日(火)23時25分から23時55分 
第2対戦 5月12日(火)23時25分から23時55分 
決勝  5月19日(火)23時25分から23時55分 
戦略会議 5月26日(火)23時25分から23時55分 

Ken Matsudaira's Obugyosama Part1.

 From Film to TV: Bringing Democratic Genre Film  Policy to State TV Programs with Genre Stars 

  NHK Eテレジャッジ 松平健の「お奉行さまッ!」メール編合コン編二本立て(2015年5月、4回放送、NHK)

NHK E-TV Judge (2015-2016) features numerous crafted TV dramas from major TV productions for competition. Winner hits highest score in selected voters and influencers' judgement. It was an attempt to bring multiculturism to the state TV station program. 

Ryota cooperated with the TV director Kenji Mizoguchi who is known for creating the TV series The Solitary Gourmet (TV Tokyo, 2012- 2017) to make two TV comedy dramas for the legendary samurai star Ken Matsudaira.  It is not only a flesh attempt to create pure samurai genre drama in NHK, but also  it is a homage to Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western genre which both the director and his editor loved. 

This is the first TV drama work of Ryota that he actually played a role, edited and assisted the entire production as an actor,  professional assistant director and TV editor.  For being a TV editor, the most important thing is to let the director to finalise its director's cut which based on the editor's cut. Not only film editing, but also TV editing followed this flow. This was one camera operation however Ryota had enough materials to make it like a multi-camera editing. The TV director Kenji Mizoguchi is his best corroborator in TV industry. 

First Cuts: TV Drama Editing of Obugyosama Part 1 and 2 by Ryota Nakanishi

Editor's Cuts: TV Drama Editing of Obugyosama Part 1 and 2 by Ryota Nakanishi  

 Furusato Time: TV Documentary  

 (J:COM, 2015-2017)  

Local Star Matirog in Akita.
Popular Japanese actor Kazami Shingo

 Function of Documentary: Revitalising  Local TV / Film Industries and  Traditional Culture 


 J:COMテレビ 風見しんご、マティログ他出演「ふるさとタイム」(2015年-2017年、J:COM)

 Furusato Time (2015-2017) was a TV documentary series  for J:COM, the largest cable television company in Japan. 

 This program introduced local features and  local businessmen who decided to fight for revitalising  declined local industries that wrecked by neoliberalism.  And this is part of efforts of Ryota who planned to  reestablish local film industries like George A. Romero in  Pittsburg in the 1960s. Japan's neoliberal difficulties have been only worse year by year since 1991. 

 Ryota was in charge of creative special assistance as cast,  assistant director and assistant editor. His expertise was  fully exercised especially in location shooting in local  regions throughout Japan with tight corporation of cable  televisions and film commission. 

 Shingo Kazami Goes to Takaoka Part 1 and Part 2 were  Ryota's first TV shows. And it starred the well  known actor Shingo Kazami.  It was cooperation among  popular actor, the TV production of Fuji TV and  local video companies. Ryota established the  great relationships with them. 

 The next episodes are From Akita with Love: Kingdom of  Gourmet and From Akita with Love: Beautiful Country  which practiced more localised TV show making in Akita  prefecture.


 Akita has its vital local TV industry for its citizens. The  local star Matirog is the best corroborator for the local TV  documentary. Ryota and its crew and cast strode to recreate  and recover the image of the lost golden era of Akita  prefecture in the past.


 Ryota loved Akita prefecture because its local legend, the  ancient agricultural areas preserved well, and its local  foods. These episodes costed the most, however they are  still the best ones among all episodes. 


 Finally Ryota reencountered with 'Namahage' the  local legend which has Oni-like looks and teaches children  the way of being good part of community.  During  the production of these TV documentary series, 


 Ryota actually corroborated with film commissions, and  the producer authorised Ryota to  have financial management rights which equal with the  producer in location shooting to smoothly proceed the  entire process despite many obstacles that mainly caused  from different directors' uncontrollable requirements. 

 This popular Travel documentary became the top viewing  rated popular TV program at J:COM during the era. 

 Moreover, its true achievement was that it proved we can  establish efficient management of creative team on abuse  of director and other uncontrollable situations typical in  this era.


 Producers can authorise assistants to  be their representatives. It can prevents incidents  during production. 

 ''The greatest glory in living is not in falling, but in  rising every time we fall.''    - Nelson Mandela 

 Hong KonG

 Film WorK

 Face to Face with Sammo Hung (2019) 

 Ryota's first Hong Kong film work is    a video documentary ''Face to Face  with Sammo Hung'' (2019) which   starred the legendary Hong Kong  action film star Sammo Hung and  made by Hong Kong International  Film Festival (HKIFF). 


 He was in charge of one of interview  questions about the film master who  has worked with various generations  of Hong Kong top film stars and film  directors since the early 1960s until  the present. 


 Ryota successfully proceeded the  Cantonese conversation with the  living legend on his favourite films  like Mr. Vampire (1985) and  Encounters of the Spooky Kind  (1980)'s creative inspiration.  

​ Books 

 Hou Hsiao-Hsien Master Class 

The Largest Chinese Film Class and

Practice of Collective Publishing 

 2008, 2009, 2018, 236 pages (Original) 

 Published by Cosmos Book (HK); 

 Guangxi Normal University (Guangxi); 

 New Star Press (Shanghai)

 ISBN: 978-­9882-­211-­988-­8 (HK); 

 9787563384013 (Guangxi); 

 9787513326650 (Shanghai) 


 All major Chinese film school students  and the professors from the Greater  China Region gathered together at  Hong Kong Baptist University to  discuss the many serious film issues  in the region.

 Comment: This book is made by total    contributions of students from all  major film schools, professors, critics.  Furthermore, the entire publication  process was managed by film  students and professors  democratically. As the result, this  book is unique among all film books  that it provides various questions and  improvisations from multiple angles.  It is impossible in journalists and  media work. This is the real team  work and collectivist spirit of  filmmaking. Of course, critics and journalists are hostile to this kind of collective publishing project done by both students and professors. 

 Credit: The Chief Editor Prof. 

 Pak Tong  Cheuk 


Russian State Media


The respected Russian media SPUTNIK used Ryota's direct photo work on Japanese Communist Party. Although their foreign policies are almost the same with the ruling class,  Japanese Communist Party's domestic policies are relatively idealistic for the working class of Japan. Its ''popular union'' strategy was and still is effective since the late 2015 but the ultimate goal of establishing popular government is still no consensus among other oppositions who are anti communists in its nature.

Ryota only trusts Russian media like RT, SPUTNIK, and thanks them for their efforts on real news globally. 


Since 2005



Political-Economic / Film reviews, analysis and comments are contributions to both international and local news, film productions, culture in general. Ryota's writing is powerful as practice already proved many times since 2005. This is why US tech giants and its puppets spitefully blocking Ryota from writing about their misdeeds. 

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