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About Ryota Nakanishi 

Ryota Nakanishi graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts,  the top art school of the world's third largest economy Japan with earned M.F.A., Master of Film and New Media cum laude in 2013.


Became an official member of Japanese Film-TV industry, J.S.E. (a.k.a. Japan Society of Editors) during 2014-2017 before Ryota accepted offers from prestigious European and US conglomerates based in Hong Kong as the Asia-Pacific regional hub and left Japan.  


Ryota strictly rejects career opportunism. Abandoned aspirations of becoming a slavish figure of the establishment because of the strong opposition against what the imperialists and its local agents have been doing in Japan and other parts of Asia after the World War 2 (1939-1945).

During the TUA era, Ryota became one of the project initiators and editors of the best seller record winning theatrical feature film The Rakugo Movie (starring the top Japanese film stars Takayuki Yamada and Tsubasa Honda, Japan, 2013). It was the first “alternative” genre film and pure commercial feature film production in the capital like The Evil Dead (1981). Moreover, this film was not only premiered at LA ''Eiga'' Film Fest 2012 which held at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, but also it's mainly distributed by a cinema multiplex chain United Cinemas Co., Ltd. nationwide throughout the release year 2013. It later won the top best seller DVD records at and Oricon Inc. in 2013. And the nationwide TV broadcast was done by Eisei Gekijo Co., Ltd. in February 2014.  

The trustworthy producer Takeshi Tanaka targeted US film festival screening and US market, they set the standard so high thus Ryota also praised and supported the progressive idea to break the Western bias against Asian films. As a result, The Rakugo Movie was deliberately screened at LA ''Eiga'' Film Fest 2012 instead of Tokyo International Film Festival 2013. And it's sold at American Film Market 2013 at Santa Monica. They did not even consider any third world film festivals and markets to exploit their backwardness, such as the good old island Taiwan because that could only mean retraction of their progressive film ideal of the film project. For Ryota, Taiwan is just one of past phases of the entire process of development not a destination at all. 


For this feature film project, Ryota got strong support from a trusted US assistant editor and professional multi-camera operator from USA to practice both Soviet Montage and Hollywood film editing methodology in this theatrical feature genre film which released by a cinema multiplex chain United Cinemas Co., Ltd. who owns the largest film screen in entire Japan.  For this official film project, Ryota especially went to UCLA and ACE at Universal Studio HQ to learn US filmmaking during summer of 2011. Learned Hollywood film editing from Mary Jo Markey and Stan Salfas. This was the first THREE YEAR PROJECT in film and TV industry since 2011 to 2014. 

Ryota has been an independent critic without borders, freelance writer, blogger, activist, volunteer social media writer and social commentator in Japan and other parts of Asia since 2005 to the present.  


Ryota's stay in Japan during 2011-2016,  mainly criticised the US puppet Shinzo Abe government’s “Abenomics”, its neoliberal policies, labor problems with Japanese characteristics which affecting the living standard of the Japanese working class people, and the tragic overthrow of Yukio Hatoyama's Democrat government (2009-2010) in the imperialist-bureaucrat-designed coup, instilled in Ryota a personal involvement and an even more heightened interest in what the government and western imperialists have been doing around the world since August 15, 1945.

In the 2010s, after completion of several film and TV projects assigned by the society, Ryota mainly had worked in Japan with ex-prime minister Yukio Hatoyama and his associates like political economist Kazuhide Uekusa and the former chief of the Foreign Ministry's Intelligence and Analysis Bureau Ukeru Magosaki on their project of establishing a new kind of social strategy and social movement in Japan.


Popular Unity Government of Chile is the best model for Japan that the first example of the parliament Marxist Salvador Guillermo Allende regime created the ''alternative'' to both the Stalinist and capitalist modes of politics.  Japan needs the Allende's way of realistic socialism to build a republic.  

It was the 2nd THREE YEAR PROJECT that time in the social-movement field since 2013 to 2016.   


The 2nd THREE YEAR PROJECT was the general uprising of all Japanese opposition parties on national elections under the strict common policies not opportunist motley crowds, also meanwhile exposing imperialist personnel, infiltrators, mascots, puppets and misdeeds in both sides. The social movement officially called All Japan (for) Peace and Coexistence (a.k.a. Policy Coherence;;June 2015-present). The official political party Reiwa Shinsengumi (led by ex-movie star, Tarō Yamamoto) was later established on April 1, 2019 in order to accurately represent, promote and materialise policy coherence among opposition parties in Japan. 


After Ryota and comrades resolved many inner and outer conflicts, finally on March 18, 2016, they successfully organised the largest uprising political convention that more than a thousand of key figures of Japanese opposition parties and organisations attended under the same roof.


The grassroots movement itself still continues to develop after Ryota completed all Japan projects and left there. Ryota's historical duty was to prevent any hijack attempt of the grassroots movement at the early phase and help opposition to proceed with the revolutionary uprising plan. 

Ryota constantly writes comments, articles and books. Ryota's co-written book on film education and film policy, Hou Hsiao-Hsien Master Class, (ISBN:9789882119888) first published in Hong Kong in full colour in 2008; in Mainland China in 2009 as part of the popular film text book ''Chinese Film Master Class'' series and updated since. It has received international acclaim for years. Numerous Chinese readers called it “far and away the best book on the topic.” It's also a successful model of a film master class in the Greater China Region.  


Besides this, another film text book is also important. It called "Goodbye Blue Sky: The Making of a Stereoscopic Short Film" (ISBN:9789860311440) which published by Taipei University of the Arts in 2011. Ryota contributed to directing the Japanese leading role for this first Asian digital 3D movie project which introduced the digital 3D technology that used in Avatar (Dir. James Cameron, 2009).  

At a USA horror film festival, Fright Night Film Festival, Ryota won the Roger Corman Award for the “Best Foreign Short” by creating one of the top ten creepy urban legend stories of Taiwan, Moxina (a.k.a. Mô-sîn-á). This is the first time an Asian film student won the US horror film festival award in professional competition. Ryota's film festival report about the award winning news was later published by Tokyo University of the Arts on their film department website on August 27, 2012. 


In that year, Ryota not only won Corman Award for “exemplary independent genre filmmaking” by writing one of the top ten censored stories of Taiwan, a film on how, even in the 2010s, Taiwanese ancient time urban legend Mô-sîn-á is still influencing people's interpretations on missing people in mountains but the film also became a winner of Kansas City Horror Film Festival on August 24, 2012.  


Then, Ryota finally encountered Roger Corman himself and attended his film lecture at Tokyo International Film Festival on October 27, 2012. Moreover, this year's Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74 Reunion at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2012 was also successful. Ryota interacted with the most respected indie horror cult classic casts and crew from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) as an award winner, Ryota also conducted interviews. Furthermore, Ryota's photographical works for this film convention were later used for film news in USA. 

Besides these, Ryota contributed to world-class filmmakers' works, such as Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or NomineeLike Someone in Love  (Ryota's feature film debut; Dir. Abbas Kiarostami, Iran-France-Japan, 2012), the 25th. Tokyo Sports Film Award Winner Ryuzo and Seven Henchmen (Dir. Takeshi Kitano, Japan, 2015). 


For TV production, a TV documentary series at the largest cable television of Japan, J:COM's Furusato Time (2015-2017) with a popular actor Shingo Kazami, and a TV drama series at the largest TV station of Japan, NHK's E-TV Judge (2015-2016) with the legendary samurai star Ken Matsudaira.  

Since 2005,  Ryota's writings have been translated into more than 3 languages in the world, and Ryota has been a columnist for the various media and major newspapers, such as UDN and Liberty Times which are published in Taiwan and distributed globally. Also Ryota's professional reviews on were influential as the top 100 best reviewer since April 2013 until Feb. 2017 in the e-commerce field. 

In 2007, the most famous Taiwanese film director Hou Hsiao-Hsien stated that “ You're really diligent.” during his editing period of Flight of The Red Balloon (Taiwan/France, 2007) at Taipei Postproduction, apparently to gain better understanding of his best film school student and their difficult conditions in Taiwan. Ryota replied it well by books and lectures.

In 2017, Ryota created the official website due to tightened political censorship and oppression by US tech giants (e.g. Wikipedia; Amazon; Flicker; IMDb; Facebook etc.), and disastrous 'cancel culture' which is typical in the internet public sphere nowadays.


In May 2018, the mainland Chinese publisher NEW STAR PRESS released Ryota's co-written book 'Dust In The Wind: Hou Hsiao-Hsien talks Film' (ISBN:9787513326650). It is the reproduce of the 2008 Hong Kong published film book on the Hou Hsiao-Hsien Film Master Class. Since then it became a long seller book which has been sold for more than ten years in China.

Ryota thinks only indulging in fiction is totally useless, a waste of life. The common blindness of filmmakers is that they totally ignore what capitalism is while they are only concerning about their own fictional characters, fictional works, fictional styles and its fictional world. As the result, their ''achievements'' cannot even touch or change or solve everybody's social issues. It means that all of them are not important for everybody and just are commodities like other kinds of commodities made only as exchange values within the process of accumulating surplus-values for their real beneficiaries.  Ryota realised the truth of the imperialist-capitalist society earlier in 2013 when quarrelled with a CIA officer at camp Zama.  Ryota's anti-imperialist battle has started since then. 

In 2018, Ryota engaged in a labor action against a fraudulent job ad issue occurred at the leading job portal company jobsDB. Ryota got support from a lawmaker of Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Alice Mak Mei-kuen. The main aim was to urge improvement of the operational mode of job ads (specifically, the working place on ads must be matched with contracts and reality) in order to prevent skyrocketing job fraud cases in entire Hong Kong. The aim was achieved and some targeted company also revised their job ad format after that. Ultimately Ryota and the respected labor union group won the case in May 2019 despite still existing loopholes in law system. It actually proved that Ryota has no borders on the revolutionary theory and practice of materialist dialectics. Ryota is always sincere and loyal to the class interests of the working class people of the world.  

Ryota's first Hong Kong film work is a video documentary ''Face to Face with Sammo Hung'' (Hong Kong, China, 2019) which starred the legendary Hong Kong action film star Sammo Hung and produced by Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). Ryota was in charge of one of interview questions about the film master who has worked with various generations of Hong Kong top film stars and film directors since 1961 until the present. Ryota successfully conducted the Cantonese conversation with the living legend on favourite films like The Valiant Ones (1975); Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980); The Project A (1983); Wheels on Meals (1984) and Mr. Vampire (1985).  

During 2019 Hong Kong protests, some right wing extremist group recklessly used Eight-Nation Alliance (1900) narrative and flags against Russia by Lennon Wall in July while Russia did not interfere in internal affairs of China. It caused a potential risk for an unnecessary conflict between China and Russia thus Ryota and Russians successfully removed it in order to avoid US exploitation of it.  

In 2020, Chinese government qualified Ryota as the middle class Master of Human Resources Management (qualified title is the middle-class expert of HRM in PRC) after three years of adaptation and maximum efforts. Ryota will continue works and battles for the working class people internationally from the world's largest economy China. Labor journalism is Ryota's one of important jobs for this purpose.  During 2020 to early 2021, Ryota had cooperated with Lands Department and author Leung Shou Chun to solve an illegal land occupation in mountains where PLA stationed. From writing, publishing, reading, reviewing to social practice, Ryota fully completed the entire process of any intellectual and creative work for this land and property issue. Also Ryota completed environmental protection campaign as a volunteer simultaneously. Ryota's belief is that a real social movement is solely based on volunteerism, and it can be initiated by any individual. Later DAB's Lau Kwok-fan clearly defined the adverse possession as an act of theft at legislative council as Ryota wrote here before September 1, 2021.  In general, 2021 was marked with progressive achievements: a) the final defeat of the colour revolution; b) social realisation of the criminal nature of adverse possession in HK; c) progress of anti-real-estate oligarchic model campaigns in mainland China and HK; d) successful publication of Ryota's e-book A STUDY OF THE THREE ACT STRUCTURE - THE WIZARD OF OZ,  CITIZEN KANE,  CASABLANCA, CHINATOWN (ISBN: 978-988-76066-0-4); e) completed full translation of Employment Ordinance in Japanese. 

George Orwell said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Like the most of ''celebrities'' in Hollywood and other parts of the world, ''career opportunism'' is quite disgusting that blindly supporting the elites who run the business without any serious knowledge of their political positions and social issues, and only speaking out the truth politically at the near end of their entire career or after retirement. On the contrary, Ryota has spoken out the truth since the beginning of the entire career as an international revolutionary worker, intelligence analyst.  

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