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Film Review: Agent Mr. Chan (2018) HK Original Film Genre, Happy New Year Film

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

FILE PHOTO: Advertisement Material of AGENT MR CHAN (2018) ©HMV Digital China Group Limited
FILE PHOTO: Advertisement Material of AGENT MR CHAN (2018) ©HMV Digital China Group Limited

Hong Kong's specific film genre is 'Happy New Year Film' (賀歲片) which is to celebrate Chinese new year by comedy (搞笑片). This is Hong Kong's one of successful film genres and marketing operations. It is not like Japanese 'Oshogatsu eiga' which only means films released during new year holidays.

This film is clearly a parody of 007 James Bond series and the agent Mr. Chan's sexual activities in spy operations cause this comedic story.

Betrayed women turn against him for revenge after they find Mr. Chan is a spy. Charmaine Sheh is one of the typical characters who betrayed by this spy, and then she becomes a head of police department of entire Hong Kong to seek revenge for his misconduct.

However, Sheh has to ask this disgraced agent, Mr. Chan for investigation on internet Otaku communities' crimes.

Internet Idol girls are some kind of terrorists and controlling otaku guys. The final battle at Kowloon Bay Exhibition Centre is full of joy that everybody unites against this disturbances and reach harmonious mood at the end.

Moreover, Mr. Chan and Sheh have happy ending at the end of this film. Mr. Chan seems solved his long time grudges by apologising victims one by one and does help Sheh on the Otaku incident which threatens safety of entire Hong Kong.

Don't forget that this film actually expressed deep mind of women victims who used by a male spy for his own cause. The deepness and degree are fully embodied by Ada's crazy action line in this whole film. And this point exceeds Indiana Jones Part One (1981) in terms of this emotional response from betrayed Bond girls. This point is unique and new to spy movie fans. Even 007 does not describe this sphere of emotional response. Betrayed Bond girls find Sheh as their representative for revenge in this film.

This film actually revived creative vitality of Golden era of Hong Kong filmmaking by Mainland China's financial and marketing help. I highly praise Hong Kong and Mainland China's collaboration on quality filmmaking in Hong Kong.


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