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Film Review: Baby Driver (2017) -The Best of 2017! Baby is the Typical Young Generation of Time

Updated: Nov 11

Baby Driver (2017) is reviewed here.
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of BABY DRIVER (2017). ©TriStar Pictures, Inc.

I love this action movie! The story negatively expresses the goodness and genuineness of a man. Audiences were quite impressed with Baby's goodness, which showed through a series of mistakes during his taking the driver's role in a bank robbery business. Crime is a form of business.

Doc is a business agent for bank robbery who is hired by unknown social forces who seek illegal benefits by exploiting thugs. Kevin Spacey is my favorite actor and he also did a great job in this role. His acting is sensitive for expressing humanism via the dark side of the human race.

Doc is not a completely brutal guy for Baby, even when Baby records every conversation among thugs and makes it into music. Socially disabled Baby's encounter with waitress Debora is everyone's dream! Debora and the bank victims who are saved by Baby testify to his goodness in court in the last sequence.

Then, Baby has a happy ending after being released from jail. Audiences accepted the happy ending! The story is humanistic! Bank robbery driver Baby meets beautiful waitress Debora. And his illegal acts risk and threaten his beloved people gradually , and thugs turn against him. This is the true context of real social life. It is a good film!


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Baby Driver (2017) is reviewed here.

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