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Film Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi is Better than Force Awakens: Mark Hamill and the Last Jedi

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

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FILE PHOTO: A Poster of STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI (2017). ©Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI (2017). ©Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC

The 8th. episode is for Luke Skywalker and the actor Mark Hamill. On the contrary to the former one, this episode is not a simple manipulation of the plotting of episodes of the oldest trilogy during 1977-1983, and it is pretty sadistic for fans, but also it is full of twists and surprises.

Rey and others are not charismatic beside Luke and Leia. Moreover, Snoke is supposed to be created and modelled from the image of actor Ed Harris. Asian-look Rose is something familiar for contemporary audiences. Adding racial diversities to this trilogy.

One of the typical twists in this episode is death of Snoke, and Darth Vador-like Kylo takes initiative of the first order unexpectedly. While Rey and Kylo collaborate to fight against Snoke and its entourage, audiences physiologically hope that Kylo comes to the light-side. However, it is only an episodic collaboration between them.

This episode depicts how a failed master/ teacher confronts his past failure and his worst student who exceeds his ability. This is the most emotional content of this film. When Luke's shadow confronts full scale of fire from the armed forces of the first order in front of the sealed gate of the last bastion of the republic, the catastrophic moment arrives. The heroic figure of Luke and Mark Hamill is quite impressive and memorable among all characters of this episode.

I love this episode more than the former one. It is not a simple duplication of plotting of the oldest trilogy. Mark Hamill and his Luke proved that a filmmaker just need their iconic work during their entire career. Mark Hamill is experiencing his second peak of his film career since the oldest trilogy of Star Wars (1977-83). It is the remarkable thing in this Disney made newest trilogy. Everybody remembers Luke Skywalker as living legend.

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