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Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

Updated: Aug 6

Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)
FILE PHOTO: A Still Image of WONDER WOMAN (2017). ©Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

What I surprised to see was the historical revisionism in Wonder Woman (2017) that successfully became ideological essence of the blockbuster entertainment of today! Diana is the most beautiful girl who can only defeat demons in Nazi-like German military uniforms during the World War I! WW1 Germans are equalised with Nazis in WW2 in this American comic film for Jewish heroism. The Christian view of the world is quite clear, and the historical view on WWI Germans is as same as WW2 Nazis in films. It seemed to be Anti-Nazism. This is a typical propaganda essence among westernised movies mainly made by Jewish origin filmmakers. Anti-Nazis should not to be anti-Germans. However, it is just a good entertainment but not a historical text book at all. We can say that this is a successful live-action comic book. Furthermore, this also can be seemed as a feminist film of today and the ideology became the blockbuster entertainment to spread around the world. This is not a bad thing!


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Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

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