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Film Review: Bad Genius (2017) -Thailand is South East Asia's Hollywood!

Updated: Jan 3

Film Review: Bad Genius (2017) -Thailand is South East Asia's Hollywood!
FILE PHOTO: A Still Image of BAD GENIUS (2017). ©GDH 559

This Thai film, Bad Genius (2017) is better than other Asian countries! Cheating tests, this story-telling material has successfully developed into the most impressive and exciting feature film ever made in Asia! 

The Three Act Structure is perfectly applied to this Thai film! Act 1 is that Lynn and her friend Grace establish a cheating test business among her classmates. Act 2 is failure of the cheating test business due to exposure of Tong's suspected action on the paper test. That was caused by another test genius, Bang, who reported to the chancellor of their school. At this moment, the entire conflict was established and easily grabbed. Point of No Return (Midpoint) is that Pat's parents suggested Grace and their son, Pat, go to study abroad at Boston University. Then, they need to pass the SAT. Lynn and Bang are involved with their business partners/clients, Grace and Pat. At the end of Act 2, Bang fails at an Australian university when he sends the answers to the SAT back to Thailand for his clients to be ready for the test. Act 3 is that Lynn escapes from Australia, but Bang is punished. Now Bang threatens her to join the next cheating test business. However, Lynn rejects it and confronts the karma. Perfect! 

The most common and ordinary material is turned into the most cinematic narrative structure of genre film! Thai films are rising and are going to be South East Asia's Hollywood! I did not even see this quality of film in Taiwan ever before. Thai filmmakers did more prestigious work! 


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Film Review: Bad Genius (2017) -Thailand is South East Asia's Hollywood!


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