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Film Review: Ready Player One (Dir. Steven Spielberg, 2018) Film's New Horizon

Updated: Jan 18

Film Review: Ready Player One (Dir. Steven Spielberg, 2018)  Film's New Horizon
Spielberg's New Masterpiece

This film, Ready Player One (2018) actually explored the new frontier of the most popular media's unified world. 

Spielberg is truly revolutionary in terms of innovation of story-telling. He unified the cartoon, an online game, an attraction to an amusement park and a live action film into this cutting edge feature film. 

The story is simple enough that when the creator of a virtual reality world called OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune.

Avatars are unique and everyone can be idealized, even though you are not confident of your looks. I was impressed with Spielberg's homage to the true Japanese international star, Toshiro Mifune. 

Although Daito is played by the ordinary TV talent Win Morisaki, who belongs to the notorious talent agency Stardust Promotion Group, the avatar and its name, Toshiro, are something that made me quite familiar with. Only the post-WW 2 era could make Mifune such a decent personality. 

If avatars of real characters are more ordinary, it is more appreciated and close to the real world's audiences. 

In this film, we can almost see all major genres and entertainment devices. Such as Godzilla, King Kong, The Shining, Gundom, Robocop and Alien etc. I know there are only US-Japanese characters in this film because its main targeted film market is US-Japan. As Hegel said, this is a synthesis of cinematic story telling. Steven Spielberg was and still is the most advanced and authoritative film director. 

I cannot imagine the Taiwanese governmental and political creation of Ang Lee stuff is anything worse than Spielberg's true Hollywood values. Japanese audiences don't even recognize who Ang Lee is, even after the Taiwanese government and the Chinese Nationalist Party helped to purchase the awards from the world. He cannot do any Hollywood blockbuster and its basic quality without a Hollywood crew and cast. He should make films under pure local Taiwanese film conditions with pure local crew and casts. That appears to be his true quality. And Lee did not even improve or solve any serious industrial issues for local film workers. 

Anyway, we didn't enjoy any Ang Lee stuff, no matter if it is Made in Taiwan or Made in the USA, until today, but Spielberg is our living legend. We love his films! Arrogant Ang Lee Brother has an actual racial bias against Japanese people.

Japanese people love Spielberg's films as true Hollywood films! However, Japanese still don't enjoy any Ang Lee stuff as something worth seeing. 

We currently see this film as advanced filmwork at present. 


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Film Review: Ready Player One (Dir. Steven Spielberg, 2018)  Film's New Horizon


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