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Film Review: Hotel Mumbai (2019) - Terrorist or CIA Agent? Yes both!

Updated: Jan 17

Film Review: Hotel Mumbai (2019) - Terrorist or CIA Agent? Yes both!
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of HOTEL MUMBAI (2019). ©Universal Studios

Hotel Mumbai

This Australian-Indian-US co-production film HOTEL MUMBAI (2019) cinematically depicts the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks and is inspired by the Indian docudrama action thriller The Attacks of 26/11 (Dir. Ram Gopal Varma; 2013). 

In general, the entire production quality is higher than any Hong Kong action thriller today in spite of its slow pacing, caused by an overly conscious effort to add some official narrative of the US and five-eyes mainstream media to this terrorist film. 

First, the terrorists of the coordinated attacks in Mumbai are played by unknown actors who are not kung fu stars. Instead, the antagonists are more real than any kung fu stars. The typical cast is successful. 

Second, the main issue of this kind of terrorist film after insider job 911 is that the terrorists are terminator-like robots which seemed like emotionless killing machines. This is as the main stream media depict ''terrorist villains'' in WAR ON TERRORISM ', 'a terror fraud.'' 

The most important scene is when one of the hostages, Muslim Iranian-British heiress Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi) recites the Muslim player, an Islamic paid terrorist, Islamic extremist Imran (Amandeep Singh), resists the executing order from the unknown employer via phone. This is an exaggerated anti-Muslim bias that was expressed by the filmmakers in the ''anti-terrorist'' propaganda effort. Paid terrorists are not religious saints. They are just doing the job as ''terrorist roles'' in the terror fraud which was ordered by mysterious employers in religious disguise. 

It proves that this film's positioning on the interpretation of the incident is still a bit unstable, and its hesitation resulted in this mixture of different explanations about the background of the terror attacks. 

Although Zahra's plot line is unnecessary and slowing the pace, it still embodies the core of this film. 

The official narrative is that evil Muslim terrorists ordered from Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq massacred the Indians in Mumbai and occupied the hotel to get hostages for money. The fictional narrative of this film basically followed the official line, the identity of the employer of the terrorists is vague. This vagueness is the most important point and difference from the official narrative. However, this vagueness does not serve to reveal the entire background context, which is completely out of this film's storytelling. To reveal

The truth is that these paid terrorists are double agents of the CIA who conducted the terror fraud in India to threaten India and demonize opposition of US imperialism, such as great Muslim countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan at the same time. The true narrative of these Mumbai attacks is far from the official narrative and fictional reality of this film. 

The most trusted media in Russia, RT, has already published an amazingly profound analysis on this issue in 2009. 

US citizen David Headley, who was arrested in connection with last year's Mumbai terrorist attacks, may have been a double agent for the CIA at the time of the incident, according to US journalists.

More than 160 people were killed in the financial hub of Mumbai in three days of attacks by a group of 10 gunmen, beginning on November 26, 2008.

Headley had allegedly helped plan the attack by conducting reconnaissance missions in Mumbai.

More than two months after Pakistani-American jihadist David Headley was held in Chicago, India’s intelligence services are divided on whether they were told the whole truth about the Lashkar-e-Taiba clandestine agent’s operations.

Many in the intelligence services even suspect that the United States is less than committed to letting the whole truth be known.

Public debate has focused on claims that Headley—who served as a Drug Enforcement Administration informant after being arrested with two kg of heroin in 1988—may have been planted by US covert services inside Lashkar after his release in 2002.

“If this David Headley was working for the CIA all along, which is a very plausible conclusion,” says writer and journalist Webster Tarpley, “It means that the CIA implicated and was running and masterminding the Mumbai terror attack of 2008.” (1) 

Thus, the employer of Imran must be the CIA. In reality, the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks were the CIA's terror fraud job like other US-Israel-NATO backed IS terrorist attacks worldwide. Anyway, this film is really a good action thriller despite its political centralist vagueness. 


(1) Accessed on 4/18/2019


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Film Review: Hotel Mumbai (2019) - Terrorist or CIA Agent? Yes both!


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