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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #32 Masterminds of Hong Kong Colour Revolutions: HK Ruling Class & US

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

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FILE PHOTO: US and Hong Kong ruling class created LIBERAL EDUCATION system for colour revolutions.  ©Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: US and Hong Kong ruling class created EDUCATION system for colour revolutions. ©Ryota Nakanishi


Looking at the political ecology of the ruling class in Hong Kong behind the color politics that tears the society into permanent turmoil,

Is the color of the ruling class in Hong Kong blue or yellow? Its political characteristic is two-faced.

In fact, the business community in Hong Kong has served as an intelligence, politics, education, censorship and administrative agency, compradors of external forces, and they have continued to infiltrate and expand the network of organized pressure groups/advocacy groups to resist the influence of the central government both politically and economically since 1997. The political parties and politicians of different colors are just funded by the same business community of Hong Kong. They are only political chess pieces, the real capitalist ruling classes behind them are actually playing the entire chess game.

The black-shirted anti-extradition bill rioters and the opposition camp are just the infantry unit of their business masterminds; the so called ‘pro-establishment’’ camp is the bastion of the same business masterminds.

Behind the scenes of the ‘‘pro-Beijing’’ PR stunt, politics of the capitalist class in Hong Kong, such as VISION 2047 Foundation, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, and in particular Victor Fung and others are all based on the establishment system as a protective umbrella ‘Aegis’. As they continue to block and weaken the influence of the central government on their vested interests of colonial Hong Kong and Britain, they need intermittently staging a color revolution, and at the same time they also need to scapegoat the black-shirted anti-extradition bill rioters and the opposition camp which created by themselves for highly political PR stunt of ‘‘patriotism and love for Hong Kong’’. Therefore, the political turmoil in Hong Kong has no tendency to stop in the upcoming future. New color revolutions will only come one after another.

The brainwashing liberal education system that promoted Occupy Central, Mongkok riot, the anti-extradition bill riots was jointly created by the US and the so called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ business community through the establishment. In short, the masterminds who go hand in hand with the US to co-create color rioters are nothing more than the business community in Hong Kong.

Suggestion: Don't just watch the blue and yellow camps of the Hong Kong political theatre, but we should more carefully look at how the Hong Kong ruling class who behind them uses both blue and yellow camps to make the political and economic plots of capital succeeded. This is the real and only political color of the masterminds behind colour-divided politics. Behind the scenes of the internal forces are those who in the capitalist class in Hong Kong who can use blue and yellow camps to do things, and they simultaneously collude with external forces.

The most important thing revealed on the Hong Kong-America Centre scandal is that after the establishment of "Hong Kong Institute Of Service Leadership & Management Limited" in Hong Kong by one of members of ‘‘pro-establishment’’ VISION2047 Foundation, co-founder of DHL International (Asia Pacific), and currently Chairman Emeritus of DHL Express (Hong Kong) Limited, CHUNG Po Yang in November 2011, in January 2012, CHUNG Po Yang’s Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership and Management ltd. and other Vision 2047 member, Victor Fung, who is the chairman of the Fung Group, announced "Victor And William Fung Foundation" via which they funded $40 million to set up a Li & Fung Service Leader Plan at eight universities in Hong Kong in order to further promote US State Department-backed liberal studies.

This means that this ‘‘pro-establishment’’ Victor Fung is not only an unofficial member of the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Council of Advisers on Innovation and Strategic Development

Advisory Panel, an advisor to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office, an academician of Academy of Finance and the chairman of Civil Service Training Advisory Board, ex-member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (-2018?), ‘‘pro-establishment’’, an American, a member of ‘‘pro-establishment’’ Vision 2047 Foundation, his Li & Fung Limited is the earliest member of ‘‘pro-establishment’’ the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber's Oldest Members), the deputy chairman of the ‘‘pro-establishment’’ Our Hong Kong Foundation, co-sponsor of the newly established ‘‘pro-establishment’’ Hong Kong Coalition is also cooperating with US State Department on Hong Kong politics.

Finally, the one of US State Department’s foreign policy programs, "Fulbright Program" scholars who engaging in brainwashing local students were successfully trained and installed via the Hong Kong Institute Of Service Leadership & Management and the Hong Kong-America Centre. The American "Fulbright Program" scholars they trained were installed into the liberal education system of the eight universities as architects of liberal educational system itself to brainwash students, create colour revolutionary thugs, and cannon fodders for US and local ruling class political agenda.

The end is to bring out colour revolutions like Occupy Central, Mongkok riot, and still ongoing anti-extradition bill riots. The case of Victor Fung, an outstanding person in Hong Kong’s ruling capitalist class, best reflects the political characteristics of Hong Kong’s ruling class and the political ecology of the entire ruling class against central government. At this level, the class nature of the blue-yellow dichotomy is highlighted.

The real political colour played by the ruling class in Hong Kong is that on one side it can automatically divide and manage the masses; on the other side it can automatically camouflage, guide and resist the political judgement about their own political nature by others including both citizens and the central government. Furthermore, they can even exclusively enjoy the advantages of being ‘‘pro-establishment’’.


The different political colours, blue and yellow form the disgusting identity politics of Hong Kong. The ruling class divides and manages the working class including the students by this political tool. This political tool ‘colour division’ is not even the class ideology of the working class itself. Even blue and yellow have nothing to do with the class interests of the working class at all. The working class only needs to face up to and be loyal to the class interests of its own class. This is the only benchmark for making correct judgment on political and economic policies under capitalism. The financial patrons of so-called pro-establishment and opposition camps in Hong Kong are roughly the same people, thus there is no essential difference between them.

There are only external differences in means and role functions between ‘‘pro-establishment’’ and opposition camps (although they are all voting devices of the ruling class, but the so-called pro-establishment is good at pure administrative means; The opposition is good at the mass line). Don’t forget that when the opposition parliamentary delegation visited the Mainland China in 2018, they were all very ‘‘pro-establishment’’ and formed into one color. The so-called opposition is not outside of the establishment, but it belongs to the opposition within the system, so the opposition is also part of establishment, otherwise it will not be any news. For example, HK01 reported on April 20, 2018:



When they went to the mainland to investigate economic development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as governmental delegative representatives of Hong Kong, they could not be separated from the so-called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ faction. In other words, the general misconception (mostly a formal logical error) is that the opposition is considered to exist outside of the establishment. In fact, the Legislative Council itself is part of establishment. The opposition in the Legislative Council is also part of the system. This is not simply to regard the opposition itself as an example of a political chameleon in accordance with the dichotomy they instil in public, however they are just political pieces for the masterminds, politically two-faced businessmen behind them, the color of their chess pieces can be changed and even faded at any time they want. Yes, as long as they are ordered to do so, namely there is no fundamental difference in color at this level. The point is that for the masters, the masters themselves control the two different colors in order to achieve the political goal in general. There is no color for masters, and those different colors are all the "colors" of the masters.

Therefore, color is not an essential difference in the capitalist political system at all. Color is a tool for controlling the blind masses. Like the color of traffic lights, it only makes sense when the ruling class needs to control the masses. The above-mentioned opposition delegation in the Mainland China highlights the influence of the masters when the opposition is in Hong Kong, the sheer contrast and the apparently different role arrangements of the opposition when they are in the Mainland China (blue and yellow’s business masters are roughly the same people behind them).

Playing a political chess game is the Hong Kong ruling class not those blue or yellow political camps which are just chess pieces of the masters.

In fact, this same political phenomenon is also fully reflected in the process of the establishment of brainwashing liberal educational system for the US imperialists through ‘‘pro-establishment’’ organizational network in Hong Kong. Even this is a process of expanding and reproducing the organizational network of ‘‘pro-establishment’’ pressure groups monopolizing and intensifying Hong Kong’s vested interests while effectively blocking or even skilfully using the influence and interventions from the central government. These are the political characteristics and tendencies of the Hong Kong ruling class which quite different from the mainland.

Hong Kong’s ruling class, including both internal and external forces, is best at being two-faced people, especially while facing the central government.

Hong Kong’s political and economic environment and system are full of two-faced people, especially its ruling class, compradors, the chambers of commerce, and its self-proclaimed ‘‘pro-establishment’’ camp. It is purely imaginable or easy to recognize that there are more two-faced people in ‘‘pro-establishment’’ camp than any recognized opposition camp organizations. External forces infiltrate the central bureaucratic system through the use of so-called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ business chambers, associations, alliances, foundations, political parties, and bureaus because there is no other way. In its nature, their networks are like spider webs, the same member, the same guy crosses different chambers of commerce, associations, alliances to continuously expand the network of lobbying, interest groups, pressure groups, and oligarchs use the CPPCC or NPC members to package and name these pressure groups in order to make them ‘protective umbrellas’ from Beijing. This is how they create ‘‘pro-establishment’’ pressure groups.

However, what is most concealed from the public is that those internal forces that systematically endanger national security are not those external forces who rely on internal forces to succeed.

The external causes become operative through internal causes. 

The oligarchs of internal and external forces have long colluded and mastered Hong Kong society since 1997. For example, Carrie Lam is just a contact of VISION2047 Foundation, a social combination of internal and external forces, and the similar Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. There is a undeniable fact that Reuters gained and exposed the deliberately leaked voice record of lunch time secret conversation of Lam with the members of VISION2047 Foundation on September 3, 2019. They use their social identities to engage in humint, and the best quality information is obtained only through contacts within the target system. It was Reuters, a member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, who obtained and exposed the content. Therefore, the relationships between Carrie Lam-VISION2047-Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and Reuters finally led to official abandonment of the extradition bill amendment (the amendment that had been castrated by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce beforehand) on September 4, 2019. Headline Daily reported on September 4, 2019:

從林鄭的錄音內容,顯示林鄭與Vision 2047會晤時,說話非常坦率,有建制中人對此頗有微言,認為林鄭即使與其他香港商界或建制派人士會晤時,亦沒有如此「盡訴心中情」。雖說特首辦強調有關會晤表明是互不引述原則,但林鄭在官場打滾數十年,若然相信她的說話不會「漏料」,就真的「太天真」了。結果不但漏料,更漏出錄音,就更是匪夷所思。可見出席者中,有人處心積慮要「爆料」,而且還要是「證據確鑿」。(2)


Exclusive: 'If I have a choice, the first thing is to quit' – Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam – transcript


Behind the establishment and development of the brainwashing liberal educational system of Hong Kong: the US imperialist forces have penetrated the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the so-called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ chambers of commerce, the so-called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ associations, the so-called ‘‘pro-establishment’’ organization networks, and even the organization network continues to expand to form a mixture of internal and external forces. An integrated ruling class alliance, large pressure groups of vested interests which cooperating with imperial external forces.

VISION 2047, the American national capitalist Victor Fung, who successfully infiltrated the establishment of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, has long promoted the American brainwashing organisational network in Hong Kong at least from 2012. Wen Wei Po reported on April 16, 2020:

【文匯網訊】香港去年「黑暴」成災,多所大學淪為暴徒基地,不少大學生成為外國勢力的棋子。據《大公報》調查發現,由美國駐港領事館主導及撥款資助的中文大學香港美國中心(港美中心),執行美國國務院教育及文化事務局轄下的「傅爾布萊特計劃」(Fulbright Program),聲稱推動學術交流,但最新2020年美國國務院文件直指學術交流計劃只是達到國防及外交政策的政治手段。早於香港2012年實施高中及大學「三三四」學制改革的時候,美領館就以協助改革為名,輸入25名「傅爾布萊特學者」來港,由港美中心搭橋,滲透香港八所大學,設計通識教育課程、執教及培訓,變相操控香港高等教育重要課程。......


1993年港美中心的創立人Dr. Lee C. Lee,正是傅爾布萊特計劃學者,現任港美中心行政總監夏龍博士亦是傅爾布萊特學者。自1998年起,美領館成員是港美中心董事局當然成員,港美中心顯然是美國在香港學術界的官方工具。前基本法委員會委員劉廼強2014年曾踢爆港美中心包攬八所大學的通識教育課程,用美式思想影響香港高等教育,由駐港美領事館從美國物色學者,加入「傅爾布萊特計劃」(Fulbright Program),再由香港商人鍾普洋出面捐款港美中心,並動用大學教育資助委員會(教資會)的大學配對補助金計劃,獲港府以捐款等額的撥款資助「傅爾布萊特香港通識教育計劃」(Fulbright Hong Kong General Education Program)。


當時鍾普洋對劉廼強的踢爆曾撰文反駁,辯稱沒有壟斷,又指Fulbright列出學者名單供各大學參考,但選擇權在各大學的負責人,又聲稱傅爾布萊特計劃學者沒有參與課程編寫。大公報調查發現,港商鍾普洋是DHL香港區創辦人,2007年捐款予港美中心展開香港通識教育計劃,鍾並以其創意策動基金(Creative Initiatives Foundation)協助推動。


Vision 2047成員列席港美董事局

協助推動大學通識教育計劃的「創意策動基金」,創辦人除了鍾普洋外,還有美國名牌地捫(Del Monte)食品製造商Godfery Scotchbrook。Godfery Scotchbrook是Vision 2047 基金會的基金受託人兼創辦人,成員雲集外籍富商及港英政府前高官包括前財經事務司簡德倫,及陳方安生密友、前社署助理署長簡何巧雲等。去年行政長官林鄭月娥談話的錄音風波,正是在Vision 2047基金午餐會被偷錄外泄。


FILE PHOTO: Basic Info. of Li & Fung Foundation Limited   Screenshot ©Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: Basic Info. of Li & Fung Foundation Limited Screenshot ©Ryota Nakanishi

2012年大學改制三轉四落實推行時,鍾普洋再與另一名Vision 2047成員,大筆捐款搞領袖培訓。2011年11月鍾普洋創立「香港服務領導與管理學院有限公司」(香港服務領導管理學院),兩個月後2012年1月,鍾的香港服務領導管理學院與Vision 2047成員,馮氏集團主席馮國經宣布,以馮的「經綸慈善基金」撥款四千萬元,在香港八大學設立利豐服務領導計劃。翻查香港服務領導管理學院創立時的註冊資料,創辦成員Mr. Tom Osgood,Tom Osgood正是港美中心的Fulbright香港通識教育計劃的美國學者,參與大學三三四改制的通識教育課程設計。

學院的其他創辦人包括經綸慈善基金及利豐慈善基金有限公司董事KM Wong。馮氏家族的Fung(1937)Management Ltd.執董何伯全,亦現列席港美中心董事局。港美董事局的其他Vision 2047成員,包括Mark Michelson現任港美董事局副主席;港美董事局秘書Ada Tse,她任職的香港上海大酒店有限公司,其公司董事包立賢及高管Mulholland Lynne,亦是Vision 2047成員。