Hong Kong Intelligence Report #9 Colour Revolution by ''Legitimate and Peaceful Demonstrations''

Updated: Jul 31

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Copyrighted by Ryota Nakanishi
Copyrighted by Ryota Nakanishi

Copyrighted by Ryota Nakanishi
Copyrighted by Ryota Nakanishi

English Summary

1.''Pro-Beijing'' HKGCC which includes foreign interventionists, such as the Wall Street Journal Asia - according to sources (WaPo) - opportunistically, swiftly shifted its ‘pro-Beijing’

stance to ‘opposition’ on the Extradition Bill. It embodied true political nature of Hong Kong ruling class. Real estate agencies, developers and foreign interventionists united.

Foreign Interventionists in HKGCC (Its corporate media tend to cite HKGCC announcements)

2.‘Pro-China’Lawmaker Junius Ho was set up.The video itself is a POV of disinformer. Fake

news media tried to link entire ‘pro-China’ camp with planned riots. False Flag op.

3.Pat Heung District police officer Hanmin Lee’s

‘on duty’ footage on another ‘opposition’ demonstration on 7.16. 2019 was used to create

the fake news that links police with mafia. In 2014, mafia attacked opposition but the police proved that there was no link with pro-Beijing camp. On July 25 2019, police arrested one rioter who is responsible for both 7.14 Shatin riot at New Town Plaza and 7.21 destruction of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The 23 year old 'black T shirt' rioter Liang has actual background of mafia. Unlike US anti-communist politician Marco Rubio's tweet, opposition used mafia to attack police at least in the two riots.

4.‘White T Shirts’ targeted passengers, not only limited to ‘Black T Shirts.’ ‘Opposition’

Lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting strangely arrived there with his three hundreds ‘Black T Shirts’ to stage the ‘battle.’

5.TATP bombs owned and shared by ''pro-independence'' separatist student groups as ''indigenous terrorist group'' roles. TATP is frequently used by US-UK employed IS terrorists globally. It at least shows a linkage among them.

6. Some key industrial associations of Hong Kong film industry stated ''opposition'' requirements on the extradition bill issues. Such as Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild , Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild and Hong Kong Film Arts Association. It proved that the film industry is infiltrated by the opposition camp and lost its neutralism as filmmakers. It is quite hypocritical while they highly depend on governmental subsidies from the pro-Beijing government and business in mainland China.

7. Chief of Junior Police Officers Association, Zhiwei Lin (林志偉) said that the opposition ordered its 'demonstrators' to storm 999 emergency line during July 21 Yuen Long riot. Police received about 24,000 fake emergency calls within three hours. It's a typical false flag operation to paint police as someone deliberately ignores emergency.


2019 Yuen Long Violence was not done by villagers but it's done by the black shirted protesters themselves to false flag villagers who are indigenous people having special rights to keep their custom and lands. As you know Hong Kong ruling class is mainly represented by anti-communist real estate giants who are hostile to the indigenous people and China.   

This false flag operations have various purposes. One is colour revolution, destabilisation, the second is upcoming elections in regional and governmental fields, the third one is to false flag police, indigenous people, pro-Beijing camp, and China.

The ''white T shirts'' who assaulted passengers and staged the ''battle'' with ''black T shirts'' were not real villagers, indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories (Hong Kong) from Yuen Long. They have special rights to own their fathers' lands and targeted by real estate agencies and developers. However ''white T shirts'' were proved to be ''black T shirts'' themselves by one of monitoring cameras. In which, ''black T shirts'' changed their costumes into ''white T shirts.'' It proved that 7.21 Yuen Long riot was a false flag operation. False flaggers are ''black T shirts'' themselves.

The first round of the riot occurred at 11:06 pm thus this footage does not contradict the time of the incident, moreover it indicates that they also prepared the white-shirted rioters in Hong Kong islands. In fact, they were cannon fodders to meet the arrive of police as attachments to Yuen Long. No contradiction with the timeline. It actually also indicated the re-staging of White-shirted false flag ops in North Point and Tsuen Wan on August 5 2019.

Proof of the False Flag Operation on July 21, 2019 in Yuen Long , HK, China.
Proof of the False Flag Operation on July 21, 2019 in Yuen Long , HK, China.