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Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USS Arkansas Becomes Battleship Potemkin

Updated: Apr 6

Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USS Arkansas Becomes Battleship Potemkin
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of HUNTER KILLER (2018). ©Original Film

Hunter Killer 《潛艦滅殺令》(2018) is US version of Battleship Potemkin in its sheer appearing, however it still remains as pro capitalist establishment one, it does not engage in class war, and not in class war situation like the best Russian film master piece Battleship Potemkin (1925).

Captain Sergei Andropov, Commander of a Russian submarine (played by Michael Nyqvist, a Swedish actor)is the opposite version of Commander Golikov (played by Vladimir Barsky)in the master piece.

Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USS Arkansas Becomes Battleship Potemkin
FILE PHOTO: A Still Image of HUNTER KILLER (2018). ©Original Film

Andropov (left on the steel) is the main protagonist in this U.S. Navy SEALs and submarine USS Arkansas's rescue operation of trapped Russian president ''Putin'' Zakarin during coup in Russia.

This key personal's critical response to Commander Joe Glass, commanding officer of USS Arkansas's anti-war attitude and insisted refusal to kill misled Russian navies during the operation is everything meaningful for audience.

As Battleship Potemkin(1925), in which the First Officer gives the order to fire, but in response to Vakulinchuk's pleas the sailors in the firing squad lower their rifles and the uprising begins, similarly when Andropov's old ship - now commanded by Sutrev, a member of the coup conspirator, defence minister of Russia, Durov's conspiracy -order to fire on USS Arkansas where Zakarin and Andropov boarded, in response to Andropov's pleas to the navy officers in the firing squad refuses firing and the uprising begins.

I was emotionally impressed with this Andropov and his officers' decision making, their disobey to the traitors is recovery of loyalty to his country and their conscience.

You can experience what emotionally and really does impress audience at most in cinematic experience in this blockbuster and Battleship Potemkin. It must be force of will, a dialectic change of will toward correct and humanistic result. The nature of plotting of story is decision making of protagonist(s).

Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USS Arkansas Becomes Battleship Potemkin
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925). ©Mosfilm

For Battleship Potemkin (1925), it is Vakulinchuk's pleas, and in the last chapter, it is when the sailors of the Tsarist squadron refuse to open fire, cheering and shouting to show solidarity with the mutineers and allowing the Potemkin, flying the red flag, to pass between their ships.

These are pros of this US democrat blockbuster propaganda film. Cons are easily found. The whole fictional reality depends on fictional absence of Russian media, Russia Today(RT), Russian intelligence agencies like the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), smartphones to contact Russian generals etc. The coup can only be imaginable in reality or possibility if there are none of them like this film.

Additionally, this is pro Democrat film propaganda due to ''Hilary Clinton'' as US president in this fictional story. It is cinematic idealism of Democrats.

Anyway I like and really enjoyed this US war propaganda blockbuster film.

It makes US-Russian relationship great again? Film cannot answer that...


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Film Review: Hunter Killer (2018) - USS Arkansas Becomes Battleship Potemkin


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