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Film Review: Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) - Need Nationalisation of Internet Giants

Updated: Apr 6

Film Review: Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) - Need Nationalisation of Internet Giants
FILE PHOTO: A Still Image of JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN (2018). ©Universal Studios

Johnny English Strikes Again 《特務戇J:神級歸位》(2018; Dir. David Kerr) is the third film of Johnny English franchise (2003; 2011; 2018). And it is the best of the bests among other two prequels as a parodical mixture of 007 James Bond MI6 spy action film franchise (1962-2020; total 25 films) and Bean comedy franchise (1997-2007; total 2films and cameo appearance in 1 film).

There two important features should be mentioned at least in this remarkable film. One is that in this film Russia spy is surprisingly not demonised like in the most of action / comedy films in the West.

The Russian spy Ophelia corroborates with Johnny English to deal with the mastermind hacker, an Internet cyber space industrial giant Jason who wants to dominate the world politics, economy and everything by forcing G12 countries to agree on authorisation of total management of national intelligence. (Use of Jason's server)

The other important feature is that this film shows the future tendency that world nations will be threatened by this 'Jason' like cyber space industrial giants' dominance and manipulation of its intelligence and internet-driven infrastructures. AI is additional threat to replace human world.

For solving this real terror from the private internet giants, this film sends Johnny English to save the world temporarily however in real politics, we need our governments to nationalise these cyber space giants in the near future before it loses control on them.

This film's politically insightful points above mentioned. 1) No Demonisation of Russians; 2) Future national security threat from cyber space industrial giants and their internet crimes.

This is a really well made comedy action in terms of insightful political view point, and it is the best among other two films.


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Film Review: Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) - Need Nationalisation of Internet Giants


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