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Film Review:More than Blue (2018) - An Experiment of Love is a Remake of the 2009 South Korean Film

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

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FILE PHOTO: A Poster of MORE THAN BLUE (2018). ©Twentieth Century Studios
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of MORE THAN BLUE (2018). ©Twentieth Century Studios

Marketing effort to camouflage it as a non-remake film of South Korea

Hong Kong audiences ignore one fact that this state-subsidised art film from Taiwan is a remake of the 2009 South Korean drama film of the same title. So many people thought this as an originally scripted film from Taiwan however it's not. Its packaging is seemed to be successful in terms of marketing in Hong Kong film market.

This is an experimental of love and emotional relationship of man-and-woman. The protagonist Chang Che-kai (K) is pretty secretive towards his roommate, a lover Cream who has been only one class friend of K since his early separation with his mother after his father died in leukaemia.

A thorough manipulation of the emotional relationship is annoying audience

In narrative aspect, it is forcible to persuade audiences to accept their emotional reactions with non-liner narrative. From search for K's flash back sequences to aftermath sequences in which show Cream 's temporary love with the dentist Yang You-hsien is set up by dying K. This course of manipulation of emotional relationship is something intolerable and annoying us psychologically. Its plotting is something unusual and abnormal as KMT manipulation of Taiwan industries and history.

In technical aspect, its focus is quite vague and lighting is unusually heavily strange orange tone. The lighting solution makes it look like a bar. The depth of filed is not well controlled. The focus puller did not make it look professional. The cinematography needs improvement.

For editing, it is a typical one camera work that follows story board. And every shots are set to decorate discontinuity of cinematography. In fact, its cutting is not smoothly and continuously perfect. It relies on too many jump cuts and flash backs in liner and non-liner narrative way. It's quite chaotic. Disrupting our attentions many times. This is one of reasons of why it annoys us during viewing this cinema.

It is about intolerable artificial love manipulation and its failure

In conclusion, I don't think it is an originally and emotionally impressive work. It should shorten the flashback sequences and endlessly repetitive shots in the end sequence. It shatters audience's attention and emotional involvement and annoying us emotionally. It is about intolerable artificial love manipulation and its failure. A disgusting one.

I recommend the original Korean film instead of this Taiwan remake.

FILE PHOTO: A Poster of MORE THAN BLUE (2009). ©Mnet Media
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of MORE THAN BLUE (2009). ©Mnet Media


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