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Film Review: The Leakers (2018) - Cinematic Conspiracy Theory about Pharmaceutical Company

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

FILE PHOTO: A Poster of THE LEAKERS (2018). ©HMV Digital China Group Limited
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of THE LEAKERS (2018). ©HMV Digital China Group Limited

This film mainly depicts how illegal hacker group 'The Leakers' network discloses pharmaceutical company AMANAH of Malaysia's conspiracy that markets their under developing vaccine by spreading Zika virus in Malaysia.

In general, it is something nihilistic.

The family relationship among founder of the pharmaceutical company Zhang Rishan and his children is mechanically nihilistic and it makes audience disagree with this entire film story. It is too brutal to kill his wife and children for his own business profits in seconds.

Ordinary people can't imagine how Zhang Rishan gets so merciless. Film does not even show us the story. As the result, it can't convince audiences and nothing moves viewers' heart. Hollywood films do not plot in this way.

At the end, The leakers successfully exposes the truth behind this Zika epidemic marketing campaign (Self Made-Epidemic Marketing Campaign) and crimes done by the generous CEO of the Malaysian pharmaceutical company Zhang Rishan which played by the famous actor Kent Cheng.

However, the antagonist is the leading capitalist of the entire Malaysian society and wins over all law suits against him after he killed his 2nd.son in public. This reminds us Chinatown (1974) but this film is dim not catastrophically exciting.

In Chinatown, Jack Nicholson's final struggle against the raper moved audiences... on the contrary, in this failed tragedy of The leakers, there is nothing.

The HK police guy David Wang which played by Francis Ng Chun Yu is just like Nick Nolte in 48 Hrs (1982) but it is less attractive than Nick Nolte. Audience can't understand why David turned to the side of The Leakers so easily?

For technical defects, the sound effect of the mosquitos is fries' sound, it is not mosquito's at all. And in-car scenes are ruined in light on actors. It is too unnatural ghost light on them while they are in cars. Besides these, composited photos are obviously fake. He-bin's travel photos are just like this. Moreover, the Australian securities and Malaysian polices are played by the same foreign extras. Audiences are not stupid and I'm professional.

In conclusion, audiences can't agree with both protagonists and antagonists in any way however this is a HK blockbuster which depends on huge financial support and crew members from ROC and is only technically competitive with foreign films in Hong Kong domestic market, Malaysian market and in Mainland China.

The mode of production is right but we need impressive story and exciting moments in cinema.


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