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Film Review: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - A Cold Day to Die Hard

Updated: Apr 6

Film Review: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - A Cold Day to Die Hard
FILE PHOTO: A Poster of TREMORS: A COLD DAY IN HELL (2018). ©Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell! 'Jaws franchise on the ground' is this Tremors series which quite famous for its devil worm 'Graboid'. The cutting edge of Robotics, VFX, CG technologies were applied in this franchise, and mostly surprised audiences before The Jurassic Park(1993), especially in The Tremors (1990) and The Tremors 2: After Shocks (1996). I prefer the latter for its extremely realistic CG expression of Shriekers.

This film is Tremors 6. Its story followed Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001); Tremors: The Series (TV, 2003) and The Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015). The worst one among them is the TV series. In its TV series, Burt Gummer gets out the story line in the later episodes, and this TV series is seemed to be X-Files at Perfection Valley.

Film Review: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - A Cold Day to Die Hard
FILE PHOTO: A Production image of TREMORS (1990). ©Universal Pictures

I like Burt Gummer which played by Michael Gross who is mostly known for this franchise in the world. Why Burt is so attractive? Because of his libertarianism life style which characterised by his heavily self-armed house. This traditional American cultural style is also anti-bureaucratic.

Technically the use of drone camera in the spring water scene is perfect! It can't be done by helicopter nor crane. Audience can see the most beautiful cinematography in the scene.

The best sequence is the first scene in Walter Chang store at Perfection Valley. Burt confronts tax officer who visits him to warn about upcoming confiscation of the house due to Burt's tax evasion.

I expected to see evolution of Graboids in cold ice or snow however there is no any evolution of Graboids at all. What we can see is Graboids eating research station workers in Canada and Burt infected by Graboid virus accidentally. At the end, Burt and his sun Travis destroy all Graboids which seemed as biological weapons by US government.

The only one thing is a new element for this franchise. That is Graboid virus. I could not find any sub context in this film that meaningful and insightful. This film is a shooting game of Graboids rather than a story-telling movie.

Anyway Chinese title is Deep-Earth Devil Worm for Graboid but it is only precise as Chinese title because deep-earth devil worm is a scientific term, a specific name of life form in the deepest point on earth.


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Film Review: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - A Cold Day to Die Hard


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