SNS Review #1 : Facebook Crimes against Humanity and Democracy

Updated: Aug 2

The major threat to our communities is Facebook’s dictatorship and its biased censorship! We have too many proofs for this statement. Facebook is the one who threats users’ safety and not welcoming everyone. Everyone should unwelcome Facebook’s violations against our human rights. Zuckerberg’s company faces investigations from the European Union, the FBI, the FTC, the SEC and the US Department of Justice. 

Facebook violates Human Rights! Facebook destroys freedom of expression!

Facebook is a cyber rouge state that does not follow Community Standards of Human Rights and Laws. Facebook is a commercial dictatorship, surveillance capitalism that it threats, warns, bans, blocks, restricts, shadow bans, deletes, disables, unpublishes, hides, manipulates pages, news feeds, comments, posts, spying on users, leaks, sells our privacies, allows fake accounts for manipulation, promotes regime change, riots, political conflicts, terrorism and Zionism, systematically oppresses users with authorities, promotes US imperialism, terrorism, hatreds, political, religious, sexual and racial discriminations for their commercial sponsors and establishments who are highly hostile to who oppose their imperial business greed, disinformation and misdeeds. Moreover, these negative actions won’t occur for pro US establishment, pro Facebook business interest users. DOUBLE STRANDARD is its feature.

Furthermore, everything done by Facebook above mentioned is extremely one sided and without any talks. NO TALKS, NO COMMUNICATION, NO EXPLANATION while Facebook does these violations and crimes against humanity.

Facebook of “favouring mainstream sources and silencing alternative voices.”

“We have a responsibility to protect your data,” went Zuckerberg in a statement, “and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you.”  

I agree with Zuckerberg on this issue. Exactly you don’t deserve to serve us. There are too many testimonies for this. For example, PURGE of dissident voices!

The company of attempting to suppress dissenting voices that refuse to toe the corporate line.

The massive shutdown affected many progressive sites devoted to covering war, police brutality, and other issues neglected by the corporate media.

After Facebook announced on October 10 that it shut down and removed hundreds of pages and accounts that it vaguely accused of spreading “spam” and engaging in “inauthentic behavior,” some of the individuals and organizations caught up in the social media behemoth’s dragnet disputed accusations that they were violating the platform’s rules and raised alarm that Facebook is using its enormous power to silence independent political perspectives that run counter to the corporate media’s dominant narratives.

While it is reasonable to assume that some of the more than 800 total pages and accounts shut down by Facebook were engaged in overtly fraudulent behavior—such as the use of fake accounts and bots to generate ad revenue—numerous independent media outlets that cover a wide array of issues say they were swept up in the massive purge despite never using such tactics.

This is a dance of confused ends and mistrustful glances, mixed with occasional moments of misplaced adoration. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame has never been an empathetic sort and his testifying before the US Congress has done nothing to dispel that assessment.  That stands to reason: the least sociable of types, the most awkward of individuals in engaging with beings, creates the most networked social creation on the planet. In doing so, he becomes the president and promoter of surveillance capitalism, its chief priest and sovereign.

So once government regulators begin regulating speech on the Internet, where will it end?

Will everything that we do on the Internet have to be evaluated for “truthiness” before it is allowed to be posted? And who decides what the “truth” actually is?

1. How many countries banned or restricted Facebook? Which one is the major threat to community? It’s Facebook! Ban Facebook!

24 Countries banned or restricted Facebook for National Security. These countries restricted Facebook to help keep their communities safe and welcoming for everyone.

Many countries have banned or temporarily limited access to the social networking website Facebook, including Bangladesh,[1] China (except Hong Kong, Macau),[2] Iran,[3] and North Korea.[4] Use of the website has also been restricted in other ways in other countries. As of May 2016, the only countries to ban access around the clock to the social networking site are China, Iran, and North Korea. However, since most North Korean residents have no access to the internet,[5] China and Iran are the only countries where access to Facebook is actively restricted in a wholesale manner.

Austria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vietnam.


2. How Many people abandoned Facebook? Boycott Facebook!

a. The user market in North America is flat, while in Europe, FB has experienced a loss of 3 million daily active users.  The process was already underway after 2015.  The moment your grandparents start using a communications product with teenage enthusiasm, it’s time for a swift, contrarian change. But social media, as with other forms of communication, is a matter of demographics and class.  READ MORE:

b. A new report from Edison Research finds Facebook's American user-base contracted for the second consecutive year in 2018, shrinking by 15,000,000, and that the biggest declines have come from the coveted 12-34 year old group. However -- cue sad trombone -- is that large numbers of these people have shifted to using Instagram, which Facebook owns. Facebook recently announced that it would be merging the back-ends of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, facilitating unified tracking and targeting across all three services. READ MORE:

3. Privacy Violations

Facebook will sell 5,000 pieces of information about you.

a. Facebook can collect and sell your information as long as you use the service. READ MORE:

b. “Facebook in particular,” claimed WikiLeaks