Hong Kong Intelligence Report #18 Conclusion of the Class Analysis on The 2019 Hong Kong protests

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PHOTO FILE: In memory of Ryota Nakanishi's influencer, respected author Mr. William Blum. Image: Wikipedia Composite © Ryota Nakanishi


After the thorough analysis of the 2019 Hong Kong protests, I got a conclusion below:

It’s about social hegemony of colonial interests thus their FREEDOM FIGHTERS, HONG KONGERS are destroying mainland China related capital and facilities at the cost of the class interests of the working class and students. Maybe you wonder why they target MTR Metro? Because MTR is a land owner, they want lands as many as possible after MTR gets forced to sell more lands cheaply. Those protests are actual economic tactics to get rid of Mainland China’s legitimacy and competitiveness in Hong Kong. There are some dramatic twists among those sponsors of riots due to their own political competitions for hegemony. As the result, such as Yoshinoya (run by Mainland Chinese conglomerate, Hop Hing in Hong Kong; anti police Facebook post incident on July 10, 2019 and its CEO's solution triggered attacks), MTR, Maxim's Caterers Limited etc. later targeted by rioters. However it won't change the class nature of the riots in general. Victims show the behind the scenes competition among sponsors of the reactionary coup riots, ex-sponsors and present victims of anti mainland China capital campaign. The key contradiction is about real estate monopoly capitalist cartels, such as Li Ka-shing's CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, Henderson Land Development Company Limited and Jardine Matheson.

The unfortunate (?) twists of the Jardine Matheson during the 2019 Hong Kong Protests reflect the inner competitions among sponsors of the reactionary coup movements.

Fig.1 PHOTO FILE: Three proven incidents revealed the sponsors of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests. Composite © Ryota Nakanishi

Behind the Scenes: Inner Political and Economic Wars among Sponsors of the Hong Kong Colour Revolution 2019

Turning Point: September 22

See the left (Fig.1)

On September 22 2019, police found those purchase coupons of super markets, fast food stores, MTR Octopus cards etc. from the famous 13 year old black-shirted rioter. For instance, Li Ka-shing's PARKnSHOP; Jardine Matheson's Wellcome; Jardine Matheson's Maxim's Caterers Limited; McDonalds etc.



Since the same September 22 2019, the rioters turned against Jardine Matheson's Maxim's Caterers Limited. The official pretext was due to Maxim's Annie Wu Suk-ching's condemnation as a "supervisory consultant" of the staunchly ''pro-Beijing'' Hong Kong Federation of Women, Wu took her views to the United Nations Human Rights Council on September 10, 2019.



Not only Maxim's Caterers Limited, but Jardine Matheson's another running business entities such as Arome Bakery; Genki Sushi HK and Starbucks HK stores also got destroyed by black shirted anti China rioters systematically and strategically since then.

Fig2 FILE PHOTO: Screenshot for the fact check. On October 15 2019, DAB the largest pro Beijing political party publicly supported those victims of the political and economic war since the September 22, 2019's dramatic twist. © Ryota Nakanishi



Full List of Targets

Important: All the company groups and its affiliates that became the targets of the black-shirted colour riots do not belong to Hong Kong's major real estate oligarchs (Cheung Kong, Sun Hung Kai, Henderson, Wheelock, New World) and its subsidiaries. The Cheung Kong's rival British company Jardine Group was attacked, and even the British government did not condemn the violence and damages caused to British companies in Hong Kong, which proved that the United Kingdom is not only one of ''behind-the-scenes'' masterminds, but also just a vassal of the most powerful mastermind of the ongoing colour revolution US. The British companies in Hong Kong that suffered the black-shirted riots are all victims of the color revolution of the US Empire.

There are no random targets of anti China rioters.

---------------------- 飲食: 龍島 Lucullus (蛋糕西餅) 豚王 Butao Ramen (日本菜) 貢茶 (茶飲店) 吉野家 (日本菜) 沙嗲王 (多國菜) 鴻福堂 (藥膳) 聰嫂甜品 (甜品) // 銅鑼灣/將軍澳/灣仔/元朗/旺角/深水埗 山崎麵包 (麵包店) 紅磡冰室 (冰室) // 尖沙咀/紅磡/北角/灣仔/大埔/上水 85C (麵包/茶飲店) CoCo都可 (茶飲店) Crostini (麵包/法國菜) Elephant Grounds (咖啡店) ~the coffee academics (咖啡店)

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=Gaia Group= Greyhound Café (泰國菜) Isola Bar & Grill (意大利菜) Gaia // 中環 SHE (中菜館) // IFC Glasshouse (西式) // IFC Greenhouse (西式) // 銅鑼灣 JOIA (意大利菜) // Element Redhouse (中菜館) // 銅鑼灣 KaiYo (日本菜) // K11 musea Velo Italian Bar & Grill (意大利菜) // K11 musea 王家沙 (上海中菜館) // 銅鑼灣/MOKO新世紀/又一城/黃埔天地/太古城中心/ Petite House (西式甜品) // 又一城/屯門市廣場

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=牛奶公司集團= 7-11便利店 惠康 (超市) marketplace (超市) Jasons Food & Living (超市) Oliver's The Delicatessen (超市) 3hreesixty (超市) 萬寧 (美健產品零售店) IKEA (傢品店) GNC (營養產品零售店) ---------------------- 服務: 快圖美 (沖晒服務) 世紀21 (地產) 國泰航空 (航空公司) Jolly Kingdom (教育中心)

=SKYZER VC GROUP= VAR LIVE (娛樂) // 荔枝角/銅鑼灣/CGA eSports Stadium BOX HONG KONG (酒吧) // 尖沙咀 GolfZon GreenLive (室內高球場) // 銅鑼灣/香港國際機場 ----------------------

Note: This list did not include another victimised companies such as Tsui Wah Holdings Limited; MTR in the transportation industry, HSBC in the financial industry, or China Life, Bank of China, or China Mobile in the information tech industry. In terms of media, TVB is one of the victims. Also, Hong Kong China Travel Service, Lianfa Sparrow Entertainment (Mahjong Hall) and so on.

Above cited from their propaganda channel on Facebook bellow:


Jardine Matheson

Jardine Matheson was betrayed and targeted by its grave monopoly capitalist competitors of Hong Kong. This narrative is chaotic behind the 2019 Hong Kong Protests. This is the rule of the most primitive capitalist jungle during colour revolution.

Recently this antagonistic and dramatic narrative was enforced by the news. Pro-Beijing media Takungpao reported about a series of photos and a video which show vast amounts of material supports and food catering services provided by secret sponsors in somewhere seemed to be one of universities' food courts, and one of photos is actually from Jardine Matheson's Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Central. This hotel's lobby and its rooms are favourite meeting places for Western intelligence community in Hong Kong. Like NDI used its restaurant for meeting with opposition leaders on December 10, 2019.

Fig3 PHOTO FILE: It shows black shirted rioters are at the balcony of the presidential room of Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Image: Internets

It shows at least five black shirted rioters at the balcony of the luxury presidential room where costs 48,000 HKD per night and with more than 1,000 square feet. This is at least for monitoring the situation on the road. Those students afford the price by themselves?

According to internets and this report, their room was carefully booked in the name of international US law firm Arnold & Porter.



Jardine Matheson was victimised in this way. This recent luxurious political scandal is harmful to Jardine Matheson in local intelligence community and at the same time, their competitors can camouflage themselves by further scapegoating their competitor Jardine Matheson. This detail and twist should not be ignored.

From ''Trains for Riots'' to ''Victim'' of Riots

MTR followed the similar fortune during the riots. From a supporter turned into a scapegoat and a victim.

After People's Daily, Global Times, CCTV and Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission criticised MTR for supporting rioters many times by transporting them with special trains on August 21-23, 2019, about one month after the 7.21 riot at Yuen Long station, MTR has cooperated with the general line of central government since then, as the result, rioters have been targeting MTR until the present. August 24, 2019 was the first day when the black-shirted mob started destruction of MTR stations.



That is also an official narrative, in fact, the more MTR stations and facilities rioters destroy, the more lands MTR will be ultimately forced to sell out in cheaper prices during extreme depression caused by five months of riots. It will be beneficial for the richest sponsors of the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

It actually happened at the end of the year 2019. See Call for bids about the phase 12 of LOHAS Park.




Why those major companies got attacked by anti china rioters?

Generally, mainland Chinese capital is inevitable targets but there are major official reasons during the 7 month anti China riots:

a. Criticized rioters or no longer cooperative to rioters. i.e. Jardine Matheson and its Maxim's Caterers Limited.


Maxim's Caterers Limited


b. Allowed police to arrest rioters in their places or related figures of their groups involved in conflict with rioters. i.e. Yoshinoya, TAI HING GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED and Tsui Wah Holdings Limited.







Tsui Wah Holdings Limited

(Before attacked by rioters, Tsui Wah was supportive of rioters)



Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

(One of real estate oligarchs; they actually complied with the law on the July 14, 2019 New Town Plaza riot, as the result, they got targeted by black shirted rioters since then)

PHOTO FILE: A staff of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. brought police into their own property New Town Plaza on July 14, 2019. It triggered attacks from black shirted rioters. Screenshot © Ryota Nakanishi



In fact, police has rights to enter any private properties during their law duties even without any warrant according to Police Force Ordinance,


Arrest, detention and bail of suspected persons and seizure of suspected property

(1) It shall be lawful for any police officer to apprehend any person who he reasonably believes will be charged with or whom he reasonably suspects of being guilty of— (a) any offence for which the sentence is fixed by law or for which a person may (on a first conviction for that offence) be sentenced to imprisonment; or (b) any offence, if it appears to the police officer that service of a summons is impracticable because— (i) the name of the person is unknown to, and cannot readily be ascertained by, the police officer; (ii) the police officer has reasonable grounds for doubting whether a name given by the person as his name is his real name; (iii) the person has failed to give a satisfactory address for service; or (iv) the police officer has reasonable grounds for doubting whether an address given by the person is a satisfactory address for service. (Replaced 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(1A) A police officer may exercise the power to apprehend a person under subsection (1) without any warrant for that purpose and whether or not he has seen any offence committed. (Added 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(1B) It shall be lawful for any police officer to apprehend any person whom he reasonably suspects of being liable to deportation from Hong Kong. (Added 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(2) If any person who may lawfully be apprehended under subsection (1) or (1B) forcibly resists the endeavour to arrest him or attempts to evade the arrest, a police officer or other person may use all means necessary to effect the arrest. (Replaced 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(3) If any police officer has reason to believe that any person to be arrested has entered into or is in any place the person residing in or in charge of such place shall on demand of that police officer allow him free ingress thereto and afford all reasonable facilities for search therein. (Replaced 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(4) If ingress to such place cannot be obtained under subsection (3) it shall be lawful in any case for a person acting under a warrant and in any case in which a warrant may issue but cannot be obtained without affording the person to be arrested an opportunity of escape from a police officer, to enter such place and search therein and in order to effect an entrance into such place to break open any outer or inner door or window of any place whether that of the person to be arrested or of any other person if, after notification of his authority and purpose and demand of admittance duly made, he cannot otherwise obtain admittance.

(5) Any police officer or other person authorized to make an arrest may break open any place in order to liberate himself or any other person who having lawfully entered for the purpose of making an arrest is detained therein.

(6) Where any person is apprehended by a police officer it shall be lawful for such officer to search for and take possession of any newspaper, book or other document or any portion or extract therefrom and any other article or chattel which may be found on his person or in or about the place at which he has been apprehended and which the said officer may reasonably suspect to be of value (whether by itself or together with anything else) to the investigation of any offence that the person has committed or is reasonably suspected of having committed: Provided that nothing in this subsection shall be construed in diminution of the powers of search conferred by any particular warrant. (Replaced 57 of 1992 s. 2)

(7) Whenever it appears to a magistrate upon the oath of any person that there is reasonable cause to suspect that there is in any building, vessel (not being a ship of war or a ship having the status of a ship of war) or place any newspaper, book or other document, or any portion or extract therefrom, or any other article or chattel which is likely to be of value (whether by itself or together with anything else) to the investigation of any offence that has been committed, or that is reasonably suspected to have been committed or to be about to be committed or to be intended to be committed, such magistrate may by warrant directed to any police officer empower him with such assistants as may be necessary by day or by night— (a) to enter and if necessary to break into or forcibly enter such building, vessel or place and to search for and take possession of any such newspaper, book or other document or portion of or extract therefrom or any such other article or chattel which may be found therein; and (b) to detain, during such period as is reasonably required to permit such a search to be carried out, any person who may appear to have such newspaper, book or other document or portion thereof or extract therefrom or other article or chattel in his possession or under his control and who, if not so detained, might prejudice the purpose of the search. (Replaced 57 of 1992 s. 2)



FILE PHOTO: Title deed of NEW TOWN PLAZA in which clearly states the uninterrupted access of police to its property. Image: HK01

Some old shopping mall property contracts have specific clauses for the uninterrupted access of police to its properties while in the pursuance of their lawful duties. Thus, the owners have no rights to block police access while on their duties. In the past, there were police posts within malls thus there were such kind of clause.



However Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. blocked police from entering into Tai Po Mega Mall on August 14, 2019. Later they explained it as some kind of miscommunication. However a cameraman Li Zhizhi photographed the scene in which the staff just blocked the automated door. It contradicts Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.'s explanation.

PHOTO FILE: They blocked police from entering in it. The automated door is blocked by a staff of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. at Tai Po Mega Mall on August 14, 2019. © HK01 / Li Zhizhi



c. Being part of Hong Kong government’s anti riot policy and investigations (including providing monitor camera footage). i.e. MTR and Link Real Estate Investment Trust.




Link Real Estate Investment Trust



d. Blocked or terminated riot fund accounts. i.e. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.


The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited


In fact, all of them were pro rioters at the early phase, and they are grave economic enemies and competitors of Li Ka-shing’s monopoly cartel. Color Revolution is a big chance to eliminate competitors.

Owner of Hong Kong Provisional Government address and Protector of Anti China mobs from Police

Another mastermind of the anti China riots is proven by two major incidents. See the lower right side photo (Fig1). One key incident is that black shirted mobs declared the foundation of Hong Kong Provisional Government at MOSTown the property of one of real estate monopoly capitalist cartels, Henderson Land Development Company Limited on October 5, 2019. This Henderson Land Development Company Limited is a sponsor of ''pro Beijing'' net media HKGpao. ''Pro-Beijing''is just a realistic camouflage for reactionaries.



See the upper right side photo (Fig1).

The other key incident is that security staffs and a customer service staff employed by Henderson Land Development Company Limited for MOSTown consciously and illegally prevented police officers from entering into MOSTown while police officers were arresting the black shirted mobs on October 7, 2019.

Again, the same place where black shirted anti China mobs declared the establishment of Hong Kong Provisional Government. The two key incidents highly symbolise themselves in the general context of the antagonistic contradiction between colonial vested interests and central government.



WAR ON HEGEMONY in both political and economic fields is the true nature of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests.

Fig1 PHOTO FILE: Three proven incidents revealed the sponsors of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests. © Ryota Nakanishi

Infiltration of the local courts of Hong Kong and British colonial infringement against Central Government

A perfect example of the infiltration by British Hong Kong colonial remnants in the law system to protect the rioters should be this one. According to the Sing Tao Daily’s report on November 19, 2019, Judges Justice Lam and Anderson Chow Ka-ming of the High Court annulled anti mask law on November 18, 2019 that they think some of the content of the anti-mask law is unconstitutional.

Case No.: Constitutional and Administrative Litigation of the High Court 2945 and 2949 -2:19.

According to the Oriental Daily News reported on November 19, 2019, the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office criticized the judgment of the High Court, which seriously weakened the right of governance of the Hong Kong Chief Executive and the government according to law, and did not comply with the provisions of the Basic Law and decisions made by the National People's Congress.

This case is not reflection of judicial independence, but the issue of infiltration of the judicial power by the anti-China forces.




Justice Lam used to be the most ingenious one during 2013 Hong Kong dock strike. He tried to help Li Ka-shing to effectively continue the prime injunction. This guy is extremely rich in law and public relation tricks. According to the news of Li Ka-shing family’s Now TV (PCCW) on May 6, 2013, the High Court rejected the application for an injunction in the outer space of the Cheung Kong Center. It believed that the workers' demonstration had been carried out peacefully, but some of the structures impeded the pedestrians and considered it necessary to be dismantled. As for the prime injunction in Cheung Kong Center, the court ruled that it would continue to be effective.



Anderson Chow Ka-ming is another judge who helped the Hong Kong separatist Agnes Chow’s election petition in 2019. According to the Stand News report on September 2, 2019, Hong Kong Demosistō member Agnes Chow registered in the Legislative Council Hong Kong Island by-election in 2018, and later was disqualified by the chief of election for promoting "democratic self-determination", violation of the Basic Law and one country, two systems. Canceled their eligibility for election. Agnes Chow proposed an election petition for this purpose. The judge of the High Court Anderson Chow Ka-ming issued a judgment and ruled that Agnes Chow won the case.



Look closely at their past judgments and their overall context. When you look back, you can see that the covert help and the overt help for the anti-China forces and their masterminds from the law system.

In conclusion, the 2019 Hong Kong Protests are political and economic war for defending and intensifying colonial class hegemony and interests of reactionaries who oppose the real class interests of the poor working class people of Hong Kong.

The Yellow Vests of France is a real grass root movement of the working class and now suffering from violent infiltrators and brutal police violence however the 2019 Hong Kong Protests are reactionary colour revolution, coup riots led by the local monopoly capitalist cartels and supported by US imperialism. The specialty of Hong Kong is like South Africa that is lack of decolonisation.


On March 30, 2020, UK-trained Hong Kong police stealthily released security personnels and customer service staffs 3 men and 2 women who prevented police from entering the Henderson Land Development Company Limited's MOSTown on October 7, 2019 before the provisional Hong Kong government was declared. Although the HK police still has undeniable evidences of their crimes ''obstructing government administration'', they could not further offend the oligarch who has vast influence on Independent Police Complaints Council. This is one of typical examples of two-faced nature of the HK establishment which is highly questionable on its loyalty to the interests of CCP central government in practice.


新港城保安阻防暴警進商場後被捕 警方:五人暫獲釋 保留檢控權

Suggestion to patriotic Hong Kong citizens

Hong Kong needs its reform and opening up, that is, the decolonisation of the superstructure and the economic base, while revising the drawbacks of primitive capitalism, especially the city needs to solve monopoly capitalism of cross-industrial cartels. Shadows of masterminds behind the anti-China mobs can be seen everywhere as the colonial era vested interests, and even the mob's appeal is not the reflection of any demands of the poor working class, but the long-term demands of the business community. It is a fake grass roots movement! Astroturfing by billionaires. The purpose of ‘the behind-the-scenes’ masterminds is to consolidate vested interests, undermine Chinese capital, and seize the full power of governance. To this end, real estate hegemonic power has introduced foreign imperialist forces to continue launching professional colour revolutions and destroy competitors in order to consolidate monopoly capital at the same time. Moreover the ex-British Hong Kong colonial officials have hindered stopping the riots and necessary reforms from the establishment since the beginning.

- Ryota Nakanishi




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