Hong Kong Intelligence Report #37 The Reverse Course Against HKNSL : Making HKNSL 'A Dead Letter'?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: Carrie Lam and A City of Sadness  ©Wikipedia; Composite© Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: Carrie Lam and A City of Sadness ©Wikipedia; Composite© Ryota Nakanishi


a. Exposing interventions of foreign NGOs is banal and cliched due to its fatal lack of historical materialist approach to the class society holistically. I won't follow any conspiracy theorists and their platforms. Conspiracy theories are only destructive to brains and intelligence analysis.

b. This is neither an op-ed piece nor any news report. This is intelligence analysis thus it must wait for adequate information and development of incidents.

c. The US presidential election 2020 is the hottest topic, and it is the best litmus test for local and Chinese state media for measuring degree of being infiltrated by democrat agents. How responding to the election is inevitably reveal their political nature and status. This topic is deliberately avoided in this report and reported in the future issue as long as it is still disputed. In short, Chinese state media and ''pro-establishment'' media all rushed to celebrate Biden and democrats for the disputed election victory on November 3, 2020 while they totally ignored pre-Trump era wars and regime change attempts by Obama-Biden regime (2009-2017). Even they totally ignored the fact that Umbrella Revolution and colour-revolutionary network of NOYDA were mainly established by NDI=democrats. Democrats are still playing more active roles in the front line of anti-Chinese and anti-Russian campaigns than republicans. Thus Chinese state media ''propaganda machines'' and pro-establishment's reactions to the disputed Biden victory is unsophisticated, negative and careless. They became mocking birds of democrats and western mainstream media on this. A sheer contrast to the intelligent Putin regime and respected Russian state media.


Putin will NOT congratulate Biden until results are official & legal procedures are complete, Kremlin announces

d. Both pro and anti-Chinese news sources are broadly cited and referenced to avoid one-sidedness.

e. True intelligence analysis is only possible when there is no pressure or order for ''political correctness.'' This caused the situation in which ''professional'' intelligence analysts just follow the ''official narrative'' without critical thinking about themselves and others. Respected professionals will understand this.

f. Exposing foreign NGOs - especially banal claims and cliched ''theories'' on the conspiratory NED network - can't even help containing Thailand protests due to fatal lack of historical materialist approach. The ''pro-monarchy'' camp should learn lessons from HK. I just don't engage in it while I just need to concentrate on domestic political issues of HK in terms of world politics. They must know that solving domestic political issues is the best help or contributions for foreign politics simultaneously.


The Reverse Course in HK against HKNSL (6/30/2020-present)

The Reverse Course in HK started just after the introduction of HKNSL on June 30, 2020 in the grip of the vested interests of HK against CPC (a.k.a. CCP) as conscious people easily predicted before that. As the result, black-shirts are gradually and systematically released without actual sentences due to biased judges and highly suspicious technical ''errors'' made by Justice Department, and infiltrators of HK SAR government. Now they are trying to make HKNSL ''a dead letter'' in financial field. Furthermore, promoting ''development of innovation and technology'' (it means creating local tech giants) can only be a PR stunt of HK SAR government while they will stride to maintain the speculation-driven crony capitalist framework of the city.

Vested interests have no intention or obvious tendency to make any risky changes to the present class caste and city's governing structures. For them, maintaining the status quo of the international financial hub and policy shift to ''development of innovation and technology'' from speculation-based land and real-estate monopoly capitalism are ridiculously incompatible policy choices in practice. Thus only Beijing's active roles, direct interventions and effective management of HK politics and economic policies can solve both regional protectionism of mainland against HK and reactionary resistance of vested interests of HK (the latter took form of ''Occupy Central' and ''Anti-Extradition Bill'' colour revolutions with help from foreign meddlers) against mainland China.

Indeed, holistic resolution to the two major political and economic obstacles between HK and mainland is dialectically and historically necessary. It can only be achieved by direct management, full governing of the city by the central government initiatives while they claimed to have the rights. Structural stagnation and stubborn resistance of HK oligarchs can only postpone the end of their broadening-inequality-based profit making at the cost of benefits of working class. Their largest scheme to intensify the present profit making system of oligarchs is the notorious ''Lantau Tomorrow Vision'' (2018-). Then they can safely and comfortably exploit both HK and China in the following decades by this oligarch-led construction project which totally ignores mass scale of wasted lands and abusive use of lands.

 The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) passed the legal decision titled ''disqualification of legislators concerned in accordance with NPCSC's decision on qualification of HKSAR legislators'' on November 11, 2020 (DQ4; disqualifying Alvin Yeung; Dennis Kwok Wing-hang; Kwok Ka-ki; Kenneth Leung; Carrie Lam is empowered to directly disqualify any legislators who violate criteria defined by the decision; it even can't be challenged by court in HK) and following mass resignation of 15 opposition legislators (the total opposition number is reduced to 2 out of 21 legislators; 11/12) help oligarchs to not only relieve their financial burdens on donations of both camps at the legislative council (LegCo) but also help drilling through the unfavourable law proposals with paid ''pro-establishment'' camp (41 legislators) which would contradict class interests of the working class and ultimately torment China itself. On the entire reverse course, any one-sided or isolated move without subsequent structural reform will unexpectedly intensify influences and powers of HK oligarchs even if it can reduce influence of foreign meddlers to some extent. Unfortunately foreign critics and analysts only see the latter ''influence of foreign meddlers '' one-sidedly hence they always blindly lack insight into the inner politics and local class war. Fortunately ''pro-democracy'' district council representatives are untouched by the decision thus they will attend the next legislative council election 2021. Beijing showed their estimation and wary that existing ''pro-establishment'' camp can't win the next LegCo election of 2021 while the vast majorities of grassroots votes of HK always go for the opposition camp therefore it's more about the next legislative election than separatism itself.

FACTS (October & November 2020)

1. Postponement of Annual Policy Address (10/11); Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's 40th Anniversary (10/14); The Fifth Plenary Session (10/26-29) of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) + The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) and Carrie Lam's Visit to Beijing for Economic Recovery Talks with Technocrats (11/3-7)

57.保持香港、澳門長期繁榮穩定。全面准確貫徹「一國兩制」、「港人治港」、「澳人治澳」、高度自治的方針,堅持依法治港治澳,維護憲法和基本法確定的特別行政區憲制秩序,落實中央對特別行政區全面管治權,落實特別行政區維護國家安全的法律制度和執行機制,維護國家主權、安全、發展利益和特別行政區社會大局穩定。支持特別行政區鞏固提升競爭優勢,建設國際創新科技中心打造「一帶一路」功能平台實現經濟多元可持續發展。支持香港、澳門更好融入國家發展大局,高質量建設粵港澳大灣區,完善便利港澳居民在內地發展政策措施。增強港澳同胞國家意識和愛國精神。支持香港、澳門同各國各地區開展交流合作。堅決防範和遏制外部勢力幹預港澳事務。 - The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) (1)

It can be summed as two requirements. (a) integration of Hong Kong economy into mainland China; (b) transformation of the obsolete economic model of HK by ''development of innovation and technology'' like Shenzhen. The new five-year plan surprisingly did not mention ''maintaining the prestigious status of being international financial hub.'' Hong Kong is no longer required to play the past monopolistic role in the entire national developmentalist strategy of China. In fact, Shenzhen and other part of China are replacing HK with more advanced GDP scores. Is it a victory of vested interests of HK? No, it is pretty close to abandonment or degrading of HK strategically as certain economic and bureaucratic competitions still do exist between mainland and HK. ''Maintaining the prestigious status of being international financial hub'' is now only the narcissistic self-defined PR policy of HK and declining ''pro-establishment'' camp (even though they occupied all 18 panels' chairman seats at legislative council of HKSAR on November 3, 2020; it doesn't make any difference for their ''two-faced'' patrons who are rich enough to fund both camps; ''blue & yellow'' colour-identity politics is to divide and conquer the class opponents in class war in HK thus ''two-faced'' patrons and ''two-faced'' corporate private media are real class enemies for the working class).

According to the communique of the fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) released on Oct. 29, 2020, Beijing thinks the colour revolution 2019 ceased in HK; rebuilding and integrating economy of HK into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area project (Belt and Road Initiative; announced in 2014; estimated completion in 2049) is the next priority; regional protectionism of mainland's rural governments still are ''unsolvable'' major barriers for HK when integrate itself into mainland economy) , however both the anti-extradition bill colour revolution 2019 and COVID-19 epidemic 2020 are not finished yet in HK.

On the contrary to the official narrative of Chinese state media - their ''news reports'' are rather bureaucratic announcements which are meant to prevent any OSINT attempts by intelligence agencies - , what really happening in HK politics is extremely grim for China and any patriots. This analysis refers to several current incidents which are critically significant for the next step of political gambling of the ''two-faced'' ruling class of HK.

First of all, postponement of the annual policy address of Carrie Lam (originally planned to be held on October 14 but suddenly postponed on October 11, 2020; estimated to publish within November like Macau) was a result of the first time refusal of Beijing on insincere bureaucratic formalism of HK SAR government because president Xi's visit to Shenzhen for the celebration of the linchpin of the bay area Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's 40th anniversary was scheduled beforehand and Carrie Lam had to visit Beijing for economic recovery talks in following days (November 3-7). They are intolerable about this. Beijing surprisingly took apparent initiative on governing Hong Kong. That's positive for China yet Hong Kong's future transformation of its economic model still has been disputed by many between ''maintaining the world class financial service hub'' and ''strategically'' developing highly uncompetitive IT sectors and other equally tiny industries as part of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area since 2015. In fact, the present Hong Kong economy is heavily run by speculation of stock prices, lands and real estate properties without proper social welfare for the people. Thus vested interests are major obstacles for rapid transformation of hollowed Hong Kong economy into more competitive one within the entire China (HK can be or should be the next Shenzhen?). There is nether powerful momentum nor strong tendency for abrupt changes of the present economic structures of Hong Kong. Simply it's politically only allowed to push purely quantitative limited amendments within the present social framework of oligarchs who actually run politics of HK behind both ''pro-establishment'' and now defunct ''opposition'' camps. Hence the postponement and rewrite of the annual policy report can only be empty in practice as long as economic leverages and influences of HK oligarchs are untouched by Beijing. However there is some suggested solution to improve the status quo. For instance, CPC (a.k.a. CCP) officials and members joining HK government and political parties of HK, that will be practical threats to the vested interests of HK as Hong Kong still has no political party law. (All political parties of HK are ''limited companies''; ''social organisations'' equal with ''NGOs'' not professionally trained political parties under Societies Ordinance or Companies Ordinance; in other words, ''HK political parties'' are more like ''companies'', and their chairmen are ''capitalists'')

Lack of professional POLITICAL PARTY LAW in HK indicates its fundamental reliance on external or foreign advisers and support in various fields. It's one of fatal differences of HK in world politics which is completely unknown for the most of media and ''professional'' journalists.

For further understanding analysis above, several facts must be known:

a. For HKSAR government, what they always seek from mainland is only short-sighted ''beneficial'' policy on both CEPA and individual/ business travels not any structural changes or improvement of social welfare in HK itself. Thus general policy goal of ''improvement of social welfare'' is distorted and narrowed by silly HKSAR bureaucrats due to its exclusion of HK itself. On November 6, 2019, HKSAR published the article below:





b. Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park construction project (HK's only ''innovation and technology'' project; 2017-2021) is one of prominent instances to grab the fundamental difference between HK and Shenzhen. Although start of the economic innovation of Shenzhen was later than HK, Shenzhen successfully finished construction of the Shenzhen part on the project with total 102 tech categories have been introduced in there since April 2020 while HK still has stacked in the middle of construction postponement on their own part. HKCD reported the news on April 26, 2020:

福田區近年來科創事業有哪些轉變?張忠暉表示,「我們的工作思路首先要是抓好一個核心,就是粵港澳大灣區規劃裏面的唯一以科技創新為主的戰略平台深港科技創新合作區的建設,我們現在已經緊鑼密鼓地進行建設,目前已經引進了102個科技項目,其中涉及到人工智能的、生命健康的、材料科學等六大領域的項目。第二個是打造福田超級孵化器,當然是以華強北為首的超級孵化器,大家可以看到華強北從去年開始已經陸續有五六個孵化器新建,今天就有在孵化器孵化出來的產品,比如遙看科技無接觸式的電腦接觸電梯。我們要打造大福田的超級孵化器。還有做好知識產權生態的打造,保護了知識產權就是保護了創新,福田區是全國首家區級知識產權服務業集聚發展示範區,我們跟市場監管局聯合加強知識產權的保護,加強知識產權的創造,加強知識產權的運用,特別是全國首個知識產權交易所和科技成果交易所即將會在深交所落戶。」 (3)

c. Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030 (2016-2019) is just another PR stunt because it is only justification, decoration of the status quo without any dramatic structural changes for itself. And filled with empty slogans. It's true that real reformism is a taboo in HKSAR. In fact, HKSAR bureaucrats are good at PR stunts and use PR stunts to replace actual reforms and actions. THINK HONG KONG published on November 6, 2020:




Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030

d. HKTDC and InvestHK's PR stunts are ''no policy'' on Belt and Road Initiative (2014). Transformation of economy and innovative development can't be achieved by more PR activities and pure accumulation of capital. It needs strategical management by government not by self-profit-driven capitalists. At present, what they already completed are late inauguration of Belt and Road Office staffs within Industry and Tourism Branch, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Commerce in this year; annual international conference The Belt and Road Summit of HKTDC is a sheer PR stuff. All of them indicate ''no policy'' and ''no strategic actions.'' HKTDC reported on September 8, 2019:

Mission leader Edward Yau Tang-wah said he believes with the city’s global outlook and international connectivity, Hong Kong enterprises and professionals play an indispensable role in making Hong Kong the prime platform for enterprises in both countries to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The HKTDC will continue to strengthen its efforts in fostering collaboration with members around the world to maximise the opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative. (5)

Pouring money and making ordinary investment deals bilaterally don't fulfil the strategic transformation of the HK economic structures. On the contrary, they just talk about bilateral investment deals which have nothing to do with actual strategic planning of The Belt and Road. Those PR stunts are just made in the name of The Belt and Road. That's all.


The Belt and Road Summit 2020

e. Obsolete Industrialisation Model of HK No Longer Applicable in Mainland and Anywhere in the World: Historically HK's sweatshop-driven industrialisation of the Guangdong province between 1979 to 2010 by HK entrepreneurs and investors was based on their industrialisation model of 1950s and 1960s. That's all gone now even though the HK sweatshop-driven industrialisation successfully transformed the Guangdong province into the China's major industrial centre during 1980s and 1990s. Furthermore at its peak, HK capitalists employed more than 10 million labour forces in 2007. Then, policy change came, the entire Guangdong province no longer needed to rely on HK sweatshops to boost their export-driven economy with cheaper labour force, low technologies, and labour-intensified consumer commodities. The new measures taken by the local government made their sweatshop-model unprofitable. Finally HK-capital firms had halved their entire work force in 2010. Thus HK's past successful business model ''sweatshop-driven'' industrialisation will have no place in the entire Chinese development plans forever. The cheaper-labour oriented neoliberal value is no longer acceptable for CPC and the central government. The Guangdong province became the core of Chinese industrial revolutions. It showed ''Scientific'' Outlook on Development which fundamentally differs from anarchistic neoliberalism of HK.

2008年以來,廣東的經濟發展戰略和經濟發展格局與趨勢出現了較大的改變和調整。除了廣東經濟發展的內在因素外,促成這種調整的外在因素,一是中共十七大的召開和汪洋擔任廣東省委書記,提出了廣東經濟發展的新路向,二是金融海嘯引發的全球經濟衰退以及國家應對的舉措。第一個因素是政治上和政策上的,第二個因素則是市場上的,兩大因素共同促成了廣東經濟發展格局與趨勢的調整。在此基礎上,順應國內、國際經濟發展的趨勢,廣東省明確提出“`十二 五'時期(2011-2015 年),是廣東深入實施《珠江三角洲地區改革發展規劃綱要(2008-2020年)》,深化改革開放,加快轉變經濟發展方式攻堅克難的關鍵時期,是全面建設更高水準的小康社會,向基本實現社會主義現代化目標邁進的關鍵時期,必須承前啟後搶抓科學發展戰略新機遇,緊緊圍繞`加快轉型升級、 建設幸福廣東'這個核心,全面開創科學發展、社會和諧新局面。" (6)



2. Never Ending Story: Unjustifiable Release of Black-shirts by Justice Department's Negligence, Technical ''Errors'' And Politically Biased Judges (6/9/2019-10/31/2020)

The Reverse Course of HK means that anti-China reactionaries systematically coordinated to reverse the effects of HKNSL without apparently confront the central government. A work of infiltrators.

In general, police arrested total 10,148 suspects during the ''anti-extradition bill'' colour revolution between June 9, 2019 to October 31, 2020 however there are still only 23% of ''black-shirted protesters'' legally charged, and major categories of charges are (1) rioting (690 suspects) ; (2) illegal gathering (412 suspects) and (3) possession of offensive weapons in public place (337 suspects). According to news report of ON.CC on November 10, 2020, 603 out of 726 defenders got sentenced.


被檢控的首3位罪行分別為「暴動」,共690人、「非法集結」,共412人,及「藏有攻擊性武器」共337人。其中726人已完成司法程序,並有83%,即603人須承擔法律後果,包括被定罪、簽保守行為、獲頒照顧或保護令。 議員葛珮帆表示,反修例暴力示威持續多時,至今近年半,但檢控數字仍不足四分一,批評律政司繼續歎慢板,拖延檢控只會對證人不利,變相放生犯法者,她又促請司法機構審訊時間,甚至倣效英國開設24小時法庭加快審訊,令違法者早日繩之於法。(7)

In other words, there are only 603 criminals out of 10,148 suspects actually got sentenced until October 31, 2020. 0.06 (6%) of the entire ''peaceful and polite'' PROTESTERS proven guilty during the ongoing ''anti-extradition bill'' colour revolution is unbelievable. Many of them got released at the phase of prima facie on their charges. One symbolic incident of this is the Sham Siu-man court case on October 31, 2020 in which the regional judge of The District Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region released seven suspected rioters by depicting them as ''bystanders'' while they actually possessing ''protester goods'' at the site of illegal ''demonstration'' (riot) in Wan Chai on August 31, 2019. VOA reported this news on November 1, 2020:




參與暴動是香港警方控告涉及反對修訂逃犯條例的人士最常用的罪名。而7名人士被法官裁決控罪不成立,星期六當庭釋放,被認為是港警這一慣用做法所遭遇的挫敗。 7人被當庭釋放也是反修例以來,同一起被控暴動罪名不成立案件中人數最多的一宗。(8)

Both 0.06 (6%) of extremely low criminal sentence rate of FREEDOM FIGHTERS and the 10.31 full release of seven 8.31 Wan Chai rioters can be seen as the height of anti-HKNSL reverse course before arrests (11/1-2) and disqualifying of opposition legislators (11/11) in November. There are ups and downs during the entire reverse course. This is a battle between the central government and anti-China vested interests of HK. As a matter of fact, HK law system is still under control of UK, thus the main battle against the central government is essentially fought by common-law judiciaries locally.

3. SFC's Treason: Privately Suggesting Locally Operating Banks to Enforce US Sanctions Against Own Government Officers?

The most astonishing and ridiculous news was recently reported by Financial Times on November 9, 2020:

Hong Kong’s securities regulator has privately advised financial institutions they can implement US sanctions without automatically violating a tough national security law imposed on the city by Beijing. The move, which is aimed at reassuring foreign investors in the Asian financial hub, comes as international companies complain that the government has yet to release concrete guidelines on the law’s implementation months after its introduction. ......

Yet lawyers have warned that institutions that did so ran the risk of triggering a clause in the security law that threatens harsh penalties for offenders who “collude” with a foreign government to impose sanctions on Hong Kong. In response to the confusion, officials from Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong’s markets regulator, have privately assured global banks that it would be unlikely they would be breaking the law were they to implement the US sanctions, two people with direct knowledge of the situation said. ......

The SFC declined to comment. The Hong Kong government said it had “not heard any negative feedback” from members of the IBC about its response and its “door remains open” to international chambers. (9)

There are several issues for this.

(1) Why doesn't SFC simply inquire National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force and Office for Safeguarding National Security of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on this? It's simply lack of communication among different governmental departments. This scandal is a by-product of narrow-sighted jurisdictional tribalism of HKSAR which we can be broadly seen on their mismanagement of social issues.

(2) Passively enforcing US sanctions against own governments is legal under HKNSL? Who said that? Read the original provisions by yourself.

第四节  勾结外国或者境外势力危害国家安全罪

第二十九条  为外国或者境外机构、组织、人员窃取、刺探、收买、非法提供涉及国家安全的国家秘密或者情报的;请求外国或者境外机构、组织、人员实施,与外国或者境外机构、组织、人员串谋实施,或者直接或者间接接受外国或者境外机构、组织、人员的指使、控制、资助或者其他形式的支援实施以下行为之一的,均属犯罪








第三十条 为实施本法第二十条、第二十二条规定的犯罪,与外国或者境外机构、组织、人员串谋,或者直接或者间接接受外国或者境外机构、组织、人员的指使、控制、资助或者其他形式的支援的,依照本法第二十条、第二十二条的规定从重处罚。(10)

It clearly states that any organisations and individuals commit NSL violations even under threats of foreign forces are criminals under the law. The US sanctions including resent ones (SC4; Deng Zhonghua; Edwina Lau; Steve Li; Li Jiangzhou; announced by Pompeo on November 9, 2020) are all instructed and ordered by the US government thus passively implementing the sanctions in HK is sheer violation of HKNSL.

Another suspicious SFC move was identified simultaneously. Apple Daily reported on November 9, 2020,



This news information is more threatening than the former because the most of operating companies in HK fear forcible measures of authorities requiring them to provide data of clients and financial activities. It's abandoned by SFC after the rejection from Amazon, Microsoft and Google who are operating in HK. Financially HKNSL got null by the two suspicious moves by SFC.

4. All Opposition Lawmakers ''Gone with the Wind''? Unexpected Application of Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance for the Mass Arrest of Opposition Legislators (11/1-2); DQ4 of November 11 , 2020 And Subsequent mass resignation of ''pan-democrat'' camp (11/12)

First of all, citizens must know that no matter how you like or hate so called ''pan-democrat'' camp (a.k.a. HK opposition), we must admit that the vast majorities of voters support them. For instance, the entire opposition camp got total 1,193,061 votes against the ''pro-establishment'' camp's 871, 016 votes in 2016 Hong Kong legislative election (9/4/2016). The failure of opposition is due to proportional representation voting system of LegCo (total 70 seats) and internal division among opposition parties. (12)

For instance, ''pro-establishment'' camp only had 8 parties; ''opposition'' camp had at least 14 parties at that time. Thus opposition's strategic failure was mathematically inevitable while they were split into pieces and unable to unify candidates under the proportional representation.

This is the basic understanding of the LegCo electoral situation. On this base, we can easily realise that the series of administrative purges of opposition camp is purely political. Now, there are only 2 opposition legislators against 41 ''pro-establishment'' legislators in LegCo on November 13, 2020. It will be an one-sided game by patrons of ''pro-establishment'' legislators to push or refuse any law/ budget proposals because LegCo just requires more than half of the ''all legislators''. 41 is adequate to pass any proposals they want after the effective date of mass resignation (12/1). (13)

It also relieved the financial burdens of patrons behind both camps. A big help for anti-CPC oligarchs. Obviously this move itself can't even weaken gigantic influence of localist oligarchs.

BBC reported the mass arrest of opposition figures on November 2, 2020:









BBC's unbiased on this report. It is true that Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance clearly defines criminal behaviours of legislators. Thus it is uncontroversially legal to prosecute LegCo violators for crimes they committed.




凡任何人 ——











凡任何人 ——






(由2000年第71號第3條修訂) (15)

At least Raymond Chan Chi-chuen's claim is not groundless that no arrest for violators in ''pro-establishment'' camp can be seen as an undeniable sign of ''selective'' enforcement of the law. In other words, it's politically motivated by administrators.

For DQ4+ mass resignation of 15 opposition legislators on November 11-12, SCMP's news report of November 13 cited interviews from the ''victims'':

Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung, who stepped down as the Labour Party’s sole lawmaker, admitted it would be difficult for his party to move forward.

“We have to seriously discuss what to do and whether the Labour Party should disband or not after our sole seat in the legislature is gone,” Cheung said.

Cheung, who served as a lawmaker in the 2004-08 term and was re-elected in 2012, co-founded the Labour Party with opposition stalwart Lee Cheuk-yan in December 2011. At its height, the party held four Legco seats from 2012 to 2016.

Apart from deciding whether to directly take part in elections again, Cheung said he believed the party needed to focus on maintaining the energy of civil society. He has expressed support for the younger generation of politicians.

We still have seven seats in the district councils,” he said. “These young councillors are able to communicate with the radical forces. I believe in their abilities to think of something new. (16)

Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung's words perfectly reflect the future tendency of opposition camp in HK. Yes, they still have dominated majorities (389 seats against 86 seats of ''pro-establishment'' camp) of district councils throughout the entire city since the victorious 2019 Hong Kong District Council Election (November 24, 2019). Opposition secured their political base, bastion for seeking more popular support from grassroots and international communities. Furthermore, ''pro-establishment'' is totally incompetent on the political struggles on the street and the international communities.

What Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung implied is that there will be the next colour revolution attempt in the near future. In that time, district council members will be major roles to protect FREEDOM FIGHTERS from administrations.

5. Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macau Seeking Temporary Office Places for Renovation

HK01 reported on November 6, 2020:





駐港總領事館直屬美國國務院,是美國全球唯一可獨立行使職權的駐外總領事館,除為美國公民提供領事服務外,亦為香港和澳門居民提供美國各類簽證的申請服務。現任總領事為史墨客(Hanscom Smith)。

總領館過往甚少透露在港職員人數,前保安局局長李少光曾於2014年指,美國駐港總領事館規模比其他地區大,職員人數由回歸前600多人,增至現時過千人,但美領館發言人即反駁指,有關推測「錯得離譜」,當時只有140名美國職員及180名香港職員,但李少光再質疑或只是「表面數字」。...... (17)

The last interesting news of November (at the time of writing this report) is this one. It can reveal which developer has a close tie with US State Department in HK politically. As OBO's 2.566 billion HKD sale of US properties at #37 Shouson Peak, Shouson Hill to a local ''pro-US'' developer Hang Lung Properties (American CEO Ronnie Chichung Chan) proved, the rent of office space in Central or Admiralty by OBO will reveal another collaborator of US in HK.

Besides this, the actual number of staffs at the largest spy hub in China is still mysterious. According to the report, there are at least more than 600 staffs working at the consulate and seeking some offsite location for them. It means the number of staffs actually increased after 1997 and 2014. Therefore The Hon. Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong's statement is persuasive and not far from reality about their suspicious number.

Strategically, it is important to know that Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macau can ''independently'' operate in HK with mobility and resiliency. It means that China is still facing the most powerful consulate (intelligence hub) in territories.

However we can't see any apparent DEA activities in HK as drug trafficking is one of major categories of anti-China operations in East / South East Asia. This is one of political differences with South America. In fact, one of regime change engineers DEA is in HK.

The Far East Region is responsible for oversight and management of DEA operations in 34 countries in Southeast Asia. These activities are executed by personnel assigned to 14 DEA offices located throughout the Region, to include: Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand; Beijing; Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China; Canberra and Sydney, Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Hanoi, Vietnam; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Rangoon, Burma.

DEA’s enforcement priorities in the Far East include disrupting:

  • Diversion of pharmaceuticals, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), and Fentanyl by Far East Region sources of supply

  • Chinese chemical companies supplying Transnational Criminal Organizations with precursor chemicals

  • Transnational Criminal Organizations distributing illicit substances in the Far East Region

  • Utilization of Far East banking and informal value transfer systems to launder illicit proceeds

  • Regional sources of supply distributing methamphetamine and heroin within in the Far East Region

DEA also provides assistance to Host Nation governments within Southeast Asia in capacity building to combat international drug trafficking and money laundering. (18)

There is only one news on DEA activity in HK which is impressively positive, and such news is now almost unimaginable under the current political turmoil between China and US. Info.gov.hk reported on May 9, 2006:

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, the Anti-Smuggling Bureau (ASB) of Shenzhen Customs and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have smashed a Colombia-based cocaine trafficking syndicate. ......

The intelligence provided by the DEA comprised two main crucial elements - (a) a huge amount of cocaine had been delivered to the southern part of the Mainland and (b) the members of the drug trafficking syndicate would seek buyers in Hong Kong. Following extensive analysis, Hong Kong Customs officers tracked down a targeted person and put him under close surveillance.

When the targeted person departed for Shenzhen via Lo Wu Control Point in late January, Hong Kong Customs officers immediately contacted ASB of Shenzhen Customs requesting them to keep a close eye on the target across the boundary. Since then, Hong Kong Customs managed to get more and more information regarding the activities of other members of the syndicate.

In the following operations, the law enforcement agencies investigated a Colombia-based cocaine trafficking syndicate active in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and took enforcement actions with the co-ordination of the General Administration of Customs.

Undercover Hong Kong Customs officers obtained one kilogram of cocaine as sample from the syndicate at a place in Kowloon in mid-March. Parties on the Mainland and Hong Kong meticulously analysed intelligence and monitored the activities of syndicate members across the boundary. They took synchronous enforcement actions in respective jurisdictions at an optimum time.

On March 15, the ASB of Shenzhen Customs notified Hong Kong Customs they had arrested two Hong Kong people and a Mainlander in an operation, seized some dangerous drugs and obtained information of the drugs storage centre. Hong Kong Customs then tightened surveillance on the ring members in Hong Kong in a bid to neutralise the whole ring.

On the afternoon of March 16, acting upon notification that ASB had seized a large quantity of cocaine from a storage centre in Zhongshan, Hong Kong Customs mounted a corresponding operation, arresting two Colombians, who were syndicate members, at two locations in Hong Kong. They were aged 32 and 27. (19)

Although this is politically a ''symbolic'' event, US must know that this kind of international cooperation is what foreign countries expecting from you always. It's quite opposite from imperialist interventions, wars, sanctions, assassinations and colour revolutions against their undesirable foreign regimes.


The reverse course against HKNSL (nullifying HKNSL in practice) is not suspended by recent political moves of Beijing against vested interests of HK and foreign meddlers. The SFC scandal itself is an attempt to nullify HKNSL in the untouchable field, financial sector. ''Developing innovation and technology'' by HKSAR is just a PR stunt. They always replace strategic actions with more PR stunts. And even the HK's only ''innovation and technology'' project has been stacked at the construction phase for years due to systematic postponement by real estate oligarchs and HKSAR bureaucrats. Furthermore, only 6% of all arrested ''protesters'' found guilty and actually sentenced during the sporadically still ongoing ''anti-extradition bill'' colour revolution (6/9/2019-). Finally mass purge of opposition legislators at LegCo prepares the next colour revolution in the near future in which 389 opposition district council representatives will play major roles. Economic, judicial, educational, social working and media sectors which seen as ''protester-factories'' are still untouched by Beijing. Without structural changes of these key sectors, it is quite impossible to cease the political chaos in HK. Genuine grassroots movements already strangled to death and don't even exist in crony capitalist HK thus the key player is the central government. At present, any local reformist attempts and criticism on mismanagement of HKSAR are all systematically nullified to maintain the status quo.

Additionally, I have to mention three issues. (a) the correct stance on COVID-19 is that HK must completely contain the number of COVID cases to zero with compulsory measures, then HK can reopen economy and relieve any containment rules. And then HK even properly can think about Travel Bubble with other nations where perfectly contained the epidemic. Thus it is not proper time for HK to start Air Travel Bubble with Singapore from November 22 as HK is under the fourth wave of epidemic now. (b) Education Bureau revoking license of a teacher at Holap Ho Lap Primary School for ''Opium War''- related historical revisionism on November 12, 2020 was just another act of scapegoating because there were at least 222 complaints placed for ''misbehaviours'' of teachers until May 2020 (but only two teachers' license got revoked). (c) Although the US president Donald Trump is undoubtedly a foreign interventionist of the US empire but he is not a warmonger at all because his greatest contribution to the world politics is that he still desperately tries ending the ''forever wars'' in Middle East as he promised to his American voters. It's surprisingly unprecedented as US president. Diplomatically Trump policy is broadly popular among the Middle East countries. Furthermore this is even well realised by intelligence agencies of Iran, Syria and Russia. RT reported on November 13, 2020:

Trump’s withdrawal appeared to make good on his campaign-trail promise to extricate the US from its “forever wars” in the Middle East. Trump, who referred to Syria in 2018 as “sand and death,” angered a host of Pentagon chiefs and diplomats when he announced the near-total pull-out from the country last October. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned in protest when Trump first announced withdrawal plans in 2018, and Jeffrey said on Thursday that the decision was “the most controversial thing in my fifty years in government.”

Jeffrey’s predecessor, Brett McGurk, also handed in his notice when Trump revealed the pull-out. Taking over from McGurk, Jeffrey and his team routinely misled the president to ensure that “there was never a Syria withdrawal.”

Even before he signed up to work for the Trump administration, Jeffrey’s opposition to the president was well known. Shortly after Trump was named as the Republican candidate in 2016, Jeffrey signed a letter declaring that the businessman and TV host “would be the most reckless president in American history.” The letter’s other signatories included a host of Bush administration security officials, who helped shape the policies that destabilized the Middle East and gave rise to Islamic State.