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Writer of Night of the Living Dead, John Russo’s Book Writing Recommendation (2023)

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Writer of Night of the Living Dead, John Russo’s Book Writing Recommendation (2023)
FILE PHOTO: Man running away from Zombie Army Apocalypse © Envato

Video Data


Producer: Ryota Nakanishi

Production Company: Cameo

Starring: John Russo  

Year of Production: 2023


Video: John Russo (1939-)


My Response:


It’s Mr. John Russo! Thank you ever so much for your recommendation and blessing! I sincerely hope for your health and happiness as a Night of the Living Dead fan!



Note: He gave me a double length than the Cameo rule.

The so-called "book" could mean either a book in general or a screenplay or both here. I meant a book in a traditional meaning.



On Cameo:


It’s exciting to produce custom-made videos with actors! 


I’m glad to use Cameo to arrange a greetings video with celebrities! That’s a new way of video-making!  My recommendation is that Cameo fits making greetings videos, not a deep discussion about things with celebrities. I think it’s the best way of using it. 



On Night of the Living Dead (1968):


This was and still is the greatest zombie film ever made in history. A simple code change - cannibalism plus ghouls - for The Last Man on Earth (1964) became an unprecedented hit for decades. Congratulations to Mr. Russo. I told him that it’s enough to have NOLD for him. He agreed. Furthermore, he told me that there was no alternative ending shot for this film at the time of filming. Thus, why we see it today is the director's cut. Yet, there is one extreme wide-shot missing in the middle of the gas-filling sequence in which the greatest horde of ghouls appears in the shot. This still photo can be seen in his movie book. 


John Russo’s Official Site:


John Russo’s Latest Interview:  

40 Minutes With John A. Russo | Writer of Night of the Living Dead


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