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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #36 In Search of Masterminds:Mafia Involvement in Anti-China Campaign

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: HK Media Mogul, Jimmy Lai.  ©RFA/; Composite/Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: HK Media Mogul, Jimmy Lai. ©RFA/; Composite/Ryota Nakanishi


In general, US backed regime change ops. are requested by multinational corporations operating in that country in the first place. Such as United Fruit Company in Cuba and ITT in Chile. Thus governmental bodies and bureaucrats just respond to demands from capitalists. If we historically compare the CIA classical covert operations in Chile between 1960s to 1973 with the ongoing Hong Kong anti-extradition bill colour revolution, Jimmy Lai's Apple Daily is the El Mercurio of Hong Kong. Unlike the official narrative of 'pro-establishment' and Chinese state propaganda media, Jimmy Lai and entire opposition camp are ''front line'' commands and soldiers not ''ultimate'' masterminds themselves at all.

As the result, their propaganda and coordinated bashing against Jimmy Lai and opposition are just helping ultimate masterminds behind them. In fact, ultimate masterminds are hiding in 'pro-establishment' camp and politically exploiting the title 'pro-establishment', this is a taboo for them. In fact, all actual structural changes, regime changes in Hong Kong were made by 'pro-establishment' not by opposition. The most notorious instance is that the ''brainwashing'' liberal studies course for eight universities which systematically designed by US agents who put in charge via 'pro-establishment' employers' association VISION 2047. This is why short-sightedly demonising HK opposition is a fatal wrong. It will obstruct any independent thought and in depth analysis. Both conspiracy theories and ''politicised'' FACTS are only harmful to the public on any matters.

The Chilean case provides us a historical model and insight on it.

''Full disclosure of the Track 1 documentation would show that ITT had indeed ''provoked'' its own expropriation by engaging in illicit and illegal intervention in internal Chilean politics. The corporation had approached the CIA in July 1970 and offered a secret ''election fund'' to support the conservative candidate Jorge Alessandri; it had conducted its own covert political operations inside Chile, among them passing funds to Alessandri through a secret channel provided by the CIA; ITT had urged the embassy to be more aggressive in blocking Allende, and conspired with CIA officials to destabilise the economy and ''stop Allende.'' After the elections, ITT officials had secretly funnelled tens of thousands of dollars into a secret Swiss bank account for El Mercurio as part of a covert CIA propaganda operation. But the Nixon administration's effort to cover up the scandal precluded sharing any information with OPIC; and officials feared that if denied its claim, ITT would ''turn on the USG (US government)'' and argue that its covert involvement in Chile was undertaken at official request. ''Our primary interests,'' as Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs Charles Meyer wrote, ''are to avoid or to minimise disclosures that could severely compromise opposition forces in Chile and embarrass the administration.'' (1)

First, multinational corporations request embassy and US government for political interventions, then USG starts overt and covert involvement in targeted country. The government serves capitalists. The order and procedure are same on the Hong Kong matters. Although there are heads and tails of masterminds-beneficiaries witnessed by HK citizens during the anti-extradition bill riots, the ITT of Hong Kong is still mysterious. Some may say it's NEXT DIGITAL. The classical Chilean case proved below:

(1) Regime change ops. are requested by multinational companies.

(2) Multinational companies themselves are engaging in their own covert political operations in their operating countries or regions. Thus multinational corporations especially in information technological field can be seen as private intelligence agencies. Such as so called US tech giants. Remember even ''local companies'' are multinational companies or tentacles of them.

Anyway, the ultimate masterminds behind the Hong Kong political theatre must be identified in order to root out them forever. There are key incidents to provide clues for identifying ultimate masterminds.

  1. Who did manipulate the stock price and speculate in trades of stock of Jimmy Lai's NEXT DIGITAL?

  2. Who will buy Jimmy Lai's industrial building?

  3. Who will buy properties of American Consulate General of Hong Kong & Macau?

  4. Who are systematically helping illegal refugees to Taiwan?

  5. Who are actual plotters of the July 21, 2019 Yuen Long riot?

  6. Who is lying about and the Hong Kong colour revolution? And how?

At least these six incidents and their recent updates can provide us clues toward ultimate masterminds yet social responses to these incidents are also equally important for holistic views and observation. We have to simply grab the points in order to avoid being brainwashed or misled by both local and international corporate or state run mainstream media.


  1. On September 10, 2020, Hong Kong Police Force announced that 15 criminals behind speculation in stock price of NEXT DIGITAL during August 7 to 12, 2020 were arrested.





Unlike misconceptions of ordinary citizens who are misled by Hong Kong action flicks (bureaucratic propaganda in the form of entertainment), Narcotics Bureau is in charge of handling commercial crimes like this case. A ''WhatsApp'' group of speculators made total 38,700,000 HKD by coordinated repetitive sales and purchases for 13,200 times within three days. As the result, they artificially multiplied the stock price 4,000 times larger than before Jimmy Lai's arrest under the new national security law on August 10, 2020. Above cited information from police indicates several things below:

a. The use of ''WhatsApp'' means Hong Kong branch of Facebook=Instagram=WhatsApp have their full personal information and records of conversations in their platform. The politically biased censorship did not prevent their speculation. Facebook=Instagram=WhatsApp provided their criminal communication tool as they are allowing smuggling business of terrorist groups in their platform.

b. The age ranged from 22 to 53, which is similar to the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, especially the black-shirts and white-shirts on the July 21 Yuen Long riot. Even this resembles the political money laundering front organisation Spark Alliance (they arrested on December 19, 2019). Ranged from students to elders. Cross-generation is one of common features of those organisations. This is why we can't blindly blame brainwashed students and children.

c. ''Godfather in reality is just a criminal, and only will be a criminal. '' Hong Kong Police always do not name which mafia is involved in coordinated crimes. There are three major mafia groups in Hong Kong, such as Sun Yee On; Wo Shing Wo; 14K. In Hong Kong, the three major mafia groups are supported by anti-communist forces not CCP. Mafia is also called Triad societies in Chinese but its nature is no different from Japanese Yakuza. 14K and Sun Yee On are local official death squads of KMT-CIA of Taiwan after the 1949 liberation until today. In general, that is US who customarily uses local mafia as a death squad in foreign interventions globally. They are inappropriately decorated and referred as ''right wings''. Triad connections of both black-shirts and white-shirts are confirmed by police during anti-extradition bill riots. For black-shirts, one of rioters, a 23 yo man whose surname, Liang on the July 14, 2019 riot at New Town Plaza in Sha Tin was confirmed as a mafia member but police still did not disclose the identity of mafia he belongs to.


For white shirts, it's easier to find information online due to search engine bias by US tech giants. It's turned out that the white shirts are basically not local indigenous inhabitants of Yuen Long but they are mafia members of traditionally KMT backed death squad 14K and others.


Although the Falun Gong's US media Epoch Times wants to link ''Ruby'' and his white shirts with Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the point of the news is that white shirts are from 14K. It's ridiculous to depict KMT's decade-long anti CCP death squad 14K as ''pro CCP'' thugs. Epoch Times did not properly mention what 14K is. This is a ''dirty war'' in HK.

d. Six of them are unemployed workers with no money for speculation in stock market. It means that this was money laundering by mafia. Those unemployed workers are obviously lured by mafia (it could be KMT-14K) via SNS to engage in money laundering for mysterious rich speculators behind them. And those real masterminds are still not arrested. Mysterious rich clients of money laundering can be identified via the mafia network. However Hong Kong Police Force will stop further investigation at the midpoint like another money laundering case Spark Alliance. ''Real masterminds'' are protected by the establishment. Thus both Spark Alliance members and NEXT DIGITAL ''WhatsApp'' speculators are not real masterminds at all.

e. Hong Kong SAR government is filled with infiltrators who are more loyal to vested interests than China because they were perfectly preserved from the British colonial Hong Kong without decolonisation. This is one of grave mistakes committed by politically immature mainlanders of the central government at that time. It still haunts the present. On this case, one firefighter was arrested as part of the speculation and money laundering. In fact, there were another firefighters got arrested as ''pro-DEMOCRACY'' rioters. One typical case is below:


A firefighter Fang Zhixiong assaulted police with Molotov cocktails, a hammer and knife at Mong Kok on November 10, 2019, and he got arrested. This firefighter is a typical infiltrator who enjoys high standard of social welfare as a public servant meanwhile acting as an anti-China rioter. It's complete destruction of moral and self-denial of the social duty of being a firefighter. There were numerous arrests of firefighters who committed riots or negligence of duty or sabotage of law enforcement during anti-extradition bill riots. Meanwhile we have to be resilient to overwhelming disinformation ops. against authorities or protesters made by irresponsible net media and mainstream media of Hong Kong.


d.止謠以息暴──科大生周梓樂墮樓事件一集看 (a unique analysis on the controversial ''firefighters=rioters'' disinformation op. on the Death of Chow Tsz-lok incident on November 3-8, 2019)

2. After the arrest of August 10, 2020, Jimmy Lai tried to sell one of his properties like Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block I with 20% discount price 129,000,000HKD. Then real estate agents have been helping him to find a buyer however no real estate oligarchs are willing to purchase it under the extremely politicised situation. The reason is that anyone who purchases Jimmy Lai's properties will automatically reveal themselves as a mastermind or accomplice of Jimmy Lai in the narrow islands of real estate oligarchs. Oriental Daily has been following this whole process since then.

On August 12, 2020, Oriental Daily reported:


面對虧損連年、業績持續惡化,壹傳媒早前連番變賣台灣物業,大股東黎智英亦將私人持的當地物業出售。周一(10日)黎智英被香港警方拘捕,據報正加緊賣產。近期多家地產代理接獲大埔太平工業中心1座19樓全層放盤,面積約41,570方呎,原先每方呎叫價4000港元,全層涉資約1.66億港元,近日突然將叫價大減至1.29億港元,每方呎叫價3100港元,劈價幅度達22%。經東網調查,該物業現時的業主為「公明織造廠」,其董事包括黎智英,以及現時身處海外、正被警方通緝的黎智英左右手Mark Simon



There is still no buyer for the property, Oriental Daily reported on September 9, 2020.

頻頻賣產套現「撲水」的黎智英,其牽頭持有的大埔太平工業中心全層早前委託代理暗盤放售,有人疑去貨心切,叫價更劈逾2成至1.29億港元,仍乏人問津。據悉,該物業現時的業主為「公明織造廠」,董事包括黎智英及Mark Simon。


「公明織造廠」的股東是Comitex Holdings Limited及力高顧問有限公司,分別持有約102萬股及1股。按公司註冊處資料所示,截至去年12月,Comitex Holdings Limited股東包括黎智英,其持股比例最大,佔約87%。其次是前立法局議員張鑑泉遺產執行人,持股約11%。至於另外兩名股東羅彥康及紀志偉,則分別持股各不足1%。(7)

At least, it's politically obvious that purchasing his property under the circumstances will define themselves as a caretaker, a supporter, a financier or an accomplice even though they are not originally masterminds behind Jimmy Lai. The public attention on this case is extremely concentrated than any other cases of FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Thus, no masterminds will reveal themselves in this stupid way. Their use of front companies is even not safe on this.

3. After Trump cancelled Hong Kong’s special status on June 30, 2020, then the largest anti-China spy base in Chinese territories, Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macau where the CIA Hong Kong station is based called for bidding on The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Besides this, CIA officers behind anti-China operations are posing as ''consulate staffs'' and their telephone numbers are available online like any other countries they operate. It is not hard to find a clue on how they operate in Hong Kong. ''Pro-US'' mainstream media of UK, The Guardian reported the Snowden incident on June 9, 2013:

By 2007, the CIA stationed him with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland. His responsibility for maintaining computer network security meant he had clearance to access a wide array of classified documents.

"We have got a CIA station just up the road – the consulate here in Hong Kong – and I am sure they are going to be busy for the next week. And that is a concern I will live with for the rest of my life, however long that happens to be." (8)


The Snowden case can tell us more detailed information on the CIA activities in Hong Kong but this needs another specific report. For here, we got two points on this.

a. CIA case officers are posing as consulate / embassy staffs under the diplomatic cover and immunity as liaison persons for local authorities. Thus the management of Hong Kong Police Forces knows who they are.

b. Snowden did not disclose CIA black sites in Hong Kong yet he publicly confirmed the undeniable fact that the Hong Kong CIA station is in the consulate. It means that they live in their state owned luxury dormitories like the one in Shouson Hill Road, Shouson Peak, Deep Sea Bay. US got The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in 1948.

Like Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block I, purchase of properties of ''enemies of the state'' will be inevitably reveal themselves as an accomplice or contact or mastermind. On this consulate case, The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, it revealed their local contact and accomplice of US anti-China operations because US won't sell its overseas properties to random capitalists or unknown state actors recklessly. The best example is The Taipei Film House where original consulate general of the USA located until 1979. Then, the unused land of ex-US consulate general was revitalised and inaugurated on November 10, 2002 by the hands of ''pro-US'' the Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei City Government not any others. They secured who would succeed their properties after 1979.

There was news that one of real estate oligarchs, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited wanted to buy The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from US government which are worth for 2.5 billion HKD but they swiftly denied it.

RTHK reported it on September 10, 2020:





It means that Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited was failed to buy it at the auction. Thus it did not deny their will and close ties with the US government. The official buyer of The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was later confirmed. The call for bidding was handled by the US commercial real estate & investment company CBRE Group, Inc.. The buyer is ''pro-establishment'' developer Hang Lung Group which is led by American CEO Ronnie Chichung Chan.

Apple Daily reported this in detail on September 10, 2020:




Apple Daily did a great job to point out that so called ''pro-establishment'' is highly self-contradicted in action. The purchase of the US properties is a financial help for both sides under the political difficulties. Politically genuine pro-China right-wing capitalists won't buy any properties from their ''enemies of the state'' in this way. However there are several key ''pro-establishment'' foreign Chinese capitalists helped US colour revolutions in Hong Kong, such as EASTERN AMERICAN's Henley Lee and Fung Group's Victor Fung etc.. Other prime figure is Leung Chun-ying, he is an occasional contributor to ''pro-independence'' FCC and even supported anti-China 6.4 colour riots in 1989. They can be seen as the similar type of two-faced pragmatists, opportunists not sincere pro-China, pro CCP figures. One of them, Henley Lee was even arrested in mainland for supporting independence of Taiwan and anti-extradition bill colour revolution of Hong Kong.

A foreign national who allegedly funded activities that threatened China's national security, including conspiring with foreign forces to support Hong Kong separatists, will stand trial in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. 

Guangdong authorities arrested Lee Henley (Hu Xiang), a citizen of Belize, on November 26 for allegedly funding criminal activities that threatened national security. Little background information about Lee is available online.  

An inside source familiar with Lee's family background told the Global Times that Lee's grandfather, who started a business in Hong Kong, also lived there and in the UK with his aunts and uncles. Lee's father worked on the mainland and formerly taught at a university. 

After the reform and opening-up, through his family relationships in Hong Kong, Lee found success through foreign investment opportunities. He later acquired Belize citizenship with the help of his family in Hong Kong. (11)

This is a typical feature of Hong Kong politics that compradors are politically exploiting the uniform of ''pro-establishment'' to help ''enemies of the state'' from the inside safely. Furthermore, structurally critical changes for US imperialism were and will be achieved via ''pro-establishment'' lobbying groups and organisations rather than ''opposition.'' For instance, the liberal studies of eight universities are systematically coordinated by Hong Kong-America Center which ''pro-establishment' Victor Fung helped to build.

4. Hong Kong mafia (maybe 14K again) recently involved in smuggling of 12 fugitives of anti-extradition bill riots, and the 12 fugitives were all arrested by mainland police. Moreover in another case, 5 fugitives surprisingly got arrested by Taiwan authorities after successfully smuggled into Taiwan territory in the similar way. Again, both police and media did not disclose the identity of the mafia organisation committed the smuggling. No one even required the detailed information.

On August 23, 2020, Chinese Coast Guard of Guangdong province arrested 12 fugitives who are anti-extradition bill rioters. HK01 published the list below:

1. 李宇軒(29歲)香港故事成員,因涉嫌違反《港區國安法》勾結外國或者境外勢力而被捕,另被指涉嫌洗黑錢

2. 張俊富(22歲)公開大學學生,去年12月8日「國際人權日大遊行」被搜出手槍、實彈,被控串謀有意圖傷人罪、無牌管有槍械及彈藥罪、兩項管有攻擊性武器罪。

3. 張銘裕(20歲)報稱無業,去年12月8日「國際人權日大遊行」被搜出手槍、實彈,被控串謀有意圖傷人罪、無牌管有槍械及彈藥罪、兩項管有攻擊性武器罪。

4. 嚴文謙(21歲)報稱學生,去年12月8日「國際人權日大遊行」被搜出手槍、實彈,被控串謀有意圖傷人罪、無牌管有槍械及彈藥罪、兩項管有攻擊性武器罪。

5. 李子賢(29歲)報稱測量員,去年9月29參與「全球反極權遊行」被控暴動罪、襲警。

6. 郭子麟(18歲)香港大學學生,被控去年11月18日參與彌敦道近窩打老道暴動(理工大學衝突)。

7. 鄭子豪(17歲)港鐵技術訓練員(據了解,去年已離職),去年9月30日灣仔一單位内被搜出汽油彈原材料,被控串謀意圖縱火案、管有物品意圖損壞財產罪。

8. 鄧棨然(30歲)報稱售貨員,去年9月30日灣仔一單位内被搜出汽油彈原材料,被控串謀意圖縱火案、管有物品意圖損壞財產罪。

9. 廖子文(17歲)中五學生,去年9月30日灣仔一單位内被搜出汽油彈原材料,被控串謀意圖縱火案、管有物品意圖損壞財產罪。

10. 黃偉然(29歲)報稱機械技工,涉於今年1月16日在上水沙頭角路吳屋村附近製造爆炸品俗稱「DNT」的炸藥,被控製造爆炸品罪。

11. 黃臨福(16歲)報稱學生,越南籍,10月14日旺角警署擲汽油彈,同日同地在住所內管有用啤酒瓶製成的三個汽油彈,被控企圖縱火、一項管有攻擊性武器罪。

12. 喬映瑜資料不詳,偷渡案前被警方通緝(12)

The most important thing is not who they are but who helped them systematically? The route itself can indicate the network and their plan that Hong Kong mafia arranged smuggling of fugitives with one speedboat in Po Toi O, then they were going to go to the midpoint Pratas Islands where Taiwan military controlled, distanced 340km from Hong Kong, the nearest location from the border, then they were originally supposed to be received by Coast Guard Administration and Taiwan military force, finally they should have been sent to Pingtung County like other successful case(s) mainly by Coast Guard Administration. Taiwanese authorities had to play the critical role inevitably on this entire smuggling plan. Thus, mainland China's interception point clearly indicates that they knew their smuggling route and ambushed them before they get to Pratas Islands where Taiwanese military force is waiting for Hong Kong smugglers.

Which mafia has such a close tie with Taiwan? it must be 14K or Sun Yee On. Taiwanese bureaucrats are long term KMT supporters even under the DPP regime. KMT and DPP are both US puppets, anti-CCP political parties. The question is why Hong Kong police did not disclose the identity of the mafia? Although 12 fugitives are members of so called Dragon Slaying Brigade which is a violent extremist team of anti-extradition rioters, no mafia was arrested. Mafia just arranged smuggling of fugitives like they ordinarily smuggle illegal foreign workers into Hong Kong or mainland China. On May 23, 2018, Mingpao reported mafia involvement in Sai Kung smuggling cases.



Thus Organised Crime and Triad Bureau and Chinese Coast Guard of Guangdong province already have established their mutual cooperation for years and accumulated knowledge on how mafia smuggling illegal immigrants in that area. Yet they must disclose which Hong Kong mafia organisation involved because it will lead to exposure of masterminds of the anti extradition bill riots and mafia connections with rioters. Now opposition needs the ''anti-extradition bill amendment'' which they totally ruined one year ago to take them back to Hong Kong from mainland China. Of course, this is a joke. The opposition won't require the resume of ''anti-extradition bill amendment'' on this case even though there is the new condition for pushing it from opposition. Unfortunately both SAR government and ''pro-establishment'' camp did not voice for the resume under the circumstances.

Besides this 12 fugitive case, another 5 fugitive case is also interesting. ''Pan-Blue Coalition'' Taiwanese HUMAN RIGHTS journalist Zhong Shengxiong wrote the Facebook post on September 12, 2020 that 5 fugitives who successfully smuggled to Taiwan are under detention by Mainland Affairs Council and not allowed to meet lawyers and families like the 12 fugitives arrested by mainland China. Furthermore, ''Pan-Blue Coalition'' Taiwanese journalist Zhong Shengxiong condemned the DPP regime for its disavowal on support for Hong Kong ''peaceful HUMAN RIGHTS protesters''. We know those fugitives were automatically suspected as ''CCP spies'' by the Taiwanese anti-communist establishment.

據《中國時報》8 月 28 日報道, 該 5 名港人包括被指去年 7 月 1 日曾闖入立法會的 21 歲學生文家健。《明報》引述消息指,文家健母親昨日稱兒子仍杳無音信,苦無途徑知悉其下落,現只能「聽天由命」。

台灣中央社則報道,指 5 名偷渡到台灣的港人確實被扣押,尚未獲釋,但消息人士向中央社表示,相信被扣留的 5 名港人處境不至於是被「軟禁」。報道指,5 人有會見律師等基本權利,未如外傳的被中斷聯絡管道。(另見報道

中央社:5 人確被扣押但可見律師

早前台灣《中國時報》引述消息報道,7 月下旬曾有 5 名香港示威者循海路偷渡至台灣,但船舶中途不夠燃料,漂流到東沙群島後被台灣海巡署截獲,被安置在高雄。鐘聖雄昨日在 FB 發帖承認曾協助 5 名示威者,在今年 7 月 18 日由香港出發經東沙抵台,但時隔兩個月這 5 人仍「扣在陸委會手上」,無法對外聯絡,「別說和(再也回不去的)故鄉父母報平安了,他們甚至連長期協助示威者的律師、人權團體都見不到。


It seems ''pro-KMT'' China Times and KMT media Central News Agency are major sources of this news. This news is harmful for the image of DPP regime but ''anti-CCP'', ''anti-One Country Two Systems'' right wing KMT must do ''kills two birds with one rock'' on this scandal. One is to damage their competitor DPP by releasing the news of detention of Hong Kong fugitives; the other one is to maintain a positive image of being a more reliable supporter of ''pro-democracy'', ''pro-US'' Hong Kong FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The former will satisfy CCP and the latter can comfort US and Hong Kong FREEDOM FIGHTERS. KMT got the best business opportunity to sell themselves. Fortunately KMT partner Oriental Daily will never criticise KMT even on this apparent PR stunt.

On September 13, 2020, chairman of KMT Johnny Chiang criticised the DPP regime and demanded amendment of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs in order to prevent arrest of HUMAN RIGHTS refugees (fugitives; smugglers) from Hong Kong.



Unlike their intention, this news also confirmed the KMT involvement in anti-extradition bill riots. Indeed, KMT has its front organisations in Hong Kong, such as 14K, Sun Yee On, and Hong Kong and Kowloon Trades Union Council. Not only DPP but also KMT is an accomplice of colour revolutions in China. Thus it is ignorant and strategically fatal to see KMT as a united front partner of CPP to ban any criticisms against them. However this is what their state media and agitators are doing against real patriots in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Again, both ''pan-blue coalition'' and ''pan-green coalition'' are same things and only consistent throughout their neoliberal political course as US puppets without concerning people's lives and social safety. The best example is their contradicted polices on prohibition of dangerous beta-adrenergic agonist (瘦肉精) which contained in US beef / poke feed. DPP overturned their anti-beta-adrenergic agonist (瘦肉精) policy which had been insisted from 2007 until August 28, 2020. Another example is TPP that KMT sector-DPP-backed Sunflower Movement opposed TPP but now KMT & DPP government embrace it. Obviously they are just defending their own vested interests as US vassals, political compradors at the cost of living standard of Taiwanese people.

5. The 2019 Yuen Long attack was a false flag operation against indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories whose families have lived since 1898 not just against ''pro-establishment'' camp by opposition and pro-KMT mafia 14K. Moreover the core of the issue is not the arrest of Lam Cheuk Ting on August 26, 2020, yet it is ''why do mainstream corporate media and even IPCC depict indigenous inhabitants as ''white-shirts'' without any evidence?''

IPCC wrote it in A Thematic Study by the IPCC:

4.47 正當警方努力應對西區的騷亂之際,元朗的情況自傍晚開始惡化, 相信是元朗原居民的白衣人在鳳攸北街聚集。 (16)

As we already pointed out that IPCC members are from business community, especially real estate oligarchs have their agents in it. For developers, indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories are one of land sources. It is about their rights on the New Territories Small House Policy to build small houses within their ancestral communities but it's been difficult since April 8, 2019 due to court judged they can only build small houses if they own lands within V zone. It means that developers successfully restricted rights of indigenous inhabitants. This is why corporate mainstream media demonised indigenous inhabitants as ''white-shirts'' mafia.


In other words, the key question on this issue is that if ''white-shirts'' are indigenous inhabitants of Yuen Lang. We just need to see if it is true or not.

a. ''White shirts'' are mainly mafia members. HK01 reported it on July 23, 2019:


至於另一名被捕45歲姓陳男子,家住天水圍,據知在元朗西鐵站內,拳打腳踢《立場新聞》女記者,早已被網民迅速「起底」,指其在元朗沙埔村開設農莊,知情人士對於網上的資料不置可否。 至於其餘人士,分別在天水圍天悅邨、天澤邨及元朗被捕。


據知警方於事發後,紀錄了百多人的身份證資料。此外,警方翻看昨晚白衣人襲擊人的網上片段,初步鎖定了約10人的身份,將會作出拘捕。事發當晚參與襲擊的人士,為有背景人士,凌晨聚集最多白衣人的南邊圍村,據知村內的黑社會原本以「和勝和」為主。 (17)

This riot proved that Wo Shing Wo stands with 14K, and they formed ''white-shirts'' with KMT-14K. ''Politically'' it is a clear sign of a false flag operation against CCP and even ''establishment'' of Hong Kong. It is quite impossible that anti-communist 14K and Wo Shing Wo mafia organised ''white-shirts'' for political benefits of both CCP and ''pro-establishment'' camp. It would be a comedy.

b. ''White-shirts'' are from different places in new territories and their age is also ranged broadly like ''black-shirts''. We just need to follow updates of police investigation and arrests of ''white-shirts''.

On July 23, 2019, HK01 wrote:



On September 9, 2020, Bastille Post reported:



The latest update on this case is below:




Total 62 rioters arrested on this 7.21 Yuen Long incident, and eight Wo Shing Wo members and six 14K members are also included in 47 ''white-shirts'' arrested until the time of this writing. Their residential locations are not limited in Yuen Long villages, moreover their age is broadly ranged from 39 to 51 years old like black-shirts. Official news at least proved one thing which is also accepted by both political camps is that local notorious mafia organisations actually formed ''white shirts'' to stage the ''riot'' but no one can prove indigenous inhabitants = ''white shirts'' based on available open source news objectively. Masterminds are behind the two major ''anti-communist'' mafia organisations on this however police investigation will be stopped at ''white shirts'' or mafia involvement, there won't be further investigation on their masterminds like other cases.

6. CNN versus is very very interesting in terms of media literacy. The best seller newspaper media Oriental Daily is populist media that they support capitalists yesterday and support workers today. Furthermore, they promote ''pro-establishment'' Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong which is simply a ''pro-business owner'' interest group for ruling class more than any other political parties in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Oriental Daily will never criticise their beloved KMT even though they dare to criticise the CCP central government. Their stance is populism but it is firmly strategic and highly conditional not permanently ''pro-establishment''.

CNN attacked Oriental Daily on their charge against media mogul Jimmy Lai on September 5, 2020, the anonymous CNN staff wrote the professional propaganda article with brilliant English skill, titled ''Two fugitive opium dealers, a media mogul and an alleged smoking gun video: the story of a Hong Kong newspaper feud.''


Although CNN made several mistakes on describing history of Oriental Daily as Oriental Daily responded later, CNN actually provided a good opportunity to more understand both Apple Daily and Oriental Daily. In fact, both corporate mainstream media of Hong Kong funded foreign and domestic politicians for their interests. Thus they are same when they meddle in domestic and foreign elections. This is the point on this media feud.

(a) Jimmy Lai

Oriental Daily exposed Lai's secret donation to opposition parties and their leading figures on July 22, 2014.

根據本報取得的機密資料,在一二年四月至今年六月的短短廿六個月內,黎智英一直以大額捐款培植不同的泛民勢力,部分捐款更有由黎智英助手Mark Herman Simon發出的捐款單據作證,惟未知有關捐款是由黎智英個人名義捐出,抑或以壹傳媒集團相關公司名義捐出。





It proved that Lai made donation for oppositions during April 2012 till June 2014, and the amount exceeded 40 million HKD. Recipients were Democratic Party; Civic Party; Lee Cheuk-yan; Leung Kwok-hung; Chu Yiu- ming; Joseph Yu-shek CHENG; Alan Leong Kah-kit; James To Kun-sun; Claudia Mo Man-ching; Tanya Chan; Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan Fang On Sang; Martin Lee Chu-ming and Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, S.D.B..

On the same day, Oriental Daily also exposed Lai's donation for foreign politicians and opposition.

本報昨日取得的機密資料,亦同時披露黎智英鮮為人知的外訪及私人活動行程,並多次出現緬甸這個一直被美國關注、現時仍被軍政府統治的東南亞國家,包括圖文並茂地記載黎智英去年與美國國防部前副部長沃爾福威茨(Paul Wolfowitz)一同出訪緬甸,與多名軍政府領導會面;黎智英同年又多次秘密捐款予緬甸反對派人士Yuza Maw Htoon,合共逾三十萬美元,折合為約二百四十萬港元。......該批資料顯示,黎智英近年與緬甸政商界、包括軍政府及反對派人士有頻繁接觸,包括在去年一月中訪問緬甸四日,先後會見當地運輸部、工業部、商貿部等官員,以至緬甸中央銀行主席。



黎智英又多次向緬甸反對派人士Yuza Maw Htoon捐款,首次在去年七月,捐出逾十六萬一千多美元;另一次是去年九月,捐出約十四萬五千美元。資料顯示Yuza Maw Htoon曾經參加緬甸全國大選,是當地兩個非政府組織的創辦人。(22)

This news revealed that Lai has ties with the traditional ''anti-communist'' ''drug trafficking'' base the Golden Triangle, both the establishment and opposition of Myanmar (Burma). He donated 360,000USD to the opposition figure Yuza Maw Htoon. Besides this, Lai provided 590,000USD to republican Paul Wolfowitz who served as the 10th President of the World Bank, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia.

(b) Oriental Daily (The Oriental Daily News;

CNN pointed out that Oriental Daily meddled in the UK election in 1994 by donating 1.7 million USD to the ruling Conservative Party.

In 1998, the year after Hong Kong transitioned from British to mainland Chinese rule, the Oriental Daily News revealed Ma Ching-kwan had donated $1.7 million to Britain's then ruling Conservative Party in 1994 for "certain commitments," which it said had not been fulfilled. The governor of Hong Kong from 1992 until 1997 was a Conservative Party politician.

Publishing a photograph of Ma Ching-kwan with British Prime Minister John Major, and a menu from a dinner at 10 Downing Street he had attended on September 27, 1994 — three months after the donation had been made — the newspaper demanded a refund.

''We will categorically say that the Conservative Party did not or would not accept donations conditional on favors,'' an unnamed spokesman for the Conservative Party was quoted as saying in 1998 in British newspaper, The Independent. (23)

Not only The Oriental Daily admitted this fact but also they further disclosed their own meddling in US elections in the past. On September 8, 2020, The Oriental Daily responded in detail:

3. 馬澄坤在1994年向英國保守黨捐款1.7百萬美元,其後要求退款


《東方》亦曾向美國前總統列根及老布殊捐款,請問CNN覺得有無問題? (24)


For clarifying CNN's bias and antagonism, The Oriental Daily voluntarily disclosed their own meddling in the US presidential elections in the past. The Oriental Daily made donation for both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. It means that The Oriental Daily is a foreign meddler in other country's domestic elections like US and Jimmy Lai. A ''foreign meddler'' blaming another ''foreign meddler(s)'' is apparently hypocritical and double standard. This is the nature of Hong Kong mainstream media. There is no fundamental difference among CNN, Apple Daily and The Oriental Daily politically. All of them are biased.


As The Oriental Daily wished, Hong Kong Justice Department seeks appeal after Jimmy Lai found not guilty, Apple Daily reported on September 17, 2020.

The department confirmed to Apple Daily that it is making an appeal by way of case stated, according to section 105 of the Magistrates Ordinance, against last month’s court ruling that found Lai not guilty of intimidating a reporter from rival newspaper Oriental Daily three years ago.

The 72-year-old Apple Daily founder was accused of intimidating X in 2017, after the latter took pictures of him before the June 4 vigil at Victoria Park. X said Lai threatened to “find someone to mess with” him.

Lai clarified that the remark merely meant he would seek legal actions.

According to defense lawyers, X’s employer Oriental Daily has closely followed Lai since 2014 and X’s photography was highly intrusive. Despite not being provoked at the time, Lai had come under constant pressure, which resulted in a quick outburst in 2017.

X testified that he had sought help from psychiatrists and was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder after the event. Lai’s legal representatives argued that X continued to work for over two hours at the park following the confrontation. His claim that he has not fully recovered two months after the event did not match the doctor’s report either.

The magistrate said in the ruling that X was dishonest and unreliable. (25)

The judgement was and still is not unfair for both sides due to yellow journalism of Oriental Daily and their Paparazzi's long term embarrassment on Lai and his family members according to CNN.

Since at least 2013, the Oriental Daily News has funded an eight-person team of reporters to pursue Lai day and night, even photographing him taking medicine in a clinic, a court heard last month; in 2014, the Oriental Daily News published an obituary claiming a man with Lai's name died from AIDS and the paper has published hundreds of articles on Lai's personal life and politics, frequently branding him a "national traitor" for his anti-Beijing stance. (26)

It means that unlike The Oriental Daily wants to depict it for themselves politically, this feud between The Oriental Daily versus Apple Daily is not a holy war between ''pro-establishment'' camp versus ''opposition'' in its nature. On the contrary, this is just venomous capitalist competition between leading mainstream media of Hong Kong. At least, destroying Jimmy Lai in this way won't solve anything, and it will even worsen yellow journalism, partisanship, cancel culture, self-censorship, racial discrimination against minorities of Hong Kong, ''totalitarianism decorated in social justice movement style'' and monopoly capitalism.

Besides this, at the same time we can't ignore The Oriental Daily's remarkable journalist work on this theme that they actually proved CCP did not back any Hong Kong mafia on the 2014 Umbrella Revolution and any other political turmoil, on the contrary, KMT-backed 14K, Shui Fong, Wo Hop To helped Jimmy Lai to carry out continued occupation of Central at that time, and even the conversation among Jimmy Lai, a mafia contact nickname ''DaoBaGang'' (刀疤剛) and the instigator of the 7.21 Yuen Long riot, Lam Cheuk Ting were filmed by The Oriental Daily. This is the most important report to disprove false flag allegations against CCP, police and patriots not just on the 2014 Umbrella Revolution but also on other subsequent anti-China incidents. On November 22, 2014, The Oriental Daily reported:






至於另外三百萬元,則由黑幫「和×樂」前坐館承接,主要參與佔旺時用跑車擋路,因該坐館稱只出車不出人,故銀碼較小,該幫的現坐館早前在深圳被內地公安拘捕。其餘一千萬元交由「和×圖」背景人士安排,主要用來召集青少年到佔鐘區助威。香港警方亦在本周初向各大黑幫發出嚴正警告「不停手必遭嚴打」。 (27)

In conclusion, mafia involvement in Hong Kong colour riots is critical to define their extremely violent nature. They provide thugs, rioters, weapons, drugs, logistic service, barricades and even smuggling business for FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Thus, the 7.21 Yuen Long riot is just a rehash of the mafia job like the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. CCP has nothing to do with mafia, on the contrary, CCP is their grave enemy.


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