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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #36 In Search of Masterminds:Mafia Involvement in Anti-China Campaign

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

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FILE PHOTO: HK Media Mogul, Jimmy Lai.  ©RFA/; Composite/Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: HK Media Mogul, Jimmy Lai. ©RFA/; Composite/Ryota Nakanishi


In general, US backed regime change ops. are requested by multinational corporations operating in that country in the first place. Such as United Fruit Company in Cuba and ITT in Chile. Thus governmental bodies and bureaucrats just respond to demands from capitalists. If we historically compare the CIA classical covert operations in Chile between 1960s to 1973 with the ongoing Hong Kong anti-extradition bill colour revolution, Jimmy Lai's Apple Daily is the El Mercurio of Hong Kong. Unlike the official narrative of 'pro-establishment' and Chinese state propaganda media, Jimmy Lai and entire opposition camp are ''front line'' commands and soldiers not ''ultimate'' masterminds themselves at all.

As the result, their propaganda and coordinated bashing against Jimmy Lai and opposition are just helping ultimate masterminds behind them. In fact, ultimate masterminds are hiding in 'pro-establishment' camp and politically exploiting the title 'pro-establishment', this is a taboo for them. In fact, all actual structural changes, regime changes in Hong Kong were made by 'pro-establishment' not by opposition. The most notorious instance is that the ''brainwashing'' liberal studies course for eight universities which systematically designed by US agents who put in charge via 'pro-establishment' employers' association VISION 2047. This is why short-sightedly demonising HK opposition is a fatal wrong. It will obstruct any independent thought and in depth analysis. Both conspiracy theories and ''politicised'' FACTS are only harmful to the public on any matters.

The Chilean case provides us a historical model and insight on it.

''Full disclosure of the Track 1 documentation would show that ITT had indeed ''provoked'' its own expropriation by engaging in illicit and illegal intervention in internal Chilean politics. The corporation had approached the CIA in July 1970 and offered a secret ''election fund'' to support the conservative candidate Jorge Alessandri; it had conducted its own covert political operations inside Chile, among them passing funds to Alessandri through a secret channel provided by the CIA; ITT had urged the embassy to be more aggressive in blocking Allende, and conspired with CIA officials to destabilise the economy and ''stop Allende.'' After the elections, ITT officials had secretly funnelled tens of thousands of dollars into a secret Swiss bank account for El Mercurio as part of a covert CIA propaganda operation. But the Nixon administration's effort to cover up the scandal precluded sharing any information with OPIC; and officials feared that if denied its claim, ITT would ''turn on the USG (US government)'' and argue that its covert involvement in Chile was undertaken at official request. ''Our primary interests,'' as Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs Charles Meyer wrote, ''are to avoid or to minimise disclosures that could severely compromise opposition forces in Chile and embarrass the administration.'' (1)

First, multinational corporations request embassy and US government for political interventions, then USG starts overt and covert involvement in targeted country. The government serves capitalists. The order and procedure are same on the Hong Kong matters. Although there are heads and tails of masterminds-beneficiaries witnessed by HK citizens during the anti-extradition bill riots, the ITT of Hong Kong is still mysterious. Some may say it's NEXT DIGITAL. The classical Chilean case proved below:

(1) Regime change ops. are requested by multinational companies.

(2) Multinational companies themselves are engaging in their own covert political operations in their operating countries or regions. Thus multinational corporations especially in information technological field can be seen as private intelligence agencies. Such as so called US tech giants. Remember even ''local companies'' are multinational companies or tentacles of them.

Anyway, the ultimate masterminds behind the Hong Kong political theatre must be identified in order to root out them forever. There are key incidents to provide clues for identifying ultimate masterminds.

  1. Who did manipulate the stock price and speculate in trades of stock of Jimmy Lai's NEXT DIGITAL?

  2. Who will buy Jimmy Lai's industrial building?

  3. Who will buy properties of American Consulate General of Hong Kong & Macau?

  4. Who are systematically helping illegal refugees to Taiwan?

  5. Who are actual plotters of the July 21, 2019 Yuen Long riot?

  6. Who is lying about and the Hong Kong colour revolution? And how?

At least these six incidents and their recent updates can provide us clues toward ultimate masterminds yet social responses to these incidents are also equally important for holistic views and observation. We have to simply grab the points in order to avoid being brainwashed or misled by both local and international corporate or state run mainstream media.


  1. On September 10, 2020, Hong Kong Police Force announced that 15 criminals behind speculation in stock price of NEXT DIGITAL during August 7 to 12, 2020 were arrested.





Unlike misconceptions of ordinary citizens who are misled by Hong Kong action flicks (bureaucratic propaganda in the form of entertainment), Narcotics Bureau is in charge of handling commercial crimes like this case. A ''WhatsApp'' group of speculators made total 38,700,000 HKD by coordinated repetitive sales and purchases for 13,200 times within three days. As the result, they artificially multiplied the stock price 4,000 times larger than before Jimmy Lai's arrest under the new national security law on August 10, 2020. Above cited information from police indicates several things below:

a. The use of ''WhatsApp'' means Hong Kong branch of Facebook=Instagram=WhatsApp have their full personal information and records of conversations in their platform. The politically biased censorship did not prevent their speculation. Facebook=Instagram=WhatsApp provided their criminal communication tool as they are allowing smuggling business of terrorist groups in their platform.

b. The age ranged from 22 to 53, which is similar to the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, especially the black-shirts and white-shirts on the July 21 Yuen Long riot. Even this resembles the political money laundering front organisation Spark Alliance (they arrested on December 19, 2019). Ranged from students to elders. Cross-generation is one of common features of those organisations. This is why we can't blindly blame brainwashed students and children.

c. ''Godfather in reality is just a criminal, and only will be a criminal. '' Hong Kong Police always do not name which mafia is involved in coordinated crimes. There are three major mafia groups in Hong Kong, such as Sun Yee On; Wo Shing Wo; 14K. In Hong Kong, the three major mafia groups are supported by anti-communist forces not CCP. Mafia is also called Triad societies in Chinese but its nature is no different from Japanese Yakuza. 14K and Sun Yee On are local official death squads of KMT-CIA of Taiwan after the 1949 liberation until today. In general, that is US who customarily uses local mafia as a death squad in foreign interventions globally. They are inappropriately decorated and referred as ''right wings''. Triad connections of both black-shirts and white-shirts are confirmed by police during anti-extradition bill riots. For black-shirts, one of rioters, a 23 yo man whose surname, Liang on the July 14, 2019 riot at New Town Plaza in Sha Tin was confirmed as a mafia member but police still did not disclose the identity of mafia he belongs to.


For white shirts, it's easier to find information online due to search engine bias by US tech giants. It's turned out that the white shirts are basically not local indigenous inhabitants of Yuen Long but they are mafia members of traditionally KMT backed death squad 14K and others.


Although the Falun Gong's US media Epoch Times wants to link ''Ruby'' and his white shirts with Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the point of the news is that white shirts are from 14K. It's ridiculous to depict KMT's decade-long anti CCP death squad 14K as ''pro CCP'' thugs. Epoch Times did not properly mention what 14K is. This is a ''dirty war'' in HK.

d. Six of them are unemployed workers with no money for speculation in stock market. It means that this was money laundering by mafia. Those unemployed workers are obviously lured by mafia (it could be KMT-14K) via SNS to engage in money laundering for mysterious rich speculators behind them. And those real masterminds are still not arrested. Mysterious rich clients of money laundering can be identified via the mafia network. However Hong Kong Police Force will stop further investigation at the midpoint like another money laundering case Spark Alliance. ''Real masterminds'' are protected by the establishment. Thus both Spark Alliance members and NEXT DIGITAL ''WhatsApp'' speculators are not real masterminds at all.

e. Hong Kong SAR government is filled with infiltrators who are more loyal to vested interests than China because they were perfectly preserved from the British colonial Hong Kong without decolonisation. This is one of grave mistakes committed by politically immature mainlanders of the central government at that time. It still haunts the present. On this case, one firefighter was arrested as part of the speculation and money laundering. In fact, there were another firefighters got arrested as ''pro-DEMOCRACY'' rioters. One typical case is below:


A firefighter Fang Zhixiong assaulted police with Molotov cocktails, a hammer and knife at Mong Kok on November 10, 2019, and he got arrested. This firefighter is a typical infiltrator who enjoys high standard of social welfare as a public servant meanwhile acting as an anti-China rioter. It's complete destruction of moral and self-denial of the social duty of being a firefighter. There were numerous arrests of firefighters who committed riots or negligence of duty or sabotage of law enforcement during anti-extradition bill riots. Meanwhile we have to be resilient to overwhelming disinformation ops. against authorities or protesters made by irresponsible net media and mainstream media of Hong Kong.


a. 兩消防人員正被警調查

b. 港媒:涉嫌袭警、非法集会、藏有攻击性武器,香港一消防员被捕

c.【11.2港島】消防員不滿催淚彈擊中消防車與警察理論反被包圍 兩紀律部隊發聯合聲明稱理解彼此工作

d.止謠以息暴──科大生周梓樂墮樓事件一集看 (a unique analysis on the controversial ''firefighters=rioters'' disinformation op. on the Death of Chow Tsz-lok incident on November 3-8, 2019)

2. After the arrest of August 10, 2020, Jimmy Lai tried to sell one of his properties like Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block I with 20% discount price 129,000,000HKD. Then real estate agents have been helping him to find a buyer however no real estate oligarchs are willing to purchase it under the extremely politicised situation. The reason is that anyone who purchases Jimmy Lai's properties will automatically reveal themselves as a mastermind or accomplice of Jimmy Lai in the narrow islands of real estate oligarchs. Oriental Daily has been following this whole process since then.

On August 12, 2020, Oriental Daily reported:


面對虧損連年、業績持續惡化,壹傳媒早前連番變賣台灣物業,大股東黎智英亦將私人持的當地物業出售。周一(10日)黎智英被香港警方拘捕,據報正加緊賣產。近期多家地產代理接獲大埔太平工業中心1座19樓全層放盤,面積約41,570方呎,原先每方呎叫價4000港元,全層涉資約1.66億港元,近日突然將叫價大減至1.29億港元,每方呎叫價3100港元,劈價幅度達22%。經東網調查,該物業現時的業主為「公明織造廠」,其董事包括黎智英,以及現時身處海外、正被警方通緝的黎智英左右手Mark Simon



There is still no buyer for the property, Oriental Daily reported on September 9, 2020.

頻頻賣產套現「撲水」的黎智英,其牽頭持有的大埔太平工業中心全層早前委託代理暗盤放售,有人疑去貨心切,叫價更劈逾2成至1.29億港元,仍乏人問津。據悉,該物業現時的業主為「公明織造廠」,董事包括黎智英及Mark Simon。


「公明織造廠」的股東是Comitex Holdings Limited及力高顧問有限公司,分別持有約102萬股及1股。按公司註冊處資料所示,截至去年12月,Comitex Holdings Limited股東包括黎智英,其持股比例最大,佔約87%。其次是前立法局議員張鑑泉遺產執行人,持股約11%。至於另外兩名股東羅彥康及紀志偉,則分別持股各不足1%。(7)

At least, it's politically obvious that purchasing his property under the circumstances will define themselves as a caretaker, a supporter, a financier or an accomplice even though they are not originally masterminds behind Jimmy Lai. The public attention on this case is extremely concentrated than any other cases of FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Thus, no masterminds will reveal themselves in this stupid way. Their use of front companies is even not safe on this.

3. After Trump cancelled Hong Kong’s special status on June 30, 2020, then the largest anti-China spy base in Chinese territories, Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong and Macau where the CIA Hong Kong station is based called for bidding on The Consulate General of The USA Quarters Block1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Besides this, CIA officers behind anti-China operations are posing as ''consulate staffs''<