Hong Kong Intelligence Report #39 The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement Ended

Updated: Aug 1

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: End of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Colour Revolution. © AppleDaily (inset) /  © Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: End Of 'The 2019–20 Hong Kong protests'. © Apple Daily (inset) / © Ryota Nakanishi

Selective legitimatisation and criminalisation based on ''political correctness''

Snitch culture, ''woke'' cancel culture warriors of Hong Kong's ''pro-establishment'' camp are lashing opposition supporters or anyone who have different opinions as exactly what colour revolutionary mobs did to them. Now they are jiving oppositionists until they left or jailed for just having wrong thought. In fact, ''pro-establishment'' crusade for political correctness has nothing to do with improvement of livelihood of Hong Kong citizens. As the result, grave social issues are untouched or even aggravated by them. Here, I conflated analysis reports on the entire anti-extradition law amendment bill colour revolution and the recent current of devastating Hong Kong politics. Of course, malfeasance of corrupted and inept SAR bureaucrats are totally whitewashed by their ''patriotic'' crusade which called WAR ON SEPARATISM. What we see now is not something completely new but ''gesture'' PR politics of SAR bureaucrats which just means iteration that goes on in handling central government, oligarchs and sheeple.


Although US intelligence agencies see the time of the end of the movement was late 2020 (when?) according to their narrative control tool Wikipedia (it seems that US intelligence agencies want to persuade ''protesters' to accept the end date but they got quite uncontrollable now on this argument even though US officially suspended the failed Hong Kong operation in late 2020) , objectively, the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement ended on January 7, 2021 when the prominent public figures of Hong Kong opposition massively arrested. That's so called 55 arrests of oppositionists (a.k.a. mass arrests of oppositionists; they are paid agitators and activists not masterminds). Those planted ruling class ''public figures'' in establishment are like aircraft carriers during naval wars. After all, they all sank on that day like Japanese aircraft carriers on The Battle of Midway (1942), momentum of the movement disappeared at once because there are no more alternative ''public idols'' available for keeping radicalised sheeple to continue the entire movement. (1)

上月55名與去年「35+民主派初選」計劃有關的人士被捕,被指違反國安法第22條「顛覆國家政權罪」,原定下次報到日子為4月8日,被警方國安處通知提前今(28日)下午2時到警署報到。《香港01》收到消息指,55人當中至少一半、超過30人今日報到後會被落案控告「顛覆國家政權罪」,明日(March 1, 2021)上庭。(2)

Arrested 55 oppositionist ''stars'':

1.戴耀廷(Benny Tai Yiu-ting)

2.區諾軒(Au Nok-hin)

3.鍾錦麟(Ben Chung Kam-lun)

4.趙家賢(Andrew Chiu Ka-yin)


6.袁嘉蔚(Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai)

7.梁晃維(Fergus Leung)

8.徐子見(Andy Chui Chi-kin)

9.鄭達鴻(Tat Cheng)

10.楊雪盈(Clarisse Yeung Suet-ying)

11.彭卓棋(Michael Pang Cheuk Kei)

12.劉頴匡(Ventus LAU Wing-hong)

13.何桂藍(Gwyneth Ho Kwai-lam)

14.范國威(Gary Fan Kwok-wai)

15.柯耀林(Ricky Or Yiu-lam)

16.梁國雄(Leung Kwok-hung)

17.林景楠(Lam King Nam Mike)

18.陳志全(Raymond Chan Chi-chuen)

19.楊岳橋(Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu)

20.呂智恆(Hendick Lui Chi Hang)

21.伍健偉(Ng Kin Wai - K)

22.朱凱廸(Eddie Chu Hoi-dick)

23.張可森(Cheung Ho Sum)

24.黃子悅(Prince Wong Ji-yuet)

25.譚凱邦(Roy Tam Hoi Pong)

26.郭家麒(Kwok Ka-ki)

27.尹兆堅(Andrew Wan Siu-kin)

28.吳敏兒(Carol Ng)

29.譚文豪(Jeremy Tam Man-ho)

30.劉偉聰(Lawrence Lau, Sham Shui Po)

31.施德來(Sze Tak Loy)

32.李嘉達(Kinda Li Ka-tat)

33.岑子杰(Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit)

34.黃碧雲(Helena Wong Pik-wan)

35.何啟明(Kalvin Ho Kai Ming)

36.馮達浚(Fung Tat Chun Frankie)

37.劉澤鋒(Nathan Lau)

38.毛孟靜(Claudia Mo Man-ching)