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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #39 The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement Ended

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: End of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Colour Revolution. © AppleDaily (inset) /  © Ryota Nakanishi
FILE PHOTO: End Of 'The 2019–20 Hong Kong protests'. © Apple Daily (inset) / © Ryota Nakanishi

Selective legitimatisation and criminalisation based on ''political correctness''

Snitch culture, ''woke'' cancel culture warriors of Hong Kong's ''pro-establishment'' camp are lashing opposition supporters or anyone who have different opinions as exactly what colour revolutionary mobs did to them. Now they are jiving oppositionists until they left or jailed for just having wrong thought. In fact, ''pro-establishment'' crusade for political correctness has nothing to do with improvement of livelihood of Hong Kong citizens. As the result, grave social issues are untouched or even aggravated by them. Here, I conflated analysis reports on the entire anti-extradition law amendment bill colour revolution and the recent current of devastating Hong Kong politics. Of course, malfeasance of corrupted and inept SAR bureaucrats are totally whitewashed by their ''patriotic'' crusade which called WAR ON SEPARATISM. What we see now is not something completely new but ''gesture'' PR politics of SAR bureaucrats which just means iteration that goes on in handling central government, oligarchs and sheeple.


Although US intelligence agencies see the time of the end of the movement was late 2020 (when?) according to their narrative control tool Wikipedia (it seems that US intelligence agencies want to persuade ''protesters' to accept the end date but they got quite uncontrollable now on this argument even though US officially suspended the failed Hong Kong operation in late 2020) , objectively, the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement ended on January 7, 2021 when the prominent public figures of Hong Kong opposition massively arrested. That's so called 55 arrests of oppositionists (a.k.a. mass arrests of oppositionists; they are paid agitators and activists not masterminds). Those planted ruling class ''public figures'' in establishment are like aircraft carriers during naval wars. After all, they all sank on that day like Japanese aircraft carriers on The Battle of Midway (1942), momentum of the movement disappeared at once because there are no more alternative ''public idols'' available for keeping radicalised sheeple to continue the entire movement. (1)

上月55名與去年「35+民主派初選」計劃有關的人士被捕,被指違反國安法第22條「顛覆國家政權罪」,原定下次報到日子為4月8日,被警方國安處通知提前今(28日)下午2時到警署報到。《香港01》收到消息指,55人當中至少一半、超過30人今日報到後會被落案控告「顛覆國家政權罪」,明日(March 1, 2021)上庭。(2)

Arrested 55 oppositionist ''stars'':

1.戴耀廷(Benny Tai Yiu-ting)

2.區諾軒(Au Nok-hin)

3.鍾錦麟(Ben Chung Kam-lun)

4.趙家賢(Andrew Chiu Ka-yin)


6.袁嘉蔚(Tiffany Yuen Ka-wai)

7.梁晃維(Fergus Leung)

8.徐子見(Andy Chui Chi-kin)

9.鄭達鴻(Tat Cheng)

10.楊雪盈(Clarisse Yeung Suet-ying)

11.彭卓棋(Michael Pang Cheuk Kei)

12.劉頴匡(Ventus LAU Wing-hong)

13.何桂藍(Gwyneth Ho Kwai-lam)

14.范國威(Gary Fan Kwok-wai)

15.柯耀林(Ricky Or Yiu-lam)

16.梁國雄(Leung Kwok-hung)

17.林景楠(Lam King Nam Mike)

18.陳志全(Raymond Chan Chi-chuen)

19.楊岳橋(Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu)

20.呂智恆(Hendick Lui Chi Hang)

21.伍健偉(Ng Kin Wai - K)

22.朱凱廸(Eddie Chu Hoi-dick)

23.張可森(Cheung Ho Sum)

24.黃子悅(Prince Wong Ji-yuet)

25.譚凱邦(Roy Tam Hoi Pong)

26.郭家麒(Kwok Ka-ki)

27.尹兆堅(Andrew Wan Siu-kin)

28.吳敏兒(Carol Ng)

29.譚文豪(Jeremy Tam Man-ho)

30.劉偉聰(Lawrence Lau, Sham Shui Po)

31.施德來(Sze Tak Loy)

32.李嘉達(Kinda Li Ka-tat)

33.岑子杰(Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit)

34.黃碧雲(Helena Wong Pik-wan)

35.何啟明(Kalvin Ho Kai Ming)

36.馮達浚(Fung Tat Chun Frankie)

37.劉澤鋒(Nathan Lau)

38.毛孟靜(Claudia Mo Man-ching)

39.岑敖暉(Lester Shum)

40.王百羽(Henry Wong Pak-yu)

41.李予信(Shun Lee)

42.黃之鋒(Joshua Wong Chi-fung)

43.譚得志(Tam Tak-chi)

44.胡志偉(Wu Chi-wai)

45.林卓廷(Lam Cheuk Ting)

46.鄺俊宇(Roy Kwong Chun-yu)

47.關尚義(John Clancey)

48.安德里(Alterin Jeffrey Andrews)

49.施德來(Sze Tak Loy)

50.李芝融(Lee Chi Yung)

51.涂謹申(James To Kun-sun)

52.余慧明(Winnie,Yu Wai Ming)


54.李國麟(Joseph Lee Kok-long)




There are clear patterns to prove this point by observation of artificially designated days for protests. In fact, the proprietors of the whole protest ''business'' created several ''June 4th Tiananmen''-like memorial days to systematically stage illegal anti-Chinese protests since June 9, 2019 thus we can properly assert that if the movement ended, there would be no staged protests on those days after January 7, 2021. This is phenomenologically accurate and provable if carefully observe the phenomena.

Theoretically, the invisible hands of narrative managers behind the entire movement are the thing-in-itself as perfectly analysed by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) in his The Encyclopedia Logic:

If we are to understand by “cognition” the apprehending of an object in its concrete determinacy, then the assertion that the “thing-in-itself” is beyond cognition must be admitted to be correct, since the thing-in-itself is nothing but the completely abstract and indeterminate thing in general. But, with the same right that we speak of the “thing-in-itself,” we could also speak of “quality-in-itself,” “quantity-in-itself,” and similarly of all the other categories, and this would be understood to mean these categories in their abstract immediacy, i.e., apart from their development and inner determinacy (my italics). So we must consider the fixating of the thing as the only “in-itself” to be a whim of the understanding. But we also have the habit of applying the term “in-itself” to the content both of the nature and of the spiritual world. Hence we speak, for example, of electricity “in-itself” or a plant “in-itself,” and similarly of man or the State “in-itself;” and by the “in-itself” of these objects we understand what they rightly and properly are.

The situation here is no different than it is in respect to the thing-in-itself generally; that situation is, more precisely, that if we halt at objects as they are merely in-themselves, then we do not apprehend them in their truth, but in the one-sided form of mere abstraction. Thus, for instance, “man-in-himself” is the child, whose task is not to remain in this abstract and undeveloped [state of being] “in itself,” but to become for-himself what he is initially only in-himself, namely a free and rational essence. Similarly, the state-in-itself is still undeveloped, patriarchal State, in which the various political functions implied by the concept of the State have not yet become “constitutionalised” in a way that is adequate to its concept. In the same sense the germ, too, can be regarded as the plant-in-itself. We can see from these examples that all who suppose that what things are in-themselves, or the thing-in-itself in general, is something that is inaccessible to our cognition are very much mistaken. Everything is initially “in-itself,” but this is not the end of the matter, and just as the germ, which is the plant-in-itself, is simply the activity of self-development, so the thing generally also progresses beyond its mere in-itself (understood as abstract reflection-into-itself) to reveal itself to be also reflection-into-another, and as a result it has properties. (EL, Geraets, Suchting, Harris trans, 194) (4)

As Hegel wrote, we can say that if we thoroughly understand the concrete phenomena in the grand context, it will be equal with comprehending the one-sided form of the thing-in-itself which here means movement of the masterminds themselves. Why? objective phenomena are inevitably revelation of the thing-in-itself (nature; will of masterminds), in other words, development and evolution of the thing-in-itself (so we ironically depict it as tentacles of masterminds).

In other words, so called ''protesters'' or ''protests'' are a form / an avatar of masterminds, an existing form of plotters, dasein of case officers, beneficiaries and sponsors.

Furthermore, masterminds are inevitably beneficiaries of the political turmoil not victims even though they pretend to be ''victims''.


  1. ''June 15, 2019''(Death of Marco Leung Ling-kit; the day of the 1st accidental death of a protester): It means a protest on every 15th of every month in Admiralty. On January 15, 2021, there was no anti-extradition law amendment bill-related protest for this day. On February 15, 2021, there was also none of it reported. On May 25, 2021, the jury recognised the cause of his death as misadventure not an accident which caused by negligence.

  2. ''June 29, 2019''(Ka Fuk Estate incident; the day of the 1st suicide case; 盧曉欣): It means a protest on every 29th of every month. On January 29, 2021, there was no anti-extradition law amendment bill-related protest for this day. On February 26, 2021, there was also none of it reported.

  3. ''June 30, 2019''(Death of Zhita Wu; the day of the 2nd suicide case):It means a protest on every 30th of every month. On January 30, 2021, there was no anti-extradition law amendment bill-related protest for this day. On February 27, 2021, there was also none of it reported.

  4. ''November 8, 2019''(Death of Chow Tsz-lok; the day of the 2nd accidental death):It means a protest on every 8th of every month. On January 8, 2021, Apple Daily reported there were a group of citizens came to mourn for Alex Chow who accidentally died at parking lot during the protest. However it did not elaborate into a crush. And slogans of the movement did not appear. Total only two people mourned for his death, such as opposition social worker Hendick Lui Chi Hang who just got arrested during the mass arrests of January 6 and a girl. Therefore, it can't be called a continuation of the mass movement. In fact, it's just a proof of its death. ''今日(8日)是科大生周梓樂逝世第14個月,有網民呼籲市民於晚上8時09分,即周梓樂宣告不治時間,自行默站哀悼,再加上死因庭最快會在明日(9日)裁決周梓樂死因研訊結果,警方如臨大敵,自下午開始便在尚德停車場對出十字路口佈防,入夜後更有警員增援截查市民,但仍有市民冒着寒風,為周梓樂祈禱。'' (5) On February 8, 2021, there was none of it reported.

  5. ''August 31, 2019''(Prince Edward station attack; a false flag op):It means a protest on every 31st of every month. On January 31, 2021, there was no anti-extradition law amendment bill-related protest for this day in Prince Edward. On February 28, 2021, there was also none of it reported.

  6. ''July 21, 2019''(2019 Yuen Long attack; a false flag op):It means a protest on every 21st of every month. On January 21, 2021, there was no anti-extradition law amendment bill-related protest for this day in Yuen Long. On February 21, 2021, there was also none of it reported.

  7. January 1, 2021 was the last day of mass mobilisation of this movement thus ''late 2020'' was not the end time. ''2020 年最後一天,雖然旅發局早前宣布取消除夕煙花倒數,但尖沙咀仍有不少市民在海傍等待倒數,大批警車、警員在附近一帶戒備,呼籲市民切勿違反限聚令。有不少市民在倒數及離開時大叫「光復香港,時代革命」、「黑警死全家」等口號,期間在文化中心附近,有多名警員突然衝向正在離開的人群,並高舉電筒大叫指喊「邊個嗌呀」,及指示部份警員開啟攝錄機拍攝,現場所見無人被捕。民眾一路沿太空館行至彌敦道一帶,曾經有市民播放《願榮光歸香港》,有少量市民一同和唱。大批警員則站在較高位置,用電筒不斷照向離開的市民,及繼續用攝錄機拍攝情況。警員在場亦用大聲公警告,在場叫口號的市民有機會違反港區國安法。'' (6) ''星期五2021年元旦,受新冠肺炎“限聚令”公众地方不可以超过2人集结影响,香港民间人权阵线未能按过去多年的传统发起元旦大游行,今年以一辆货车巡游,展示市民联署的巨型标语,要求当局释放所有因反送中等社会运动被捕入狱的政治犯。民阵新任召集人陈皓桓表示,2021年元旦车巡行动的诉求是要求当局释放所有政治犯,包括中国大陆的政治犯,他又表示,过去一年半有超过1万人因参与反送中运动被捕,受新冠肺炎疫情及国安法影响,香港人的集会、言论及表达自由都受到很大影响,他呼吁市民不要放弃,新一年继续争取民主自由。陈皓桓说:“我们很希望大家能够坚持,好希望被拘押的‘手足'(抗争者)、在监狱里面的‘手足'都可以坚持,我们香港市民是没有放弃你们的,而今日(1月1日全香港)18区将会展示市民签了名的横额,写有释放政治犯的横额,我们在早上已经悬挂在不同的地区,直至到今晚亦都会继续悬挂,而我们民阵亦都会去车巡,用汽车的方式去巡(游)不同的区,去呼吁大家能够坚持五大诉求,毋忘所有的政治犯。'' (7)


''Paying tribute to the deceased protesters'' is just a colour revolution tactic to radicalise more sheeple and maintain momentum of the movement by consuming deaths. Above mentioned tribute days are the most effective ones due to their direct and undeniable links to the movement. Although two people appeared for gathering on January 8, 2021, only one public figure and one civilian could not even form the concept of a ''mass movement''. Therefore, it's a failed attempt to reorganise the already deceased mass movement. On the contrary, not only it had been reduced to the tiniest unit of the movement (a public figure from legislative establishment as a guardian plus a civilian who's seemed to be an assistant or a supporter) since the last mass movement on January 1, 2021 but also it further revealed that it's not a grassroots movement at all. Without public figures, random and nameless crowd themselves are unable to organise any mass movement in HK.

They are heavily dependent upon toxic ''influencer marketing'' in politics under capitalism.

In general, the abandoned extradition law amendment bill was severely castrated by HKGCC and SAR bureaucrats beforehand, and it's even quite ineffective as long as it fatally lacks corporation and consent of Taiwan side. Furthermore, oligarchs of Hong Kong wanted to use the failure of the amendment bill as some kind of political tombstone to prevent any more serious future attempt of amendment of the law. The unexpected introduction of HKNSL from above broke and interrupted their political agenda temporarily and partially. Now they are adapting themselves to the new situation and stealthily reversing the course for their own benefits by infiltrating it. And the two day meeting at Shenzhen (February 28-March 1) between Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Xia Baolong and HK ruling class figures like big shareholder of The Wharf(Holdings) Limited, Peter Woo is a grim sign for citizens. It can be easily interpreted as if CCP stands with real-estate oligarchs.



In conclusion, the anti-extradition law amendment bill movement is dead after the mass arrests of 55 opposition public figures on January 6-7, 2021 because their established patterns and devices have been gone with the largest scale of crackdown and persecution on HK opposition. It is indeed unrealistic to assume that all social problems will have been gone with mass purge and political crusade against opposition. Meanwhile, government must improve livelihood of citizens of Hong Kong. 


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