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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #38 On Bauhinia Party 紫荊黨

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: A Book Cover For NEW HOPE: BAUHINIA PARTY. Sources ©Wikimedia / Bauhinia Party
FILE PHOTO: A Book Cover For NEW HOPE: BAUHINIA PARTY. Sources ©Wikimedia / Bauhinia Party


Article 22 A person who organises, plans, commits or participates in any of the following acts by force or threat of force or other unlawful means with a view to subverting the State power shall be guilty of an offence:

(1) overthrowing or undermining the basic system of the People’s Republic of China established by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China;

(2) overthrowing the body of central power of the People’s Republic of China or the body of power of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;

(3) seriously interfering in, disrupting, or undermining the performance of duties and functions in accordance with the law by the body of central power of the People’s Republic of China or the body of power of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; or

(4) attacking or damaging the premises and facilities used by the body of power of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to perform its duties and functions, rendering it incapable of performing its normal duties and functions.

A person who is a principal offender or a person who commits an offence of a grave nature shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years; a person who actively participates in the offence shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years; and other participants shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, short-term detention or restriction. (1)

Arresting 55 opposition lawmakers and activists on January 6-7, 2021 for violation of article 22 of HKNSL was to pave a way for ''automated'' land-slide electoral victories of ''pro-establishment'' camp in the upcoming 2021 Hong Kong Legislative Council election (September 5, 2021).

However the main issue still is that undemocratically terminating undesirable opposition figures and their entire camp has nothing to do with solving any actual social problems of Hong Kong at all. This is the most important thing among all of these HKNSL-related arrests of opposition stars since DQ4 on November 11, 2020 until present.

A political victory of one side on the other is not equal with a victory of its people. 

Indeed, the mass purge of opposition from the establishment without any solution to actual social problems of Hong Kong caused the most dangerous situation for people of HKSAR because there is no obstacle for kleptocratic bureaucrats and pragmatic ruling class to approve any desirable legislative bills and put it into effect without any popular support and opposition against them.

It's the worst outcome for citizens of Hong Kong politically, culturally and economically.

In other words, mismanagement of HKNSL will prepare the future political turmoil - not a colour revolution - which is enough to nullify the remnant of democracy of Hong Kong, moreover it will further alienate its people from the establishment and central government. The ultimate end would be self-destruction of the establishment itself. What people really need is neither red, blue nor yellow political victories but it is only solution to their grave social problems. Therefore, current mismanagement of HKNSL is not only pointless and also suicidal for CCP (a.k.a. CPC).

In this case, cultivating Bauhinia Party (March 1, 2020-) as a partner of ''pro-establishment' camp (not alternative to the ''pro-establishment'' camp) is also totally meaningless and even groundless due to its fatal lack of grassroots base and popular support from its people. At such moments, they killed entire opposition figures socially, denied social access of democratically elected legislators (e.g. some of their bank accounts got blocked permanently by ''pro-establishment'' banks) and put more puppets in front of voters as ''politically correct'' candidates. On the contrary, it won't help the regime to gain hearts and trust of its people.

CPC only allowing voters' ''legitimate'' choice between the traditional ''pro-establishment'' camp and ultra ''pro-establishment'' camp -which symbolised by Bauhinia Party - is an undeniable violation of democracy of the people of Hong Kong. Bureaucratically created Stalinist pseudo-democracy is only an illusion. On this, positiveness of HKNSL turned into the opposite, self-destruction of CPC's own popular base in HK.

Who really wants this distorted course of HKNSL? Undoubtedly real anti-Communist camp wanted this. The political turmoil and emptiness of pseudo-democracy will only ultimately serve the vested interests of monopoly/ oligopoly capitalists of Hong Kong not CPC itself. CPC is perfectly misguided on this.

In general, the series of mass purge of political opponents by undemocratic measures is totally blind and pointless as long as it's done without solving any single social problem of Hong Kong citizens. What 'pro-establishment' camp did for the people of HK actually? None. Nothing. Only PR stunts. That's all. Killing all opposition figures won't automatically solve any single social problem of HKSAR. Mismanagement of HKNSL also caused snitching culture since the setup of HKNSL hotlines on November 5, 2020. HK is now in the most dangerous conditions unexpectedly. 

Mingpao published the post-HKNSL era chronicle on December 30, 2020:

《港區國安法》6月30日生效至今半年,除了新型冠狀病毒疫情外,香港在政制、司法、教育、傳媒、言論自由、社會運動等範疇均發生不少事情,有人說,香港——彷彿不一樣了。《明報》電子平台組於歲末製作互動時間軸,點擊日期重溫由6月30日至12月18日這半年的大事記。 (2)


In this way, eliminating entire opposition camp of Hong Kong is a sheer political move and intention to make ''pro-establishment'' camp hopefully win the 2021 Hong Kong Legislative Council election however there will be no such Automation of its optimistic effects on majority of Hong Kong voters as long as opposition camp (a.k.a. Pro-democracy camp) still can register enough candidates for their vast majority of grassroots voters.

In other words, total purge of entire opposition camp and prohibition of opposition candidates are decisive factors to undemocratically secure the automated victories of inept ''pro-establishment'' camp. This aristocratic ''pro-establishment'' camp always makes their political profit from others' conflict. In this case, a conflict between the central government of China and Hong Kong opposition parties.

Furthermore, PR stunts are the best replacement of controversial policies for cowardice ''pro-establishment'' parties who are merely cooperate representatives of their own private companies. I have to mention that Hong Kong does not have any law on political parties. Their relative laws, such as Societies Ordinance and Companies Ordinance to ambiguously regulate all kinds of NGOs and limited companies. In other words, there are no professional political parties in Hong Kong at all. Therefore, cooperate representatives of those limited companies are not firmly rooted in grassroots from the beginning. This is a sign of kleptocratic regime. Kleptocracy is the best term to explain the nature of the entire establishment of Hong Kong neoliberal bureaucracy. In which, even any ''independent'' commissions and ''independent'' reviews within the establishment are all in hands of representatives of monopolistic private companies.

Under the circumstances, the newly established political party Bauhinia Party is also not an exception. The chairman of the party Li Shan is a representative of SILK ROAD INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL HOLDING LIMITED not grassroots people of Hong Kong. A political party and candidate are always given to people from above in HK.

From P.O.V. of traditional ''pro-establishment'' camp or opposition camp, this party is meant to more blindly and mechanically support the establishment and central government than the traditional ''pro-establishment'' camp while so called ''pro-establishment'' camp is highly opportunistic and unreliable. Therefore, it won't be alternative to both ''pro-establishment'' and opposition camps. This ''ultra-pro-establishment'' party even can't replace the traditional ''pro-establishment'' camp because both of them are sheer bureaucratic devices to control the legislative council and politics of HK.



1. Opposition's Attempt to achieve +35 Majority in the Legislative Council was illegal?

Any opposition parties of the world want to achieve majority of their parliaments...It's not guilty.

2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries - 19 parties with 42 candidates attended; turnout 606,761 votes (13.62%) - during July 11 and 12, 2020 were illegal? At that time, 2020 Hong Kong Legislative Election was supposedly scheduled to be held on September 6, 2020 before July 31, 2020 when Carrie Lam invoked Emergency Regulations Ordinance to postpone the election to September 5, 2021 (now some source said that it would be further postponed more than a year according to Reuters' report on January 12, 2021). (3)

It means that 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries were preparation for the 2020 Hong Kong Legislative Election without any illegality proven at that time. Even no prosecution was made by deliberately linking an article ''真攬炒十步: 這是香港宿命'' ( ''Lam chau Ten Steps'' ) written and published by Benny Tai Yiu-ting via Apple Daily on April 28, 2020. No authorities actually persecuted attendees for violation of HKNSL on this before January 6, 2021.

No one definitely judged that was an actual crime committed by opposition against Hong Kong national security at that time. Their criminality was obviously fabricated later in the late December 2020 and January 2021 which resulted in the mass arrests of opposition attendees of 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries on January 6, 2021.

The point is that no-one even referred to the linkages between the op-ed ''真攬炒十步: 這是香港宿命'' and 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries. Furthermore, 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries were wisely held without any ''consensus'' and ''manifest'' among 19 opposition parties and their 42 candidates. Thus the latest allegation which based on the ''supposed'' linkages between the op-ed ''真攬炒十步: 這是香港宿命'' and 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries are pure fabrication which only aimed at criminalising electorate opponents.

Besides this, the primaries did not violate Prevention and Control of Disease ( Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation due to their own strict guidance and rules on this issue.

a. Global Times (July 12, 2020):

【环球时报记者 杨伟民】香港泛民11日起一连两天举行立法会选举候选人初选,被质疑违反“限聚令”,且初选过程漏洞百出。(4)

b. People's Daily(July 15, 2020):

新华社北京7月14日电 国务院港澳事务办公室发言人14日发表谈话,严厉谴责反对派政团日前组织的所谓“初选”,严正指出此举是对香港特别行政区选举的非法操控,是对香港基本法和香港国安法的公然挑战,并表示支持香港特别行政区行政长官、政府有关部门和中央人民政府驻香港特别行政区联络办公室发言人对此表明的严正态度,坚决支持依法查处有关违法行为。

...... 发言人强调,这场所谓的“初选”不是孤立的,而是有明确的政治目的,是持续了一年有余、给香港带来巨大祸害的“修例风波”的延续,是“黑暴”“揽炒”的变种。其主要策划者和组织者戴耀廷,是非法“占中”的主要策动者、“港独”主张和“真揽炒”的卖力鼓吹者,也是外国和境外势力在香港的政治代理人。(5)

c. Oriental Daily News (July 12, 2020):


d. The Stand News (July 15, 2020):

民主派初選於上周末結束,投票人數逾 60 萬;建制派民建聯今(15日)宣布派出 12 隊共 55 人參與 9 月立法會選舉;當中 7 隊出選地區直選;4 隊出選功能界別;以及一隊出選超級區議會;有 8 位現任立法會議員競逐連任,但蔣麗芸、劉國勳、柯創盛、梁志祥及黃定光等則不會參選。主席李慧琼呼籲市民投票支持「反攬炒,救香港」,並批評有人搞「政治攬炒」。

李慧琼呼籲市民投票支持,並批評有人搞「政治攬炒」,「想攬炒香港嘅人,佢哋下一步係想搞政治攬炒,透過攬炒議會、攞議會嘅控制權否決政府嘅財政預算案,甚至否決政府提出所有嘅法例…企圖癱瘓議會,佢哋咁樣做係犧牲一國兩制,犧牲香港人,亦係犧牲香港。」她又指此舉是為了逼中央出手,然後西方對中國和香港作全面制裁,以至經濟封鎖。對於民主派日前舉行的 35+ 初選, 李慧琼相信執法單位嚴正處理, 調查初選是否違法。(7)

(July 9, 2020):

初選主辦方今日(9日)在記者會公佈,將因應疫情問題作出 5 個措施,市民亦可先於家中完成投票程序,再回到投票站投票。

民主派初選主辦單位今日召開記者會,負責協調民主派初選的前立法會議員區諾軒表示,在政府收緊防疫措施下,主辦單位將因應疫情問題作出 5 個措施。首先,所有進入票站投票的市民都需配戴口罩。第二,主辦單位會確保所有票站的工作人員不需要進行家居檢疫或任何形式的檢疫。第三,在可行情況下,所有進入票站的人士都需測量體溫。第四,票站的工作人員需確保票站內的人數符合限聚令所規定的數目。第五,若票站內外排隊的人數多於限聚令所規定的數目,票站職員會要求市民先離開票站,稍後時間再回來投票。......


e. SCMP (July 22, 2020):

The results of the opposition primaries, part of a plan to secure over 35 seats in the Legislative Council, indicate that many Hongkongers are tired of traditional pan-democrats, who have perhaps been regarded as the villains on the road to democracy in Hong Kong.

I am not trying to start a generational battle, but it is crystal clear that people are more willing to put their faith in radical, unknown young localists who believe in “mutual destruction”, instead of the old approach advocated by experienced political celebrities.

In a polarised society and amid a chaotic political environment, all potential Legco candidates from the opposition camp seem to have no choice but to consider either mutual destruction or transformation. (9)

f. RTHK (July 13, 2020):



2. Benny Tai Yiu-ting is a ringleader? ''Lam chau Ten Steps'' linkage

The op-ed article ''真攬炒十步: 這是香港宿命'' ( ''Lam chau Ten Steps'' ) was neither mentioned at the time of publication nor during primaries. The imaginal linkage to primaries and ''regime change'' crimes were spitefully added after that. Moreover no one actually prosecuted attendees of primaries for violation of HKNSL at that time. There were only an allegation and demonisation against opposition without any proof.

The point is that Benny Tai Yiu-ting did not even mention 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries in the article. 

a. Takungpao (July 17, 2020):

【大公報訊】記者段遠峰報道:港大法律學院副教授戴耀廷近年熱衷搞政治,他曾在2014年發起違法「佔中」,2016年和2019年分別發起「雷動計劃」和「風雲計劃」企圖操縱立法會和區議會選舉。今年四月,戴耀廷在《蘋果日報》以《真攬炒十步 這是香港宿命》為題撰文,口講預測,實則為以「一步扣一步」的方式,勾畫反對派的奪權路線圖

戴耀廷在文中揚言「攬炒必然會發生,成為香港宿命」。他更「推算」一共十步的「攬炒路線圖」:首先第一步在2020年7月至8月發生,政府將取消反對派人士參加立法會選舉;第二步為透過策略投票,反對派在9月立法會選舉成功取得35席或以上;第三步為在2020年10月,政府以司法程序取消議員資格;第四步為反對派否決所有撥款申請,政府只能維持一般運作;第五步為預算案被否決,特首解散立會,以臨時撥款方式維持政府運作。 (11)

b. People's Daily (December 16, 2020):

劣迹斑斑的戴耀廷,早已是香港社会的一只“过街老鼠”。非法“占中”期间,公然提出“瘫痪中环”“核爆中环”,宣称“要攻向香港的最脆弱的地方”;为操纵区议会选举和立法会选举,组织策动“雷动计划”“风云计划”“35+计划”,在“真揽炒十步”中谋划“弄死”香港的路线图;修例风波以来,向年轻人灌输“违法达义”,向社会散播“拉撒路计划”,妄图蛊惑更多人为他的政治野心陪葬送死。自称“法治教育工作者”的戴耀廷,哪里还有一点学者的样子,根本就是一个彻头彻尾的“阴谋家”“诡辩家”,是祸害港人、搞乱香港的策划者、教唆者和组织者。 (12)

c. Oriental Daily News (June 1, 2020):




d. Mingpao (May 4, 2020):


這個讓香港付出了血與火代價的幼稚無知者,現在再次開始了聳人聽聞的鼓動。也許是去年才從監獄走出的緣故,從最近戴耀廷所寫的〈真攬炒十步 這是香港宿命〉可見,其思想比過去更激烈了。他所預設的十步,有的是替香港政府和中央政府如何行動與如何走向失敗設計的,設想很是周到,更多的則是替香港反對派如何奪取立法會多數議席和在立法會內癱瘓政府設計的,甚至還設計了西方國家「對中共實行政治及經濟制裁」。與2013年預設李柱銘向參與佔中的學生們寫推薦信,讓他們「還可以上牛津呢」那般自信一樣,這次的「真攬炒十步」,戴耀廷認為「十步是一步扣一步的」,終極結果是「我們已攬着中共一起跳出懸崖,之後會發生甚麼事,我已寫不下去了,因已超出香港界線」,「十步以外的世界或許是香港和中國的新開始」。(14)

e. SCMP (January 6, 2021):

Ng Kin-wai, a Yuen Long district councillor who secured a place in the unofficial election, live-streamed the police operation on Facebook at 7am.

The video showed an officer arresting him at his residence for alleged subversion under the national security law due to his participation in the race.

“Your goal was to veto all budgets and bills, hence forcing the chief executive to resign,” Ng was told.

Your act aimed at realising Benny Tai Yiu-ting’s plan was advocated in an article titled ‘Ten steps of real collateral damage’ in Apple Daily and other media, which has an objective of obstructing Hong Kong authorities in the discharging of their duties in accordance with the law.” (15)

f. Apple Daily (April 28, 2020):

按我的推算,這條香港攬炒宿命路的時間線可能是這樣。第一步(2020年7至8月)。政府廣泛取消民主派人士參選立法會資格,包括現任議員。民主派由Plan B繼續參選。第二步(2020年9月)。因兩辦干預及DQ,刺激更多港人投票支持民主派,及配合策略投票,使民主派成功取得35席或以上。第三步(2020年10月)。特首及律政司開展司法程序DQ民主派議員,但因法庭需時處理,故民主派繼續主導立法會。第四步(2020年10月至2021年4月)。政府向立法會提出的所有撥款申請都被立法會否決。政府只能維持一般運作。第五步(2021年5月)。立法會否決政府《財政預算案》,特首解散立法會,並以臨時撥款方式維持政府運作。

第六步(2021年10月)。立法會重選,民主派或要派出Plan C參選,因Plan B也可能被DQ,但仍取得35席以上。第七步(2021年11月)。立法會再次否決《財政預算案》,特首辭職及特區政府停擺。第八步(2021年12月)。全國人大常委會宣佈香港進入緊急狀態,中央政府把國家安全法直接適用於香港,解散立法會、成立臨時立法會、下屆特首由協商產生,大舉拘押民主派領袖。第九步(2021年12月後),香港社會街頭抗爭變得更加激烈,鎮壓也非常血腥,港人發動三罷,令香港社會陷入停頓。第十步(2022年1月後)。西方國家對中共實行政治及經濟制裁。 (16)

3. Bauhinia Party? Alternative to unpopular ''pro-establishment'' camp?

In general, this new party is like any other political parties of Hong Kong, a limited company (e.g. Roundtable only represents capital of G2000 not grassroots people of Hong Kong) rather than a professionally trained political party. And it's formed by a bunch of HK-based mainland Chinese financial capitalists.

Thus it is literally a very bourgeois party which represents class interests of the capitalist class and specific benefits of mainland Chinese financial capitalists themselves. In other words, they are also not rooted in grassroots of Hong Kong society from the beginning.

Rarely, Hong Kong people have an opportunity to make any positive change in politics due to oligopoly oligarchs' staunch commitments and its firm grip on fortune of both ''pro-establishment'' and opposition camps. From this point of view, foundation of Bauhinia Party is a highly commemorative event.

Especially those mainland financial capitalists officially declared a war against hegemony of land and property oligarchs of HK who are the biggest beneficiaries of the growing inequalities between the rich and poor. Indeed, mismanagement of incompetent bureaucrats of SAR on its people automatically serves interests of oligarchs. Furthermore, the CPC government has its duty to mechanically and officially support the inactive and highly treacherous SAR government. Thus it became an ultimate origin of ''anti-China'', ''anti-CPC'' discontent of Hong Kong workers.

In the sense, it's something new and strategically correct to establish such a party which aimed at dissolving the national threat ''hegemony of land and property oligarchs.'' This is what grassroots people desperately needed under the circumstances. A right political orientation and strategy if it could be actually materialised in practice.

However, ongoing vaporisation of entire opposition camp without any solutions to single social problem of Hong Kong won't help any new political party to smoothly win the hearts and trust of vast majority of people. Where popular support comes from? It only arises from improvement of lives of people by resolution of their grave issues.

Politically, purging opposition figures without solving any single social problem of HK is a dangerous act because it must be accompanied by a set of popular policies to alleviate suspicions and relieve agonies of people. It must be meant a liberation in various fields of society simultaneously.

Undoubtedly, Bauhinia Party's entry to Hong Kong politics after sweeping out of opposition figures without any solution of even single problem of the society won't make any positive change to the political ground. It won't even help Bauhinia Party to gain any momentum which only can be produced from the initiative of the CPC government to drastically solve agonising social problems of the people during the mass purge of opponents.

a. BBC (December 21, 2020):




紫荊黨的出現隨即引起香港媒體和觀察人士關注,認為北京對港府、傳統建制派、傳統商界的能力和信任程度有所保留,所以紫荊黨會是北京希望為香港傳統建制派換血的重要一步。不過,香港本地的傳統建制陣營認為,籌組政黨並不容易,需要時間和能力去參與地方工作爭取市民支持,不會威脅到他們的地位。亦有分析指出,紫荊黨推動的改革並非北京現有路線,未必得到中央的祝福。 ......






b. The Stand News (December 6, 2020):

根據「紫荊黨」在今年 5 月 14 日上載至公司註冊處的文件顯示,該黨全名為「紫荊黨有限公司(Bauhinia Party Limited)」,創辦成員、首任董事由為李山、黃秋智及陳健文三人;公司地址為銅鑼灣勿地臣街 1 號時代廣場二座 31 樓。


該黨計畫招募 25 萬名 18 歲以上的成員。成員制度方面,設立三層架構,包括一個不少於 2 人、不多於 11 人的「執行委員會」,由李山出任該黨主席至少 5 年。......

早在建制派在去年區議會選舉大敗,李山同年 12月在信報的專欄以「香港選舉與政黨建設」為題,提倡成立新的「愛國愛港」政黨,成員應包括新移民等人士,以爭取「包括青年學生在內的香港民眾的廣泛支援……對特區行政長官選舉發揮重大影響」,強調新政黨是一國兩制的「堅定維護者」,「旗幟鮮明地支援港人治港、高度自治」。而據《南華早報》報道,李山上月在北京清華大學演講時曾表示,曾向特首林鄭月娥表示已成立「紫荊黨」。(18)

(December 31. 2020):

由多名「新香港人」成立的紫荊黨 12 月初經傳媒報道曝光後,引起廣泛關注。《立場新聞》曾前往其位於銅鑼灣的公司註冊地址,發現為一家秘書公司,女職員稱沒有為紫荊黨提供服務。《立場》本周發現,紫荊黨最近更改公司註冊地址,至灣仔瑞安中心的27樓單位,註冊文件本月中提交公司註冊處,近日供公眾查閱。該份文件亦顯示,紫荊黨的秘書公司已改為「邦盟匯駿秘書顧問有限公司(BMI Corporate Services Limited)」。......

由全國政協委員兼瑞信集團董事李山、中播控股(0471)主席黃秋智,以及卓悅控股(0653)主席陳健文等「新香港人」創辦的紫荊黨,雖早於 2020 年 5 月成立,但直至 12 月 6 日《南華早報》報道後,始為人所熟知。......

今年 5月成立的紫荊黨,最初公司註冊文件註明公司秘書為「達盟香港有限公司」。


c. SCMP (December 6, 2020):

  • The pro-establishment party, which plans to register 250,000 members, hopes to support campaigns in ‘elections at all levels’

  • One of three men listed as a founder in Companies Registry filings suggested turning Legco into a bicameral legislature in a recent speech

A group of pro-mainland Chinese executives working in Hong Kong at financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and Chi Capital have quietly founded a pro-establishment political party in a bid to contest elections and influence government policies, the Post has learned.

Among the goals of the Bauhinia Party is advocating Legislative Council reform and offering candidates whose goal will be to restrain “extremist forces” in the legislature.

Filings to Hong Kong’s Companies Registry show the Bauhinia Party was founded in May by three people: Li Shan, Wong Chau-chi and Chen Jianwen, with Li and Wong indicating they were born on the mainland but became Hong Kong residents. (20)

d. HKEJ (December 17, 2020):

香港舉行了回歸後第六屆區議會選舉,反對政府的泛民派大勝,支持政府的建制派大敗。我們可從中得出兩方面的結論:第一,絕大多數議席的當選人有政黨背景,政黨在香港政治活動中扮演極為重要的角色;第二,必須認真總結建制派政黨是次選舉失利的原因,從而發展並壯大愛國愛港的政黨力量。 (21)

e. Mingpao (December 13, 2020):




f. HK01 (December 9, 2020):






HKNSL is a political device to counter any regime change attempt and secure the national security. However it's been misused on the ongoing mass purge of entire opposition camp from the establishment since November 11, 2020.

Sweeping out of all opposition figures is justifiable as long as it's accompanied with establishment of alternative opposition forces and a set of social solutions to grave issues of the society simultaneously. Nevertheless, the course of mass purge is clearly one-sided and limited within individualist considerations on personal merits of a small number of the ruling class.

As the result, what people are seeing now is like a pro-wrestling match. It won't even touch any of our social problems which must be solved by the government and legislative council. So called ''pro-establishment'' camp just only wants to undemocratically terminate their political opponents with forcible bureaucratic measures. For what? For their own personal gains and their employers. This situation won't increase their new votes and popular support because nothing is fundamentally changed. ''The pro-establishment'' camp is totally corrupted, blind and incompetent politically.

The Stand News reported (November 27, 2020):

特首林鄭月娥前日(25 日)於立法會宣讀《施政報告》,多名官員及建制派議員均心不在焉,政制及內地事務局局長曾國衞昏昏欲睡,食物及衞生局長陳肇始、工聯會黃國健等亦閉目養神,張華峰則用短訊訂大閘蟹。政務司司長張建宗今早(27日)出席電台節目承認情況不理想,但認為曾國衞並非有意睡覺,「我不認為他有意為之,大概是他太累了。他經常出行、舟車勞頓、公務繁忙。(I don't think he meant it himself. Probably he's too tired. He's been travelling a lot, he's been doing a lot of things. )」


About the fabricated linkage between 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries and Benny Tai Yiu-ting's article ''Lam chau Ten Steps,'' we must know a fact that pro-democracy primaries were held in 2007 and 2012 as preparation and selection process of the best candidates for elections. It means that their primaries could have been held with or without the article. In other words, the article itself was not any necessity for them.


In short, Hong Kong is now in the most dangerous situation politically in which everything is one-sided due to total absence of any opposition forces against controversial law bills and mismanagement by the incompetent and corrupted SAR government. HKNSL activated mass purge of opposition parties from the establishment without improving highly inactive ''pro-establishment'' camp.

The point is that mass purge of enemies must be accompanied by a series of solutions to the social problems of Hong Kong simultaneously. Without it, the course will be reversed, turned into creation of Orwellian dystopia. 

We can see this unfortunate future on the 55 arrests. Fairly speaking, alleged linkages between Benny Tai Yiu-ting's article ''Lam chau Ten Steps'' and 2020 Hong Kong pro-democracy primaries were fabricated later mainly by Takungpao. Before Takungpao, no one actually linked two things.


Any allegation can't be a legitimate proof of criminalisation of political opponents. It'll only be a self-destruct.

Besides these, Reuters' exclusive ''leak'' reports are always allegations based on ''anonymous'' fictional sources. For instance, The Election Committee election is going to be held in December 2021 but it seems that CPC would disqualify 117 district council seats which dominated by pro-democracy opposition members since November 2019. And present 325 seats out of 1197 seats are still dominated by pro-democracy camp. It's supposed to increase their seats as long as electoral momentum of opposition camp is maintained. Moreover, CPC would further postpone the election in order to avoid imminent electoral defeat. This was totally predicted by Benny Tai Yiu-ting with his latest article ''2021 will not be absolute silence'' (絕不平靜的2021年) on January 5, 2021 before his arrest. Reuters reported on January 12, 2021:

The Chinese official said Beijing remained concerned the opposition could still muster a majority in the legislature should the polls go ahead, given a lingering groundswell of public support.

Chinese officials were now discussing ways to change the electoral system to address “deficiencies” in the political structure, he said, and elections might be further delayed.

The second pro-Beijing source confirmed there were advanced talks on structural changes to Hong Kong’s political system, including possibly curtailing the influence of democrats on a 1,200-person election committee to select Hong Kong’s next leader in 2022. (27)

Thus, Reuters just cited what Benny Tai Yiu-ting wrote.

Besides Canada's Reuters, democrat mainstream media of US The New York Times also reported the party without hostility. They also realised the unanimous silence of pro-Beijing media on this party as oddity.

The Bauhinia Party’s founders deny that they are puppets of Beijing or that they seek to supplant existing parties. Mr. Li said the party is focused on the selection of the city’s chief executive, not on winning legislative seats. ......

In its stated principles, the party professes a commitment to universal suffrage — a central demand of the pro-democracy camp — and a promise to make Hong Kong “one of the world’s most free, democratic and open” cities. Mr. Li said he wants to preserve the structure of “one country, two systems,” for an additional 50 years.

But the pro-democracy camp has dismissed those overtures as lip service. An editorial in Apple Daily, a fervently pro-democracy newspaper, called the party a “Trojan horse” that would allow the Communist Party to operate openly in Hong Kong. Lo Kin-hei, the chairman of the Democratic Party, wrote on Twitter that it was the “Hong Kong branch” of the Communist Party.

The pro-Beijing camp has been equally hostile. Many have sneered at the Bauhinia Party’s stated goal of attracting 250,000 members, about five times more than the largest pro-Beijing party in Hong Kong has. Mr. Li said on Friday that the party had fewer than 100 members so far. (28)

If it was a political party, they should focus on both the selection of the city's chief executive and legislative council seats simultaneously. On the contrary, their focus is strangely narrow on elections. A powerful and influential political party is a party which dominates majority in all elections. Thus there is no objective reason to limit itself on one kind of election while they are seeking 250,000 members, the largest number for all political parties of Hong Kong ever reached.

For Bauhinia Party, deliberate silence of Chinese state media and major ''pro-establishment'' media on this new mainlander party of Hong Kong proved that at least Bauhinia Party is more independent from the establishment than any other ''pro-establishment'' parties. In other words, they are alienated from the mainstream. However a grassroots party which based on the working class is desperately necessary while Bauhinia Party itself is still a capitalist party which mainly serves interests of mainland Chinese financial capitalists.

Who will save the poor working class people of Hong Kong? CPC? Bauhinia Party? I'm sure that it won't be done by so called traditional ''pro-establishment'' members whose only job is to blindly approve what corrupted SAR bureaucrats proposed. In fact, the most of Hong Kong politicians seek hegemony in politics but at the same time they totally ignore that solving social issues is the most important thing for people of the city.



Visit the official site of The Bauhinia Party in order to understand them fairly and more correctly.

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