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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #56 "Patriots'' Administering Hong Kong?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: ''Patriots''  Administering Hong Kong?  Sources © ON.CC / HKSAR Govt./ Dailymotion
FILE PHOTO: ''Patriots'' Administering Hong Kong? Sources © ON.CC / HKSAR Govt./ Dailymotion


Guests are urged to taste camel-hoof stew, frosty oranges weigh upon sweet tangerines. Crimson gates reek with meat and ale, while on the streets are bones of the frozen dead. [It depicts extreme inequalities among people] (1)

a. Total (at present) 225 ''patriots'' - ''pro-establishment'' - ''love China, love Hong Kong'' figures like HKSAR administrative officers, PRCNPC, Election Committee members, Legislative Council lawmakers and business owners ruthlessly or derivatively violated Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation - especially 5A. Requirement to wear mask in specified public place during specified period - on January 3, 2022. In general, so called 'public opinions' are sheer illusions and automatically replaced with 'opinions' by individual 'professionals' via corporate media. On this COVID birthday party issue (Hung, Witman Wai Man's birthday party cluster / 洪為民的「洪門宴」) , their peers, ideologues of the ruling corporatist party (vested interests) released several false narratives to cover their wrongdoings hypocritically. One is that 'those PATORIOTs did not violate any law thus the on-going public backlash is some one's conspiracy'; the other one is that 'the only way to whitewash a scandal is to provoke raged masses into another scandal namely this birthday party cluster was used to whitewash and distract public attentions from Cathay Pacific's mismanagement on its infected pilots (December 24 COVID case#12611 and December 27 #12676)'. Obviously, there is no doubt that cronies help cronies. Not only they distorted law enforcement but also they distorted ethical standard. The undeniable fact is that at least those privileged ''patriots'' violated Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation - especially 5A. Requirement to wear mask in specified public place during specified period while they were enjoying unlicensed karaoke in the Spanish restaurant Reserva Ibérica Tapas Bar & Restaurant. On the other hand, those P.C.D.R. violators including both the Cathay Pacific cluster and Hung, Witman Wai Man's birthday party cluster are all responsible for their misbehaviours that severally threatened public health and interests. In other words, this is a true and real national security issue. This issue cannot be solved by one-sidedly scapegoating Cathay Pacific.

b. Unlike the official narrative, Hong Kong's fifth wave of COVID-19 infection has been started from December 15, 2021 since then the total active cases only increasing day by day, quadrupled from 104 cases (December 15, 2021) to 459 cases (January 8, 2022). (2) It indicates that the true origin of the Hong Kong's fifth COVID outbreak is a number of P.C.D.R. exemptions not Omicron itself. In other words, it is a unavoidable result of WITH-COVID policy of Hong Kong (on the contrary, the central government is requiring ZERO-COVID policy). Meanwhile, those December 24 COVID case#12611 and December 27 #12676 are just scapegoats. The outbreak actually has begun before the well-known cases. From this viewpoint, we can estimate that the end of the fifth wave of COVID outbreak can be seen as the total active cases decreasing below 104 cases. Besides this, real-estate oligarchs (地產霸權) and their agitators to call for freely reopening borders with mainland China for ''raising housing prices'' (it means mainland speculators to play a money game in HK at the cost of poor residents) under the circumstances is extremely crazy and outrageous. For this propaganda purpose, even a psychological tactic was used to manipulate the public (see the touching tale from Pak Fu Shan Operational Base ''免檢疫通關遙遙無期 有居港內地人登白虎山與對岸家人見面'' by TVB) .

Although originally it just means laissez-faire and the herd immunity theory, With-COVID now means that balancing the need to prevent the spread of infection with the need to maintain economic activities. Unlike official rhetoric, Hong Kong government is practicing With-COVID as Carrie Lam implied many times by denying implementation of mainland-like Zero-COVID policy.

c. Hung, Witman Wai Man's birthday party cluster revealed the vast crony networks of the ruling corporatists. The main point is that there is still no full list of the attendees (ruling ''pro-establishment'' corporatists) available publicly, specifically about the leading business leaders from the private sector. They have been totally hidden from the public since January 3, 2022 by HKSAR government and almost all Hong Kong media. It means that those business leaders are more powerful and prestigious than those 'public figures' in establishment.

The available list (45 / 225) of Hung, Witman Wai Man's birthday party cluster is below:

政府官員(administrative officers):

民政事務局局長徐英偉 (Tsui, Caspar Ying Wai) DAB

民政事務局副局長陳積志 (Chan, Jack Jick Chi)

民政事務局媒體主任黃穎君 (Burmie Wong Wing Kwan)

財經事務及庫務局局長許正宇 (Hui, Christopher Ching Yu)

財經事務及庫務局副局長陳浩濂 (Chan, Joseph Ho Lim)

創新及科技局副局長鍾偉强 (Chung, David Wai Keung)

創新及科技局政治助理張曼莉 (Cheung, Man Lee)

政制及內地事務局副局長胡健民 (Woo, Clement Kin Man) DAB

警務處處長蕭澤頤 (Raymond Chak Yee)

廉政專員白韞六 (Peh, Simon Yun Lu) G Storm (2021) is just a I.C.A.C. propaganda film which is far from reality.

入境處處長區嘉宏 (Au Ka-wang)

發展局政治助理馮英倫 (Fung, Allen Ying Lun)

教育局政治助理施俊輝 (Sze, Jeff Chun Fai)

政務司司長政治助理蕭嘉怡 (Siu, Kathy Ka Yi) DAB

海關前關長鄧以海 (Hermes Tang Yi-hoi)

政策創新與統籌辦事處副總監馮浩賢 (Vincent Fung Hao-yin)

立法會議員 (Legislative Council members):

譚岳衡 (EC; Tan, Yueheng)、郭玲麗 (DAB: Lillian KWOK Ling-lai)、陳沛良 (EC; Chan, Pui Leung)、陳家珮 (EC; NPP; Chan, Judy Ka Pui)、葛珮帆 (EC; DAB; Quat, Elizabeth Pui Fan)、容海恩 (EC; NPP; Yung, Eunice Hoi Yan)、黎棟國 (EC; NPP; Lai, Tung Kwok)、何君堯 (EC; Ho, Junius Kwan Yiu)、周文港 (Chow, Man Kong)、洪雯 (LI & FUNG DEVELOPMENT (CHINA) LIMITED; Hong, Wendy (BLPSC))、林琳 (DAB; Lam, Nixie Lam)郭偉强 (DAB; HKFTU; Kwok, Aron Wai Keung)、霍啟剛 (EC; Fok, Kenneth Kai Kong)、林順潮 (PRCNPC; EC; Lam, Dennis Shun Chiu)、梁毓偉 (EC; Leung, Kenneth Yuk Wai)、陳仲尼 (EC; Chen, Rock Chung Nin)、吳傑莊 (EC; Ng, Johnny Kit Chong)、邱達根 (EC; Chiu, Duncan Tat Kun)、陸瀚民 (BPA; Luk, Benson Hon Man)、林智遠 (EC; Lam, Nelson Chi Yuen)

教育界人士 (University management):

科技大學副校長汪揚 (Wang Yang)

科技大學副校長吳宏偉 (Ng, Charles Wang Wai)

科技大學霍英東研究院綠色建築與環境研發部總監吳池力 (Wu Chili)

其他 (Others):

榮源茶行銷售及巿場總監王詩雅 # (Wang, Shih-Ya)

港台普通話台主持楊子矜* (Joyce Yeung)

楊子矜丈夫、醫生朱偉星 (Chu, Daniel Wai Sing)

香港菁英會主席曾鳳珠 (Tsang, Ellen Fung Chu) Usually 'pro-establishment' netizens (bots) refer to her as '小鳳姐'.

歌手漢洋 (Terence Lam)

律師會會長陳澤銘 (Chan, Chak Ming (1967))

(#確診 *初步確診) (3) # tested positive * temporarily tested positive

d. A Facebook page named ''公務員secrets'' (CivilSecrets) exposed the other two similar incidents. Such as Civil Engineering and Development Department's yacht party on January 6 and Lands Department's no-mask group photo session on January 5, 2022. Those ruling official ''patriot'' title holders (corporatists) revealed their arrogance, hypocrisy, double standard and moral degradation during these days after the land sliding victory of undemocratically ''regulated'' legislative election. Why did Hong Kong citizens get raged? Simply it is due to ruling classes' double standard.

e. So called EC is the abbreviation for the privileged Election Committee (the core of ruling class; Sep.19, 2021-2026) of this city. On the contrary to the term ''perfection'' (完善), the vast majority of the EC were elected without actual votes. For instance, there are three major election methods of EC (1,500 members) that a) registration by designated title-holders (362 members ; 當然委員) ; b) nomination by designated interest groups (156 members); votes by designated interest groups (982 members). Moreover, only 6 categories out of 40 categories were actually voted; 21/ 40 were automatically elected; and 22 / 40 were registered or nominated (many categories were overlapped with each other in terms of the EC election method).



f. Hung, Witman Wai Man is a political agent of one of big developers, Sino Group (信和集團). And he himself is a registered EC member (當然委員) not democratically elected by votes.



g. On January 31, 2022, Carrie Lam announced that home affairs minister Caspar Tsui Ying-wai resigned, Allen Fung and Vincent Fung Hao-yin got oral warnings from their superiors. It means that only 3 out of 225 attendees were punished. In other words, they simply became scapegoats for other 222 'pro-establishment' attendees.