Who is engaging in violation of freedom of expression and anti-dissident net operations in Japan?

Updated: Jun 6

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Work place example of mass communication surveillance.
Regional Bureau of Telecommunications is net surveillance intelligence agency in Japan. Image: Public Domain

Finding interception points of Japanese Intelligence Agencies and its Partners

Japan’s Net Surveillance Intelligence Agency, Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (総合通信局) and its branch ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局).’

For instance, Japanese version of Wikipedia (ウィキペディア) is monitored by this bureau nationwide. And they already violated my human rights and other pro democracy dissidents’ net pages and accounts on internet for many times personally known from at least 2014 until now.

For specific SNS and sites, their anonymous accounts and dynamic IP addresses (Professional people in this field said what they show is not IP address but it's a bunch of hostnames actually. ) are used for hidden and safe net operations from camouflaged physical addresses. And no notable Japanese dissident intelligentsia mentioned the existence of this intelligence agency in Japan.

Japanese dissidents know CIA, NSA, USFJ but they don't know thier domestic intelligence agencies which monitoring them with police and prosecutor

PIN, passcode, turning off GPS, multiple IPs are all useless to prevent monitoring like this.

Intelligent friend analysed how they monitor people and breaking privacy completely.

Carnivore was completely illegal at the time of its birth

It was a stand alone PC at every ISP which tapped into the trunkline (A main telecommunications link such as a phone line directly connecting exchanges or switchboards at a considerable distance apart) and isp (internet service provider) account database to sift words and track users via thier ISP account regardless of the IP address.

The login for complete access was a simple 4 digit password, and the login screen displayed a large set of teeth and a username/password prompt.

After Carnivore they built large sifting machines, 220 processor Cray computers, which grab 10 words around any spoken or transmitted keyword, and determine the use by context. "thats the bomb" and "i have a bomb" take different data routes.

On a use by context hit, the data is sent to a sifting station, generally well hidden office in public places, with lots of parking (they put pillow cases over their heads when you go in) the people working at these sites accept hits and determine if they are indeed legitimate, or just someones book report on nuclear arms etc.

The list of keywords is extensive and contains many names taken from childrens shows which are used to name black ops projects ie. Dark Smurf (not a complete keyword) or names like Dark Coder. (it is unwise to speak this name) Once an agent identifies a positive hit, they can place a "watch" on the person.

At that point everything in your life is monitored. Camera hits, atm withdrawals and pretty much any interaction you have with the world. The intelligence computers integrate with Ships navigational computers, with MS (Microsoft) windows, all router brands and all cellphones without the users knowledge.

If you are extremely unlucky you will receive a google update on your phone containing a "roving bug" (Hotmilking a phone; Using A SmartPhone As a Listening Device) this is aside from what is already embedded in our phones by a company named Wirehound.

The japanese have no clue, that every picture taken on a global basis is scanned for faces. If you take a selfie with someone near the top of the list, your GPS turns itself on, and uploads the photos, location and full contents of your phone using machine language code hardwired into the actual chips.

Hacking your phone does not grant access to apps permanently embedded in this ROM (read only memory) area. I could get a lot more technical here, with the way they see straight through PGP (an email encryption program) encryption and scan encrypted words as if they were plain text.

Basicly the sifters contain universal keys which provide a pre encrypted pattern to search for. The most secure software in the world can be cracked in seconds lol and whomever wrote this article was a complete noob, asking for alot of trouble by posting an interception sites location.

They may have great misfortune

secondly these are NOT ip addresses, they are hostnames which can't be taken by any website by asking for the host variable.

My system lies, and also reports the useragent variable of my choice.. telling systems I am running windows, or an ipad or anything I choose. I can also change these on my phone.

As far as tracking goes. Currently you are tracked for life, and this information is stored indefinitely inside Iron Mountain(Iron Mountain provides solutions for records management, data backup and recovery, document management, secure shredding, and data centers). You can be followed by your watch, your headphones, your cars ECM(Engine Control Module), or any other devices you may have.

Scanners use GPS, Wifi activity, Bluetooth, 3G, and NFC to identify and track phones everywhere they go. This is a clueless article. Would you like to see a scan using my phone?

whomever wrote this article has a rude awakening coming.

There is NO privacy, if you want privacy then lock yourself in a vault with no clothes on. GPS wafers (a thin piece of something) are sewn into the lapels (the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat and commonly found on formal clothing and suit jackets) of army uniforms, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) uniforms, and are hidden everywhere. Even your car drives around saying "Im here" hahahahaha

The best analysis by my intelligent community friend is quite professional and helpful to understand the current telecommunication monitoring and signal intelligence operations.

My main aim is not only analyse the interception points hidden in the internet chaos, but also it analyses actual black operations on internet especially in specific SNS and sites like Wikipedia.

1. Use of Camouflaged Address: ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ has been strategically located in the same building with Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). As the result, when we track their dynamic IP addresses(actually hostnames it shows), search engine only shows Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). It is one of interception points of IP adresses and telecommunications in Tokyo. It actually camouflaged its actual address from online IP search. Furthermore, its building is next to the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau (東京法務局) and Tokyo District Prosecutors Office (東京地方検察庁). Their tight political co-operators on black operations agaisnt dissidents.

2. Co-operators of Net operations: Their dynamic IP addresses (actually hostnames) also pointing JP Tower (JPタワー) where two information industrial giants Salesforce.comCo. (株式会社セールズフォース•ドットコム) and Net One Systems Co., Ltd. (ネットワンシステムズ株式会社) located in one building. The entire JP Tower is the HQ address of Net One Systems Co., Ltd. which is the major co-operator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and its ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ . For instance, their CISCO system and Salesforce system are integrated into major companies' tele-communication operations in Japan and business net operations. And their major client is the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) who the ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ belongs to. Their flase flagger always uses dynamic IP (hostname) addresses between the two locations. Two interception points in major IP addresses, telecommunication-circulated area in Tokyo.

3. Use of dynamic IP addresses/ hostnames (可変IP) which connected with smartphone:

a. ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ dynamic IP address(actually a hostname) They used a smartphone(iPhone) at Japan time 10:43 pm. for Surveillance. The dynamic IP address (hostname) shows below:

Then, we tracked their more detailed geographic information. Closing up into the building, you can see who is located inside of the Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). Although the 9th floor provides free wifi-service, the library working time is between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. And the working time of Chiyoda Ward Office is only from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Further more, there are huge parking lots outside.

This host name is typical of iphone, it is used for Internet connection of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. "panda-world.ne.jp" Ltd. in Japan, and its share is about 6%. In Tokyo alone, half of the entire IP addresses in Japan concentrated, and Tokyo has about 100 million IP addresses. And, with IP address, numbers are concentrated in Chiyoda Ward, which is overcrowded, after Shinjuku. In order to determine the position information probabilistically, the position information of the Tokyo metropolitan area with the largest population is judged. (1) Note: The problem dealt with is the geographical relationship between the existence of intelligence agencies and the fact that these line connections are concentrated here and JPTower.

No one can imagine there is an intelligence agency inside of the ward office and library building.

日本〒102-0074 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kudanminami, 1 Chome−2, 〒102-8795 11 九段第3 合同庁舎22・23階

〒102-0074 東京都千代田区九段南1丁目2〒102-8795 11 九段第3 合同庁舎22・23階

b. Salesforce.com Co. (株式会社セールズフォース•ドットコム) and Net One Systems Co., Ltd. (ネットワンシステムズ株式会社)

They also frequently used dynamic IP addresses (hostnames) at JP Tower. For example, which used to false flag Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa who is an economist of Japan, a victim of famous false flag operations against him by pro establishment police and prosecutors.

Those who engage in net work black operations utilize the host name of the variable IP via the building of JP Tower in Chiyoda Ward. The building there is exactly the one that introduces the largest information communication monitoring system in Japan of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Network Corporation. It is confirmed that the same agent access via this place mainly comes and goes between their hostnames as well as Chiyoda ward office building. Actually, this building itself is the head office address of Net One Systems Co., Ltd., which is a major technical partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and its comprehensive communication bureau.   It is via this JP Tower that there are many accesses in the morning, daytime and working hours, and it will also appear in the middle of the night via the building with the Kanto Communication Bureau with the Chiyoda Ward Office. The point is that connections via these two buildings that are closest to intelligence agencies are concentrated strategically.

日本〒100-0005 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi, 2 Chome−2−7-2 JP Tower is HQ address of Net One Systems which is main technical provider of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) . Inside of it, other contributor Salesforce located. JPタワー12階, 2 Chome-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 100-7012日本

In general, they actually used these dynamic IPs/hostnames to engage in each black ops case on SNS, sites.

Basically, they accessed via JP tower where the best intelligence ops partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) and ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局) located. It's geographical coincidence is not an accident of mother nature.

I shall list up some of dynamic IPs (hostnames) they used.(Hostname:marunouchi.tokyo.ocn.ne.jpNTT Communications Corporation(NTT is not located at JP Tower):This Marunouchi means it gained dynamic IP (hostname) via JPTOWER. (Note: their intercepting points are more tightly linked with their work places than ordinary users)

The same agent sometimes used below:

Sapporo City Government buildingsapodori.hokkaido.ocn.ne.jpNTT Communications Corporation

Tomakomai 日本〒060-0001 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Kita 1 Jōnishi, 2 Chome−1-7

Part of Aomori cityokidate.aomori.ocn.ne.jpNTT Communications Corporation

Aomori 4 Chome-10 Okidate, Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken 038-0002日本

Hodogaya Ward Office Buildinghodogaya.kanagawa.ocn.ne.jp

日本〒240-0007 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Hodogaya-ku, Myōjindai, 3, 神奈川県横浜市保土ケ谷区明神台48保土ケ谷都市緑地3号

Others, but used the same hostename ocn.ne.jp .

There are more than that. It's enough to have dynamic IPs (hostnames) that used by them for black ops. Abuse of human rights, false flag operations against dissidents and pro democracy activists are not tolerable.

It shows technical and business connection between Net One Systems Co., Ltd. and Regional Bureau of Telecommunications below:

They rented LAN network devices from their favourite company.

It shows that Net One Systems Co., Ltd. is the major technical cooperator than Salesforce. However, major client of Salesforce still is the same, Regional Bureau of Telecommunications. Reading the LAN network device here reminds me of the analysis below.   ▼ There were three things related to the communication business in what the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currently absorbed and integrated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) was doing. Currently it is work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. 1. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication International Strategy Bureau's "STARS" ( complete version of phone number ledger) 2. "PARTNER" (database of illegal acquisition information) of the Information Distribution Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 3. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "DEURAS-D" (cell phone information acquisition) 1. It is easy to create a full version of the phone book. 3. Management of mobile phone number. What I want to make as a question is "2. Database of illegal acquisition information". This original purpose is to support the implementation of radio station supervising affairs such as radio station application etc., processing, radio usage fee collection, frequency management etc. promptly and efficiently. That is a good thing. However, once it was used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for good reasons. This is my motive for becoming doubtful and starting to investigate.

In fact, there is a high possibility that illegal communication monitorin