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Hong Kong Intelligence Report #40 2021 Hong Kong Electoral Reform is A Victory of Oligarchs

Updated: Apr 18

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

FILE PHOTO: A 2021 Hong Kong Electoral Reform Meme. ©WiX
FILE PHOTO: A 2021 Hong Kong Electoral Reform Meme. ©WiX
國家安全? 一個國家真正有主權,人民不餓,有住屋,健康,自由,而且受教育時才算安全的。
National security? If one country has genuine sovereignty, people aren't starved, own their houses, being healthy, free, and educated, then it'll be safe. - General Carlos Prats González quoted from Exorcising Terror: The Incredible Unending Trial of General Augusto Pinochet (Ariel Dorfman, JP ver., 2006, p.165)


2021 Hong Kong electoral reform only intensified oligarchy. It won't improve the Hong Kong workers' livelihood in any way.


The failure of the individual proposal ''Increasing Land Supply on All Fronts'' (this proposal was NON-binding resolution thus it's a kind of PR stuff. However, that's also a litmus test for the political tendency of the newly reformed Legislative Council of Hong Kong. Vacant land tax is one of important solutions to the issue) proved correctness of this analysis. Intensification of oligarchy by the electoral reform will only let oligarchs more easily disapprove any attempt for improving livelihoods of Hong Kong workers. At the same time, citizens shouldn't ignore the hypocritical nature of 'pro-establishment' Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung who submitted the PR proposal (林健鋒議員的 重建社會信心議案). The failure also indicated that the remnant of the 'opposition' camp, Cheng Chung-tai - one of prominent intruders of Legislative Council on July 1, 2019 - stands with oligarchs.


倡徵土地閒置稅動議遭否決 議員炮轟政府善用土地「得個講字」

一石激起千浪 直視霸權問題

FILE PHOTO: The failure of the individual proposal ''Increasing Land Supply on All Fronts'' ©LegCo
FILE PHOTO: The failure of the individual proposal ''Increasing Land Supply on All Fronts'' ©LegCo

Apparently, both HKNSL and 2021 Hong Kong electoral reform are political responses of CPC (Communist Party of China; a.k.a. Chinese Communist Party; CCP) to the slogan of ''The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement'' Five demands, not one less. Unfortunately, it just literally exacerbated pre-existed structural issues of legislative council that had actually produced violent tendencies and reactions of the ''opposition'' camp after 1997. As a result, dictatorship of bureaucrats and oligarchs against non-listed capitalists and the entire working class people has been further intensified by the ''reform'' of 2021 by reducing 35 directly elected seats to 20 (20 out of total 90 seats) for empowerment of undemocratically elected seats of both ''pro-establishment'' functional constituencies and Election Committee. The secret of Hong Kong politics is that vast majority of voters (total about 60%) support the opposition camp while minority ''pro-establishment'' camp (always average 40%) can systematically secure the majority of legislative council with ''nominated'' lawmakers from listed companies and designated business interest groups of functional constituencies. The electoral, legislative or governing system was and still is kleptocratic dictatorship not any kind of democratic system at all even by the capitalist standard itself. According to the Marxist standard, it's far from socialism. Furthermore, no matter whether they are democratically elected or not, all of them are ''privileged'' business owners themselves not representatives of workers. Even though we compromisingly count 3 functional constituency seats for labor as ''representatives'' of workers, it's still only 3 against 87 corporate seats. Of course, it's not any kind of Marxism (dictatorship of proletariat) at all.

The general tendency (outlook) of Hong Kong oligarchy (politics of HK) is that they do everything possible to postpone any social changes that would threaten or undermine their vested interests. This current can be symbolically seen on HK labor laws and policies after 1997(The labour law is the best reflection of the political nature of the ruling classes). Only quantitative changes within the pre-existed framework were allowed without any structural change. 

And also they are waiting for the collapse of the CPC regime while acting as part of